wholesale price for olive oil

5 companies sell in the wholesale price for olive oil

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wholesale price for olive oil

Turkey is experiencing a golden season in the export of Turkish olive oil, and the wholesale price for olive oil is a surprise, as this season is the highest in achieving profits in the export of olive oil among the past four seasons; The number of countries to which Turkish olive oil has been exported has reached about 100 countries, so you will know the details with the importing house platform now.

Wholesale olive oil prices

It is worth noting that Turkey’s olive oil exports increased by 216% in the 2016/2017 season compared to the previous season, as the previous season achieved $ 55 million, while this season’s total wholesale extra virgin olive oil reached $ 174. For its part, the Aegean Exporters Association in Turkey stated in a statement that the olive oil export season began at the beginning of November last year until October 30 this year; They emphasized that that period achieved profits estimated at 174 million and 155 thousand dollars from foreign sales of olive oil.

According to informed sources, Spain topped the list of countries importing Turkish olives with the wholesale price for olive oil of $ 59 million, and the United States of America ranked second with a value of $ 46 million, while Italy ranked third with a value of $ 14 million, and from the Arab countries came Saudi Arabia, where it imports olive oil from Turkey with a value of 12 One million dollars, and in fifth place was the Ivory Coast, with a value of 5.6 million dollars.

Expectations in the Aegean region indicated that they are waiting for the outcome of the next season to rise, according to what was confirmed by Uijun, Vice President of the Association of Oil and Olive Exporters in the Aegean region. On the same level, Uijun demanded that the support for olive oil should be increased to about 2.5 pounds at least. ” We plan to build the volume of our fares to arrive bulk olive oil prices $ 250 million,” he said, adding in his expectations for the next season. It is worth noting in this regard that the Aegean region occupies the first place among the Turkish cities in the production and export of olive oil, as the city is working hard to provide Turkey’s annual needs of olive oil and its derivatives.

olive oil distributors in USA
olive oil distributors in USA

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Largest olive oil companies

Olive trees and their fruits differ from region to region in Turkey due to the different geographical location, soil type and climate specific to each region, so you always find competition between Turkish cities to market their own product as the best and to buy olive oil wholesale easily. In Turkey there are more than 89 different types of olives, each with its own shape, color and characteristics, which is reflected in the oil produced from it, so it has a large number of companies: –

  1. BioFood

We are a young, young company, mastering the rules of national and international trade. As Turkey is the leading producer of pistachios and apricots, and organic olive oil wholesale BioFood is committed to providing local products grown only on Turkish soil in order to offer regional and high-quality products. For each desired product we offer you a variety of brands at factory prices, to allow you to choose the right choice for your nutritional needs at the best prices.


MAY GROUP is a leading company in the field of manufacturing edible vegetable oils and oils chemicals, and it follows in the manufacture of its products recognized international standards, and exports its olive oil tins wholesale to various countries of the world. The company prides itself on providing high quality products to its customers, with multiple packaging alternatives.


UNA AURORA OLIVE, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 2018, and it operates in the olive sector. It also operates in the black olive and green olive sectors. It is based in Izmir, Turkey.

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Wholesale olive oil suppliers

In light of the presence of major international producers, led by Spain, which is at the forefront of olive production in the world by a very large difference from the rest of the world, however, Turkey has succeeded in reaching the sixth or fifth place in the world in some cases in wholesale olive oil production.

Olive oil wholesale price in India
Olive oil wholesale price in India
  • With broad government support, and centers: –

All of them Specialized research, and plans at the highest levels, intensify the efforts of the private and public sectors Turkey in order to support and develop the olive tree cultivation sector and raise the available areas for cultivation and increase its production of olives, and thus increase the production of olive oil, to reach the goal. So many companies have appeared such as: –


The enterprise OLIVEOILSLAND® UMAY ZEYTINYAGI DIS TICARET LTD STI, is a manufacturer / producer, founded in 2003, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also works in sectors and olive oil. It is based in Izmir, Turkey. You can visit olive oil website


The enterprise AL SHIFA OLIVE OILS TRADING LIMITED CO., Is a distributer, was set up in 2004, and it works in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the olive oil producer and sectors It is situated in Karaduvar, Turkey.

  • This task does not seem easy,

In the presence of major international producers, led by Spain, which is the leader in olive production Internationally, a very large difference from the rest of the world, except that Turkey, which succeeded in reaching To the sixth or fifth place in the world at times in olive production, it succeeded in reaching the fourth rank in the world in olive oil production.

  • Turkish plans indicate

The possibility of reaching the second place in the world in the production of olive oil over the years next, especially since the numbers indicate that the government plans, support and efforts centers research in the development of production has succeeded in achieving its goals, and if these efforts continue It can reach the second place in the world, before moving to the largest goal and the supreme is reaching the first place in the world and being on the throne of olive oil producers globally.

  • 182 Million trees

According to the latest report of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the year 2019, it is generally found the country has 182 million olive trees, which produced one million and 525 tons of olives in 2019, produced of these, 415,000 tons are ready-to-eat olives, and 225,000 tons of edible olive oil were produced.

  • In 2019, Turkey was dissolved

It is ranked sixth in the world in the production of olive oil, and its production was last year 225 thousand tons, a remarkable increase over previous years, while production in 2015 reached 150 thousand tons, which reached 225 in 2019, an increase of more than 30% within five years only, according to a report by the General Directorate of Turkish Producers.

  • And while Spain is still

It ranks first in the world in the production of olive oil, and Italy is ranked Second, Greece ranked third, Portugal fourth, Tunisia fifth, and Turkey in the third It is ranked sixth in the world, followed by Morocco, Algeria and Argentina, respectively

  • Jordan and Palestine.
  • Although it is ranked

The Sixth in the world in the production of olive oil, Turkey ranked fourth in the world in the export of olive oil in an amount of 45 thousand tons, and how to import olive oil is very simple question, after you knew the companies.

  • And after Egypt that occupies

The first place in the world, Turkey occupied the second place in the consumption of olives, with a quantity that reached 2019 to 360 thousand tons, followed by Algeria, the United States and Spain. It is also considered Turkey is the third global consumer of olive oil, with a quantity of 152 thousand tons in 2019.

  • And the United States occupies

America ranked first in importing olive oil from Turkey, with a rate of 35% in general 2019, followed by Spain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Iran and Japan.

  • Research and government support centers

They take over the Turkish government Special attention is given to the olive tree and its various food and cosmetic products. This is evident in the speech delivered by Assistant Minister of Agriculture Mehmet Tunche at the Bernova Institute for Olive Research in Izmir, that the ministry considers olive trees A friend of the Anatolian people since ancient times, and from this point of view the Ministry will present a proposal for financial support especially for olive producers.

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Olive oil factory for sale

An olive grove for sale in Balkseir with a production of 150 tons of olive oil annually: –

Land price: $ 3,030,000

Land meter price: $ 6

Total area: 544,508

  • The land is very close to Edremit city center, while 20 minutes separate it from the airport, and there are 4 daily flights from Istanbul to it.
  • Note that it comes to the presence of foreign flights during the tourist seasons.
  • Belkseer is a tourist area par excellence, famous for its olives and olive oil.
  • This land produces 130 to 150 tons of high-quality olive oil per year.
  • The land gives you a great opportunity to set up a factory of olive oil for hair or any purpose and establish your own brand.

Turkey is one of the countries rich in agricultural lands that extend over its area, as it enjoys a temperate climate, fertile soil, and a favorable environment, and it brings international experiences in the field of agricultural investment. The Turkish state also provides great facilities in the agricultural field, as it aspires to stop importing in order to reach self-sufficiency.

Turkey has made qualitative leaps in the field of agriculture, the jumps came as a natural case of a strong economy and proper planning that the Turkish government is walking on, as Turkey aims to be among the five largest producing countries in the world, as part of Turkey’s planned goals for the agricultural sector by 2023.

At this, we hope you got what you want about the wholesale price for olive oil in Turkey.

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