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 wholesale plastic jars

Manufacturers in turkey produce a wide range of  wholesale plastic jars which included plastic jars, skin care face cream acrylic plastic canning jar lids, cosmetic packaging amber plastic container jars.

plastic jar manufacturer:

turkey has the best manufactures and suppliers that offer high quality of plastic jars and containers, their superior range of products included plastic jars, plastic packaging jar and supplement jar, their products are highly appreciated for its designs, colors and durability, this manufacturer such as:

plastic factory in turkey
plastic factory in turkey
  • INDEVCO: this company offers ice lolly tubes packaging used for calippo-style, water ice, frozen yogurt and frozen popsicles, these ice lolly tube packaging offer a high barrier against moisture and contamination and prevent leaking from the bottom of the tube.
  • Credence: it’s one of the international whole sale plastic jars manufacturer, it offers wide range of pet preforms, bottles, caps and every packaging requirement of food and beverage industry, chemical industry and oil industry.
  • SAFE SPICE A.S: they specialize in private label, custom blend and co-packing for some of the most recognizable international brands, food- service operations and demanding retailers in the grocery trade, they can work on all different blends, exotic peppers and salts with different packaging types. They packs over 15 million units annually, whether your package is a box or small glass jars.
  • GEN GRINDERS: it’s a company which is the leading company at supplying high-tech plastic parts. It was founded in 2000 in turkey, their products are manufactured to welcome the needing of spice, herb, sugar, salt and catering industries.
  • EMPAS INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING LIMITED COMPANY: it has been established in 1982, they can supply jars, bottles, caps, boxes, and packaging machines.
  • ASPET PREFORM: it was established in late 2005, it’s now one of the leading pet-jar factories in turkey. The target of ASPET is to be a leading company in packaging sector. It is also a priority in exports as it is light in its fragility. In addition to being a healthy product, being recyclable, being transparent and being able to see the product easily.
  • ERCAN HUNE: It specialize in selling the right product at the right time at the right price.
  • POYKA GROUP: it has been in business for the past 2 years. It is an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customers satisfaction. They have never compromised on the quality and services provided to the customers.
  • NET MEDYA: they have a wide range of PET bottles to suit your needs, many different sizes, shapes and designs for all sorts of applications preforms for a variety of applications, high quality and competitive prices will make them the right choice for your needs.

So wholesale plastic jars is light weight with excellent quality, they made with high quality polystyrene (PS), durable, unbreakable, comfortable grip, choice of any color

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plastic jars for sale wholesale:

plastic jars provide a cost-effective  way to package and protect your products. Choose from small plastic jars that can easily hold spices, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals or large options that are a good fit for food products, clear plastic jars come in many shapes, plastic jars with lids include manufactures child-resistant options and jar with double or thick walls for extra protection.

Plast turkey is the innovator e-commerce site established for the plastic industry, customers looking for products and machines, they are connecting with manufactures and suppliers in turkey, you can directly get the product needs you are looking for or you can get offers from manufacturers and suppliers by creating a free purchase request.

wholesale suppliers plastic products
wholesale suppliers plastic products

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plastic jars supplier:

if you are a small business looking to scale, or a large corporation there are a suppliers can do every thing to provide the packaging needed for your product to hit the market.

  • SADOL BOYA LTD.STI: it was founded in 1982 by Sadoglu and M.Esen Uygur. The company chose industrial and construction paints as its work area and started to serve its customers successfully. It grew continuously with its world-class product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • MERCANLAR KITCHENWARE CO: they are exporting to more than 70 countries all over the world for many years with their highest quality, and it is a great honor to have such reliability in the mind of their customers. Because of having evaluated the demand coming from the markets and invested in new ideas.
  • MAVIAY BLOW MOULD COMPANY: they are the leader Mould maker in Istanbul they produce blow Moulds for plastic bottles, jerry can, gallon, barrel, barrier, marine floater and any kind of plastic blowing products. They also have the capability to supply many different sizes of bottle.
  • HUMAKS RECYCLING CO: they collect and separating waste plastic, pet bottles and waste paper, they baling pet and paper and they can crushing plastic, pet bottles.
  • TOLGA PLASTIK VE AMBALAJ SAN.TIC.LTD.STI: it’s a manufacturer and producer founded in 1991, which operates in the bottle and jars, plastic industry, it also operates in the jars, plastic, plastic jugs for laboratories, plastic tank, and plastic plugs industries.
  • ALTERNA IC VE DIS TICARET AS: it’s a manufacturer and producer founded in 2016, which provided the bottles and jars, plastic industry, it also provided plastic bottles, plastic tank, crown cappers, and packaging drums industries.
  • TEPE PLASTIK: it’s a manufacturer and producer founded in 1971, which operates in the bottles and jars, plastic industry, it also operates in the packing, and jars, plastic industries.
  • ADVANSA SASA POLYSTER SANAYI A S : it’s a manufacturer and producer founded in 2006, which operates in the plastics – packaging industry, it also operates in threads and yarns, and bottles and jars, plastic industries.
  • KOKSAN KOKOFLU GIDA VE TENEKE KUTU AMNALAJ SANAYI VE TICARET A S: it’s a manufacturer and producer founded in 1992, which operates in the plastics – packaging industry, it also operates in the bottles and jars, plastic industries.
  • ESKAPLAST PLASTIK A.S: it products and exports activities in turkey, they are among the major supplier companies and it’s among the leading of a Turkish company that provided you with the best price and optimum quality. It’s a member of Turkish exporter.

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plastic jar dealer:

there are wholesale plastic jars manufacturer and supplier in turkey, they have long years of experience in the manufacturing of plastic bottles and containers industry, their target is help the customers to get their needs, this dealer such as:

  • Ellapack: it offer a range of stock bottles and containers including their popular wide mouth jars, the ellchem heavy duty range for those who need their bottles with extra strength and sturdiness, it offers a range bottles for all types of industries and uses.
  • AVF PLASTIK AMBALAJ SAN. TIC. LTD. STI: it’s exporting the product groups listed below, it’s among the major supplier companies in turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality, it’s a member of Turkish exporter.
  • ES KALIP SAN. TIC. LTC. LTD. STI: their company started its works by determining the products lacked in the market for product models.
  • MERTKO PLASTIK URUNLERI TIC. LTD. STI: it continues lighting the way of cosmetic sector with plastic packaging products by its trusting past, it has been manufacturing any kind of quality shampoo and cream products since 2007 in their facilities with 400 bottles and jar molds.
  • KOMESAN PLASTIK: it was operating since 1992, it’s manufactures bottles, jars and jerry can from 50 cc to 7000 cc. it uses 100% original HDPE, LDPE, PP and PVC raw materials. It adopts customer satisfaction as its main principle.
  • OZPET AMBALAJ LTD. STI: it began taking place in plastic industry in 1987, it using its knowledge and experience it continued producing plastic jars with high tech equipped injection and blowing machines at 4000m2 closed plant. It’s basis to be a trade mark and a leading company in producing safe food packing.
  • ASPET PREFORM AMBALAJ LTD.STI: It’s among the leading plastic pet jar manufacturers in turkey although it was established in 2005. Over 1000 plastic ware companies including edible oil filling factories, and jam factories in all regions of turkey from east to west and from north to south.

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plastic jars factory:

wholesale plastic jars factories in turkey offers wide range of varieties of plastic jars , these factories such as:

  • EKOPLAST PLASTIK AMBALAJ SAN.VE TIC.A.S: It’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the plastics – packaging industry. It also operates in the bottles and jars, plastic industries.
  • IMPLAST CHOCOLATE MOULDS: it was established in 1980 as a small workshop to produce chocolate moulds for the local companies and is now firmly recognized as one of the world’s leading specialists in high quality moulds for chocolate industry.

plastic jar price:

the wholesale plastic jars prices in turkey is a low prices, you can get wholesale 15g 30g 50g empty luxury face sample plastic cream jar for 0,88$/piece, and you can get 50ml PETG round shoulder plastic jar heavy cream jar luxury packaging with lid for (1.06$ to 1,00$) .

you can get plastic jar 500gm with lid for (0,20$ – 0,50/piece), and you can get 1,5 It, orange tamper evident square plastic jar with silver tamper evident cap for (0,20 – 0,50/piece), you can get wide mouth plastic jars with lids for 0,20/pieces. You can get the packaging according to your product size, and all the color, materials, finished can be required by you, you can get plastic jar price 20 litre for 0,1$ – 0,3$/piece, you can get plastic jar 2 kg for 0,27$ to 0.28$.

plastic jars for packaging:

wholesale plastic jars packaging could be transparent or all kinds of color, and it’s easy to pack with good cost performance. Bottles and jars for products of different densities, manufactured with opening in various shapes and size, formed round or square on demand.

plastic container:

wholesale plastic jars and container present high quality plastic container from Turkish suppliers, explorers and manufacturer companies in turkey such as:

plastic products & suppliers
plastic products & suppliers
  • CAGLAYAN DEK. LTD. STI: Protection storage and commercial packaging is the face of the product life as customer’s first encounter their business, they product of both your face and your laugh objectives are working with.
  • MAYKSAN PLASTIK LTD.CO: It has established in 1991 started its production in Istanbul, this company produces plastic IML (in mould labelling) food packaging boxes, disposal products and medical plastic products.
  • ANKARA LIDER PLASTIK KAPLAMA A.S: They are manufacture and supply plastic, plastic products, plastic plate, yogurt containers, plastic cup.
  • POLIPE PLASTIK AMBALAJ LTD.STI: It produces new generation injection plastic packaging and puts label by IMV technique to give its personality.
  • ERZE PLASTIK A.S: it’s one of the leading companies in plastic sector with 20 years of experience in turkey, it serves domestic and international markets with its “food tray products” made of PP,PS,PET and “construction& packaging products”.
  • BORAN PLASTIK A.S: It products bottles for shampoos or cosmetic and plastic containers for chemicals.

plastic jar online shopping:

the wholesale plastic jars online companies have been continuing their quality with technological, this companies such as:

  • YOM VAKUM AMBALAJ: it has a great staff who offers continuous and to quality service with modern design options and rich product range, For protection rights of their customers and ensure corporate privacy, this information will be made available upon contraction YOM VAKUM AMBALAJ ve TIC.LTD.STI a contact us section.
  • GOLDEX PLASTIC A.S: they are professional manufacturer of plastic kitchenware in turkey with more than 200 moulds, they have also factory in Turkmenistan, they would like to enter the Global market and they are looking for reliable, honest, expert and experienced companies in the world.
  • NAMLI PLASTIK KIMYA VE GIDA SANAYI TICARET LTD.STI: It is a plastic manufacturers products that are used as food packages for yogurt, cheese, ice cream of chocolate, margarine, butter, meat, sea food, jam and paint industry. Its plastic is one of the leading companies of turkey.
  • SOLEM PACKAGING: it’s a manufacturer and producer which operates in the packaging industry, it also operates in the plastic containers for food, and funeral ceremonies industries.
  • ACL PLASTIC PACKAGING: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2006, which operates in the plastics-packaging industry, it also operates in the containers and plastic pallets, and plastic containers for food industries.
  • ETKIN PLASTIK: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2000, which operates in the boxes, plastic industry, it also operates in the plastic package and plastic containers for food industries.
  • KARAKAYA PLASTIK: it’s operates in plastics – house hold products industry, it also operates in the plastic moulding and plastic containers for food industries.
  • UZMAN KALIP: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2002, which operates in the boxes, plastic industry, it also operates in plastic food container industries. In this article we show you plastic jar wholesale market,  the wholesale plastic jars markets are doing every thing they can to provide the packaging needed for your product to hit the market. Whether you are a small business looking to scale, or large corporation looking to optimize, finding creative packaging and logistics solutions is their bread and butter.
  • GARBO: it’s one of the largest inventories of plastic jars wholesale for import and export business. It is one of the best glass jars wholesale online companies, they can supply a different glass storage jars, glass containers.
  • AMAZONE.COM: if present amazon kitchen storage containers, it’s easy to clean, convenient to pack food, cheese, snacks, seasoned etc, organizing your kitchen just got this kitchen storage containers to keep your food fresher for longer than normal resulting in much less being thrown away, good for picnic, and travel, it also safe to use in the dishwasher, freezer or refrigerator.

Import from turkey:

Turkey export 139$ billion of good each year and is currently ranked the 25th largest export economy in the world, it has a negative trade balance of 49.1 billion after deducting annual imports of 188$ billion from its export total for the same period. And export values have been falling at an annualized rate of 0,802% for the last five years. The economy of turkey is known as a “emerging market economy” by the IMF.

The top five export destinations of turkey are Germany (14$billion), UK (11.7$ billion), Iraq (7,46 billion), Italy (7.58 billion) and USA (6.62$ billion). Turkey has fourteen million Facebook users, making it the country with the third highest number of accounts, despite most of the Turkish population being Muslim, it has been recognized as a secular nation rather then a Muslim country since 1927.

Finally wholesale plastic jars manufacturers offer plastic container turkey product from turkey and other countries around the world.





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