wholesale plastic containers

Top 20 Suppliers sell wholesale plastic containers

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale plastic containers; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale plastic containers

wholesale plastic containers are required in most commercial projects, especially in the field of nutrition. Do not waste your time to get to know the most famous Turkish sellers.


wholesale big plastic containers

The plastic and plastic materials trade in Turkey is one of the popular trades in Turkey, where plastic materials are spread in many markets, and it is very important in the markets, so it is requested from some other factories, as many plastic materials factories have spread that offer various types of goods in the commercial market, domestic and international.

There are a large number of companies producing plastic and plastic materials in Turkey, and this great diversity drives the investor who wants to start the trade in plastic, and plastic materials are in a state of confusion, so how will he choose the appropriate brand and type commercially, do not worry, there are a number of companies with a reputation and long history.

wholesale big plastic containers
wholesale big plastic containers

jetpak plastik

This company is considered one of the most famous plastic and plastic companies in Turkey, I recommend it to import from turkey as it offers many distinctive products such as:

– Various plastic products

– Plastic packaging

– Aluminum packaging

– Manufacture of round containers, rectangular containers, and oval containers

– Manufacture of plastic buckets and plastic containers

– Plastic buckets and food plastic containers wholesale

– Manufacture of packaging products

– Manufacture of plastic boxes

– Manufacture of yogurt pail, cheese boxes, pickle boxes and milk container

– Manufacture of food boxes and even food


Der palstik san

Der Plastic manufactures plastic bags and nylon bags. It’s producing nylon bags of all shapes and types. Manufacture of food packing products such as:

– Manufacture of plastic buckets and plastic containers large

– Plastic buckets and food containers

– Manufacture of packaging products

Kent plastik

Kent Company for Plastic Trade is considered one of the most important Turkish companies in terms of producing plastic materials, and it produces the following:

– Kent produces various types of plastics

– It manufactures garbage bags, shopping bags and stretch bags

– It produces plastic parts such as containers and bags

– Manufacture of the handle of the bag and the bag itself


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plastic containers manufacturers

In this part of the report we review with you a number of manufacturers that you can choose from because they are distinguished by the diversity of their products, such as:

plastic containers manufacturers
plastic containers manufacturers


This company produce Packaging and packaging products, plastic packaging products, plastic packaging products, injection packaging products, food packaging products, plastic boxes, plastic packaging boxes, plastic packaging, cheese plastic packaging, plastic containers for packaging , ice cream packaging, packaging Sweets, butter packaging, pastry packaging, jam packaging products, chocolate packaging, transparent plastic boxes for packaging and packaging, colored plastic boxes for packaging, plastic containers, plastic containers manufacturing, plastic containers manufacturing, plastic containers production.

 Tt’s really one of plastic food container manufacturers you can find plastic plates, packaging products Wholesale Plastic, Turkish Plastic Packaging Products, Selling Plastic Containers, Exporters Plastic Containers, Wholesale Plastic Containers, Mint Food packaging, plastic containers trade, prices of plastic packaging products, colored plastic boxes for packaging, transparent plastic containers for packaging, transparent plastic packaging products, colored plastic packaging products.



It’s one of the best food grade plastic containers manufacturers In Turkey, it produces  Glassware, Plastic Utensils, Plastic Products, Plastic Kitchen Utensils, Storage Containers, Plastic Storage Containers, Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, Necklaces Rings, Ornaments, Square Storage Containers, Circular Storage Containers, Deep Storage Containers, Rectangular Storage Containers, Small Storage Containers , Large storage containers, food storage systems, dry fry containers, heat-resistant storage containers, bowl, bowl, plastic containers, necklace, plastic containers manufacturing, plastic containers manufacturing, plastic containers production, t-making, bowl, mordoner, plastic products, jewelry Turkish, jewelry industry, jewelry production, jewelry trade, jewelry selling, jewelry wholesale, plastic containers selling, plastic containers exporters, plastic containers suppliers, wholesale plastic containers, glassware, plastic storage containers, rings, necklaces.

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plastic containers storage suppliers

Last year, the country received 11.4 million tons of waste from the European Union, which is three times more than in 2004. Although it is clear that the influx of waste creates environmental problems for Turkey, such a policy still has advantages, primarily economic, for the country’s leadership. Last year, Turkey imported about 600,000 tons of plastic waste like wholesale plastic containers , which is an important resource for the country’s plastic industry.

“Our country depends 85% on imports of virgin plastic,” Politico quoted an environmental engineer at Tucson Habibi, the waste treatment company of the Plastic Industry Corporation, said. So, we continue to offer factories where you can buy bulk containers for food:


Supplier of: disposable plastic containers for crockery | Plastic materials, Houseware | Business Bags | Medical kit Factories for manufacturing household utensils in Turkey


Is a manufacturer / producer, and operates in the plastics sector, Houseware . It also works in several medical sectors, Work bags, containers for utensils. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Supplier of: containers for utensils plastic packaging, Plastic boxes and containers| Modular Plastic Containers | Iron tanks.


It Is one of plastic storage container manufacturers / Producer, Founded in 1979, It operates in the plastic packaging sector. It also operates in the boxes and containers sectors Plastic modular plastic containers, Iron cabinets, containers for utensils. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Supplier of: kitchen utensils | Steel Houseware |Enamelled Houseware | Artistic glass works | Cleaning materials.


It Is an agent / representative, founded in 2020,It operates in the steel houseware sector. It also operates in enameled houseware, Art glassworks, cleaning materials, kitchen utensils It is based in Karatay / konya, Turkey.


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factory shop plastic containers


It is the Manufacturer / Producer, operating in the Plastic Boxes sector. It also works in plastic sectors and containers. It is headquartered in Bayrampasa / istanbul, Turkey.

factory shop plastic containers
factory shop plastic containers


It is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of plastic kitchen and home appliances in Turkey. The products in this company fall into three main groups: kitchen utensils (such as food preservation pots, rotating salad filters, plastic kitchenware, etc.), household items, tableware and bathroom accessories.


It Is a manufacturer / producer, founded in 1992, and operates in the plastic, medical products sector. It also operates in the plastic packaging sectors, manufacturing printed plastic bags, nylon and industrial bags. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Manufacturer / producer, was established in 2016, and it operates in the plastic packaging and shipping container sector. It also operates in the sectors of flexography – machines, machines and equipment for flexographic printing, packaging of old tubes and a manufacturer of printed plastic bags. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Enterprise EKIP AMBALAJ,

Manufacturer / producer, operates in the packaging sector, companies. It also operates in small plastic bags sectors and a printed plastic bag manufacturer. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


 Manufacturer / producer, operates in the plastics, packaging and wholesale plastic containers sector. It also operates in sectors and manufactures printed plastic bags. It is based in Mersin, Turkey.


It Is manufacturer / producer, working in the packaging sector, companies. It also works in film sectors for covering and a printed plastic bag manufacturer. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

DB Pack

It was established in 1990. Thanks to the experience gained over many years, our company is now thriving and developing its activities on the international market level. The raw materials it packs are delivered through customer service and we ship the manufacturing as well as printing and packing bags, 16 foot storage containers for sale afterwards. Thanks to our various and modern fleet of machines, we are able to offer bag shapes that suit each customer’s needs. We have 10 packaging lines with a capacity of 500,000 packages per day.

After that, the finished products can be stored. In addition to traditional forms of packaging, DB Pack continues to expand its offerings and innovations. That is why we try to offer our customers exclusive and new capabilities in the field of packaging and wholesale plastic containers . Quality is the essence of business for us. Every step is executed with the utmost care by our loyal employees and with the greatest amount of motivation. Production monitoring and after-sales service are available by two industrial engineers who are on site day by day.



It has 200 employees. Labor is a human capital and resource. It is chosen from among the graduates of the best universities and technical schools, Engineers, technologists, testers and montage professionals. This cycle is good because the investment in human resources is translated through machines that have been designed within the company with the best expertise and are constantly being developed. 90% of components are manufactured at the core of our company as design and expertise which is fueled by continuous investment in research and development.

The added value of a machine made by GAI undoubtedly lies in the use of the best raw materials. Indeed, stainless steel makes up more than 50% of the value of every monoblock that comes out of Ceresole d’Alba. In the same view, only the best alloys in terms of hardness, reliability, luster and cleanliness offered to the market are chosen. We are not looking for savings when purchasing steel but rather quality that becomes the quality of our final monoblock products.The steel that GAI purchases from an exclusive European source.

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plastic containers cost

The price of plastic containers depended on the factory:

– Storage Box With Lid Plastic Stackable Turnover Container Plastic Box Nestable Storage Crate 80 Ltr Plastic Storage Boxes With Lids

Shanghai Join Plastic Products Co,.ltd

US $9.80-$10.40 / Piece

100 Pieces (Min. Order)

– Different Size Transparent Plastic Food Storage Container


US $2.94-$35.28 / Box

300 Boxes

You can also find plastic containers amazon Like this:



US $3.50-$6.00 / Piece

500 Pieces

– Popular Plastic Storage -2 Liters Transparent Storage Box


US $0.50-$24.00 / Box

300 Boxes

– Mega Food Bucket With Crystal Cover  ” wholesale plastic containers ” 71 Lt. FOOD BUCKET PLASTIC FOOD STORAGE TRANSPARENT CLEAR


US $3.00-$4.50 / Piece

500 Pieces

And the price of shipping container for sale is also depended on the supplier.

Environmental cost of using plastic and solution:

Plastic has become an integral part of our daily life. Despite the growing awareness of environmental risks, plastic continues to play an increasingly important role in our contemporary life. Usually, plastics are made from materials extracted from petroleum, as an estimated four percent of global crude oil supplies are used to manufacture plastics. This has a great environmental risk, as every kilogram of wholesale plastic containers produces the equivalent of six kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If we take into account the dwindling oil reserves, it is easy to explain the success of the use of alternative energies in recent years. This also applies to the plastics industry in general, and especially to the packaging industry.

– An increased awareness of the nature of the products:

Organic plastic products are extracted from vegetable materials, such as sugar cane, corn, wheat or potatoes, as well as from vegetable oil. These raw materials are used for example in the manufacture of cell phone cases, shoes and diapers, shopping bags, as well as many household utensils. Thus, organic products have become an important competitor and alternative to other products.

So nowadays people prefer to buy used shipping containers for sale cheap rather than buy new. As for experts, this phenomenon is a model of the increasing demand for natural and organic products, as this boom or great interest began in the field of organic food in recent years. Today there is more awareness of the importance of the source of materials and how they are manufactured. “It has become important for the consumer to know that he buys organic vegetables from the supermarket in organic-made containers as well, rather than in traditional wholesale plastic containers,” said Norbert Fowell, a spokesman for “Dulles System” for recycling plant waste.

– A promising and attractive market:

In response to this new wave, especially in the wholesale plastic containers materials industry, many companies specialized in this field have invested millions to encourage scientific research in order to discover new methods of production that take into account the needs and interests of the consumer. Among the most important players in this field are the American agricultural companies “Cargill” and the Italian company “Novament” as well as the German company “BSF”, one of the major companies in the chemical industry. There are many plastic products in the big markets, such as “Val-mart” made from corn or other vegetable materials.

Brazil is one of the leading countries in the market for organic made plastic products. Brazil is known internationally for its sugar production, and the “Braskem” group of oil companies is taking advantage of the huge supply of sugarcane for use in the production of organic plastics, and wholesale plastic containers.

– Controversy over the manufacturing environment:

There are many questions about how organic plastics are manufactured, or rather how much environmental standards are respected, especially since there has been a great debate about so-called biofuels, which are made at the expense of destroying many forests and agricultural lands. There is also a vivid example of this, which is the destruction of many forests in Southeast Asia in order to create fields for palm trees, and the goal was to obtain palm oil that is very expensive.

Controversy over the manufacturing environment:

However, there are some small companies that take these concerns into consideration, and try to search for new ways that take into account the protection of forests and agricultural fields in particular and environmental standards in general. For example, there is a German-Brazilian project in the “Clematic” Foundation in Brazil to manufacture plastics from the waste and waste left by sugar cane factories, and there are new research and innovations seeking to employ modern technologies for the production of organic plastics in major economic fields such as the automotive industry.

At the end, choose the factory that suits your capital.

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