wholesale organic olive oil

14 Famous wholesale organic olive oil suppliers

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale organic olive oil ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale organic olive oil

Are you looking for the best places for buying wholesale organic olive oil ? Do you want to know the best and largest manufacturers producing olive oil?

 Are you searching  for the largest olive oil wholesale markets, through our importing house we will provide you with all details you need, just keep reading carefully and be aware of our recommendations.


Wholesale bulk organic olive oil

So you are looking for USDA Organic Certified Olive Oil, eh? And do you want to know where the cheapest, safest place to buy it is? If I can help, let’s see.

In order to find the “cheapest” price for you, the volumes will really decide where you can buy. I can’t (and won’t, in my right mind) tell you to buy from a big oil supplier that deals with manufacturers if you buy 1 case per month because it will not be the cheapest or easiest option.

I’ll try, however, to point you in the best direction. So here’s the best advice I can give you, based on your business.

Azure Standard :

Azure Standard is one of best bulk organic olive oil. Across the mid-west and west, they market cases and mixed pallet deliveries. If you use a lot of organic goods, they are ideal, and you only use a few cases of each one.

Centra Foods Online Wholesale Store:

An online store where you can purchase 1-10 bulk cases of oil at one time.

Ideal if you specifically use organic extra virgin olive oil, but you don’t buy a lot of other organic products of the same amount.

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Food Service Company

You may qualify to be a customer of a food service business if you are a restaurant or if you buy a number of different food ingredients. Local businesses might have lower minimum orders than a major supplier such as Sysco, so first contact any of your local options.


Specializing in organic & natural foods, it is a food service company. When you’re searching for organic oils in particular, they will be a good first place to call.

Wholesale bulk organic olive oil
Wholesale bulk organic olive oil


When Costco opened its business centers, they decided to purchase directly from a manufacturer who manages the entire process of processing olive oil.

They wanted a partner who, with the requisite food and ISO certifications, produced the highest quality olive oil with an established track record of production efficiency and consistent quality of flavor.

 CHO Bulk is the only supplier of bulk olive oil to Costco restaurants, including its industrial and industry members. The distinctive yellow barrels of best organic extra virgin olive oils from CHO were a success at the launch of Costco’s new business center.

The dedication of Costco to delivering the highest product at the best value rendered this distributor the largest in the retail industry. We are proud that they have chosen to work with us because of their need for olive oil.


It’s one of Los Angeles’ most important foreign extra virgin olive oils. This company is one of the best bulk organic olive oil in the world, evaluating the finest olive oils. Several types of olive oil are produced by this business.

Oil china:

For the 10 years of OIL China’s life, Masia el Altet has earned this amazing recognition. This company is among the top 10 companies in the world for extra virgin oils.

Oil China has always been completely funded by the Council of China for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the Ministry of Agriculture, the Spanish Office of Foreign Trade (HEPO), the Portuguese Association of Olive Oils, Spanish Missions, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Tunis, and other groups, etc.

China Oil has become an international showcase of oil products with the greatest size and quantity of oil varieties. This business is known for offering the best organic infused olive oil.

China oil is well known for attracting knowledgeable clients, marketers and viewers, China oil has gained the interest of companies connected to vegetable oil around the world.

It is an excellent platform for stakeholders to pursue products for marketing and to effectively market them.

Olives Valley:

They have been involved for centuries in the manufacturing, filling and advertisement of olive oil. Oil is much more than just an item.

 It has been sold as a slang word for living conditions all over the world. They work with top olive oil extracted from the best olives, picked and compressed with the traditional cold method at the right stage of spiciness.

 This is one of is organic olive oil better that produces olive oil of very high quality at good prices.


Organic olive oil manufacturers


MEDILIFE stands for ‘Life in the Mediterranean.’ MEDILIFE aims to deliver Quality Balanced Mediterranean Food to global customers. Our business is involved in 4 segments:

Olive Oil & Olives. The Strong Wheat Couscous & Pasta. Dates and Fruits Deglet Noor. Spicy Sauce from Tunisia:

 Harissa. With care, we prepare our goods and proudly export them globally. We work hard to recognize the need for consumers and satisfy the changing need for nutritious and delicious food more and more.

 To add value to the product and better serve our customers, we welcome every collaboration or partnership.

Tunisia’s golden liquid is olive oil. We harvest our olives and crush them cold using mechanical processes for optimum quality only on the same day. We allow our olives the moment to achieve their degree of maturity naturally.

It typically takes 2-3 months to mature, so that customers obtain a product of premium quality, without any chemical accelerator. MEDILIFE Olives look healthier and do not have the inappropriate odor that comes with maturation using chemical products in wholesale organic olive oil.


SCA TRUJAL DE MAGINA is an agricultural cooperative specializing in organic extra virgin olive oil cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution.

The consistency of our oils stems from the exceptional circumstances of the area and also the environmentally-friendly and oriented work.

These conditions allow us to harvest the olives when they are ripe, producing a rare and exclusive organic extra virgin olive oil in optimum conditions.

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In the protected territories known as the ‘road of oil’ in Umbria, our olives are grown on the rolling Amerini hills. We exclusively extract our FenOlio oil from our own olives.

 The oil is rich in polyphenols, strong natural anti-oxidants with high vitamin E levels capable of opposing the harmful effects of free radicals. FenOlio’s consistency is not merely distinguished by low acidity levels.

The exceptional quality of this commodity derives from an accurate collection of organic local olive tree groves and one of the most organic flavored olive oils, but from a variety of organoleptic characteristics obtained through impeccable production processes.

 It is the product of continuous and deliberate meticulousness applied during the process of olive transformation; defoliation and washing as a simple work model lead to higher hygiene standards throughout the process.


‘Via del Monte Oliveto’ is a farm situated on the hills of Assisi, in the region of Umbria, Central Italy, where the poorest people can share their own land-use skills.

They  inform each other according to the company’s mission and together we encourage new work opportunities that do not exclude anyone from taking the opportunity to gain social recognition.

 The form of cultivated ground, its cultivation practices, the attention drawn to timely milling and, last but not least, the climate also brings out these organoleptic characteristics.

 In fact, the medium-low temperatures of the fall season promote the production of oleic acid in the olives. According to an ancient Mediterranean recipe, olive leaves are used, organic olive oil for hair, adapting the process of hand-made preparation.


We are manufacturers and distributors of a large variety of goods of high quality.

 Production of organic, conventional and premium. We have various qualities and formats of extra virgin olive oils (PET, glass and aluminium. EVOO flavored, olive oil jellies, pickles, olives, olive seed, EVOO chocolates, honey…

They are an exceptional gourmet supplier. But we also have price solutions for larger quantities.


This company specializes in high-quality items of olive oil, covering a wide range of sophistication and virginity of the produced oil, such as Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Mild Olive Oil, Strong Olive Oil or Refined Pomace/Pulp Olive Oil.

The company also offers high-quality oil for crops. They market bottled goods under a brand name of their own. In addition, the company is open to taking orders to manufacture external labels.

The company one of top list of organic olive oils. The product’s highest quality is still guaranteed. The company is accredited by BRC and Organic.

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Olive oil bulk sales

You can find producers, suppliers and exporters of wholesale and retail olive oil. You can check for goods, compare foreign prices for olive oil and buy 100% Payment Security for olive oil. Once you have made a pre-order for sale of bulk olive oil, we will show you best Olive oil bulk sales

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The olive oil of Grandma Stella is extracted from olive trees of the variety Adrmytini, which were transplanted from the Gulf of Adramytini in Stipsi, situated at the edge of the Gulf of Adramytini.

Organic olive oil manufacturers
Organic olive oil manufacturers

High Polyphenol:

Class Premium. In the southeast of the Peloponnese, in Monemvasia. This premium oil is extracted and immediately filtered at a temperature below 21 °C.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Kalamata 5lt 0.2 accidity:

Kalamata extra virgin olive oil Greece koroneiki variety 0.2 Accident Early harvest without chemical additives early harvest without chemical additives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lacon Classic:

Lacon Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a rare combination of Koroneiki and Mirtolia that produces a unique, tasty profile.

NYMFES Classic:

Classic NYMFES is the olive oil that everyone has to have in their pantry. This is our worldwide best-seller.

In summary, we have given all the information you will need to know about the wholesale organic olive oil. And we have provided you with the world’s best olive oil firms.


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