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 Best 11 wholesale olive oil tins brands

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 wholesale olive oil tins

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Olive oil tins manufacturers

Turkey is the second largest producer of olive trees in the world, and it is one of the first five countries to produce olive oil in the world, and the Turks in general depend in Turkish cuisine mainly on olives and its derivatives, whether in the distinctive Turkish breakfast, and it is also used in cooking the most delicious Turkish food.

 Olive cultivation is in popular regions in Turkey, and the import tax is low in Turkey، Olive trees are among the perennial trees in Turkey, and they are more than 150 years old and are found in the town of Kara Abash. In Turkey are wholesale olive oil bottles

In Mersin governorate there is an olive tree that reached 1656 years old and is considered the third oldest olive tree in the world, and it remains fruitful to this day, and for this it was changed to a monument in 2013 for its historical value، KUMELI Extra Virgin Olive Oil KUMELI Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the best Aegean olives, especially Avail and the Gulf region, KUMELI Extra Virgin Olive Oil leaves a unique flavor to your taste with an acidic content not exceeding 0.8 percent. There are cheap olive oil bulk

There are companies importing olive oil in Saudi Arabia, where the olive oil market in the Kingdom has reached more than 40 thousand tons, as a result of the increasing demand for it, and the local production of it covers between 8 and 10 thousand tons, while the Kingdom imports the rest of the market needs from 10 countries, Turkey is famous for its olive trees And olive oils are of high quality so there are many brands of olive oil in Turkey, such as: Tares

There are all kinds of olive oil in the olive oil market in Istanbul and the Aegean region, where the Aegean region is one of the region’s most famous for the production and cultivation of olives in Turkey, there are also in Hate about 55 presses and an olive oil factory in Turkey working on oil pressing and producing 41 thousand tons of olive oil through it, and it is expected that the production of olives and olive oil will increase by 50% during the coming years, and one of the conditions for importing olive oil is that it conforms to international standards. There are top olive oil companies

 Olive oil price
Olive oil price

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There are many olive oil companies in Turkey, including…

  1. Al-KHATTABmanufacturer for Olive Oil:

This company is also one of the most famous and best oil companies in Turkey, as this company produces and manufactures the finest types of natural oils with the highest quality and best prices, and that company is also famous for producing the finest natural olive oil at the best price, and the headquarters is located For this company in Mersin, in Turkey, you can agree with the best shipping companies in Turkey to ship the goods you want. In this factory large olive oil tins

  1. EMAD Company for the production of herbal oils in Turkey:

 This company is considered one of the most luxurious and most important natural oil companies in Turkey, as it produces and manufactures the finest and best olive oil in the world, and this company is also famous for its production of herbal oils as well as the production of hair care products, so this company wants In great demand the products of this company. There are olive oil brands to trust

  1. AWAFI Food Trade Company.
  2. Al SABBAGH Trading Company.
  3. Adel Al-TAMIMY Food manufacturer:

One of the best and most important oil companies in Turkey that produces and manufactures the finest and most luxurious types of natural oils, in addition to that it produces the finest foodstuffs with the best quality and reasonable prices for everyone so that you can import from Turkey and the headquarters of this company is in Gaziantep Turkey Trade olive oil in Turkey.

  2. Sana Food Manufacturing Company.
  3. Turkey Brand Istanbul Trading and Manufacturing Company.
Olive oil tins wholesale
Olive oil tins wholesale

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Olive oil tins wholesale

Olive oil is considered one of the most important and useful oils in the world, as it has important health benefits, and is used to protect against heart disease, and there are many types of olive oil in the market, some are confused about how to choose the best types of olive oil.

Importing from Turkey has increased in all fields, and capital is the basis for the import and export process in general, as a lot of money is spent on import operations and in order to be successful, there must be experience as well as assistance from more than one party, as well as verifying the quality of the product.

Which you intend to import, and also rely on major import and export companies. There are best olive oil online shop in Turkey

There are more than 1,750,000 tons of olives grown every year in Turkey, and Turkey is the fourth largest country in olive cultivation in the world, olives and their derivatives are used in all food ingredients of Turkish cuisine, whether it is in a simple Turkish breakfast or in bread and appetizers, or transported to Olive oil for cooking with it, as you find it always and strongly in most components of Turkish cuisine.

 Turkey’s commercial guide contains everything that customers want and who want to import Turkish products in general, especially Turkish olive oil, as he divided the products according to their manufacturers, as well as the types of products that can be to be provided by these companies. There are wholesale olive oil suppliers

There is also the side that reveals the addresses of the supplier companies that can be dealt with in the field that the project owner wants to enter.

 The Turkey guide contains the largest commercial encyclopedia present in the current period in the state of Turkey, as it contains the names and addresses of companies and factories specialized in order to order a specific product or They can offer competitive prices in the markets, and there is also a category of them that offer heavy discounts on the amount of purchase status from them.

Olive oil wholesalers


A leading company in the field of manufacturing edible vegetable oils and oils chemicals. In the manufacture of its products, it follows internationally recognized standards, and exports its products to various countries of the world، The company prides itself on providing high quality products to its customers, with multiple packaging alternatives.

If you inform the company about the product of your interest and the quantity to be imported per month along with full details of your company, we will be pleased to send our best price, The Company imports acid oils and refined palm oils. You can buy olive oil wholesale from Turkey


It’s the best wholesale olive oil tins, established in 2004, operating in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the olive oil producer and sectors. It is based in Karaduvar, Turkey.

Olive oil
Olive oil

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Olive oil price:

Turkish olive oil, produced with different qualities such as natural, refined and Riviera, has been used for thousands of years for its nutritional value and longevity. The taste and quality of olive oil depends to a large extent on the olive oil production technology in Turkey, the type of olives used and the conditions of cultivation.

In terms of olive oil prices, the price ranges from 27.00 USD to 30.00USD, the best olive oil in Turkey is the oils produced by traditional methods and preserving the valuable nutritional components of Turkish olives, however, virgin oils are considered pure and may not be suitable for high-temperature recipes. Do you want to know how to import olive oil to Turkey be attention

 Like frying because of their lower burning points, for frying recipes and higher temperatures, you can choose oils with higher acidity or Riviera olive oils with an increased burning temperature.

Turkey has been interested in the olive oil industry until Turkey’s production of olive oil increased.

Turkey’s exports of olive oil to the United States of America amounted to about 16 thousand and 500 tons during the first five months of the season of the year, an increase of 206 percent, compared to the previous year’s season. There are wholesale olive oil

 It is striving to increase Turkey’s exports of olive oil to about 3.8 billion US dollars by the beginning of 2023, to harvest 1.2 million tons of olives and 650 thousand tons of olive oil.

The United States receives four out of every ten liters of olive oil in Turkey, which has reached more than 85 countries around the world، The high demand for genuine Turkish olive oil from the United States of America during the period from November 1, 2017 to March 2018, resulted in about $ 67.3 million, an increase of 251 percent compared to the same period of the previous season.

The average price per liter of Turkish olive oil exported to the United States was around $ 4, compared to the price per liter of about $ 3.5 last season، And the price of half a liter of olive oil produced from it reached about 22 thousand Turkish liras, or about 6 thousand, 46 US dollars, and the price of a ton of olives in Turkey reached about 4000 US dollars. From Turkey you can know where can i buy olive oil

Turkey has exported olive oil to more than 85 countries of the world and Turkey’s exports of olive oil are estimated at about 18 thousand 500 tons, as the United States of America is one of the largest importers of olive oil, then Germany, then Iraq, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates come, so Turkey’s exports of olive oil It is large, and it is strange that Spain is also among the importing countries of Turkish olive oil, although it is one of the most important countries for olive oil in the world, but it loves importing olive oil from Turkey, and then repackages it and exports it to other countries such as America and the countries of the Middle East.

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