Wholesale olive oil dealers

Wholesale olive oil dealers … The best 10 olive oil wholesale suppliers

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wholesale olive oil dealers; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Wholesale olive oil dealers

Are you looking for the greatest olive oil companies? Do you need to know what are the pricese of olive oil wholesale? Do you want to know the best wholesale olive oil dealers? Over importing house  you know all the details that you need.

Olive oil wholesale suppliers

Do you want to know the olive oil wholesale suppliers? Are you looking the greatest of them? We will discuss the best of them and they are…….


GREEKLAND, headquartered in Xanthi, specializes in the huge trade of premium products.  Our products include extra virgin olive oil extra virgin olive oil wholesale prices, coffee, cosmetics and drinks for bars and restaurants.  We supply our products directly from the manufacturers to offer the best prices.

We work with the best manufacturers and apply the best quality standards to ensure that we deliver the highest quality products to you. All products are certified and all documents that ready for export.

2_ TPK Varna , LLC:

TPK Varna , LLC is a food company that specializes in supplying food products to the following brands:” Tsar “(pasta, flour, grits, multi-grain, instant flakes, shish, oat flakes, frozen dough and edible oil);” Soyuzpischeprom “(pasta),” Healthy menu “(  Grains, chips, pasta products, crunchy bread, edible oil, whole grain chips, plant-based drinks).

The company’s products include more than 100 names of products that customers love and know that not only in the Russian Republic and the countries of the Customs Union, but also in the United States of America, China, Canada, Israel and South Korea.  The product manufacturer is on the Russian registry of manufacturers and suppliers of natural and environmentally safe products and has received the most prestigious awards from the international environmental ranking best Olive oil online shop.  The use of modern equipment in production allows achieving product quality that meets the highest international standards.

3_ BioFood Gida:

We are a young, young company, mastering the rules of national and international trade.  As Turkey is the leading producer of pistachios and apricots, BioFood is committed to providing that  local products grown only on Turkish soil in order to provide the regional and high quality products.  For each desired product we offer you a variety of brands at factory prices, to allow you to choose the right choice one for your nutritional needs at the best prices olive oil factory for sale.

In addition to our services in the food industry, we also represent a connection point for establishing your business in Turkey.  Therefore, we can negotiate with Turkish industrial companies on your behalf, and organize B2B exhibitions and meetings within the region, in addition to marine and air services that are in line with export operations.  We can also provide you with legal and tax advice in Turkey.

4_ MONINI Spa:

For three generations, MONINI, which carefully selects its products from the best producing the regions in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, has been bottling and  the marketing excellent, best  quality  for virgin olive oil.

5_ Fiorentini Firenze:

Fiorentini Firenze is one of the largest companies that market extra virgin olive oil from various origins and sources, and it is  among the largest major storage depots for  the extra virgin olive oil in Italy, with the capacity of approximately 8 million liters.


This cooperative was established in 1969 and it includes 1800 partners who harvest their olives to turn it into oil and then sell it. Its average annual production volume is between 6 and 7 million kilos of oils cheap olive oil.  In our basement we extract three types of oils: extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and Margoul olive oil, and in all cases we squeeze the oils on the cold.


Extra virgin olive oil is the staple of the Mediterranean diet.  This is the reason why our company has traveled all over Greece in search of farmers and producers who share the same values ​​with us through the use of optimal growing conditions, agricultural practices and harvesting techniques that are all anchored in sustainable development.  The olives used to produce this exceptional olive oil are collected from the Pierian Mountains, hand picked and squeezed on the spot to produce premium virgin olive oil that won a gold award at NYIOOC.


UNIQUE GREEK PRODUCTS I.K.E., is a wholesaler, founded in 2017, operating in the olive oil sector.  It also works in the sectors of olive oil extraction, extra virgin organic olive oil organic olive oil wholesale, olive oil and the export of food products.  It is based in Arta, Greece.


CASER CASA DE HUÉLLAR, operating in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and pure olive oil.  It is based in Torres-Jaén, Spain.


The company SCA SAN ROQUE, manufacturer / producer, operates in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin olive oil, olive oil and aoc olive oils.  It is based in Carchelejo (carcheles) -Jaén, Spain.

Olive oil companies
Olive oil companies

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Olive oil companies

Are you looking for the best olive oil? Do you need to the greatest olive oil companies? Just follow and you can all the best companies around the world.

1_Al Awael:

We are an Egyptian company specialized in olives.  We also grow all types of olives they sell to ensure the highest quality for our customers. The following are the different olives we export along with the different packing sizes that we can offer for the olive varieties: – Manzanilla (green, black and mix) – Picual (green, black and mix) – Kalamata – Dear All the above mentioned items can be presented in slices or packaging olive oil tins wholesale:  – Plastic (5 kg, 10 kg) and 150 (loose) – Glass: (350 grams, 500 grams and 700 grams) We currently export to France – Italy – German – Brazil – the United States – Bulgaria – Greece – Spain – Mexico – Peru.  We grow the best types of olives to achieve quality specifications, and every shipment undergoes an Agriculture Assurance analysis to ensure that it meets international standards.  We obtained: – ISO 22000; OHSAS 1800 – Global C.A.P.

2_Nosor Baladna:

The leading company in the manufacture and trade of premium halal Arabic foodstuffs since 1998.  Which is distinguished by its luxurious quality conforming to international specifications and standards, as well as its large and varied assortment.  Which meets the needs of the halal markets in all Arab and African countries, Turkey and European countries, and to serve our valued consumers.

And to ensure that we always maintain their confidence in the varieties of our country, we believe in the need for us to continue developing our varieties olive oil bulk wholesale.  By relying on scientific research, selecting the best raw materials, and applying the highest level of international specifications and standards.  As well as adopting the latest methods and means of systematic and academic marketing to deliver our message to the consumers of our country.

Here, we would like to remember with pride that we are the first Arab company to obtain the German Quality Assurance Certificate.  And it gets the highest evaluation level of 1.1 for the year 2017, and at the commercial level, we always strive in our country to establish distinguished and solid business relationships with international companies.

Distinguished merchants, as well as we are keen on the constant development of working methods in planning and sales to maintain a distinguished position in global markets.

3_ Abidin Senol:

Abidin Senol Food Company has been involved in the enol $ family in agriculture for many years and acts as a supplier of the leading companies in the field of olive oil infused olive oil wholesale and fruit juice in Turkey wholesale olive oil dealers.  In 2008, Abidin Senol who is the founder of our company, established ATC Natural Food Products Co., Ltd. to evaluate the potential of the region and take the traditional sour pomegranate as a local anwar to reach the large masses.

Currently, ATC Natural Foods is a rapidly growing independent manufacturer that mainly produces.  Sour Pomegranate Sauce, Vinegars, Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Sesame Paste with it’s trademarks’ Abidin Cinnole, ‘Mastershef and’ Micota using all natural ingredients and advanced technology in its facility with 4000m2 closed area.  ATS Food is also a market leader in traditional Turkish sauce and exporting more than 20 countries all over the world.


The olive tree is rich in its history in the Mediterranean region, the olive oil culture goes back to the years BC and was first brought to Tunisia from the Middle East by the founders of the ancient Phoenicians from Carthage. Throughout the history of the Mediterranean, the Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and all civilizations passed the cultivation of know-how from one generation to the next.

Tunisia is now one of the largest producers of olive oil buy olive oil wholesale, which offers various local varieties such as Shamlali, Weslati and Chtoui.  Salamah Howells is the result of three generations of olive trees harvested by the heritage the continuation of the tradition in the year 2000.

It is the story of a family who was able to transform the passion for Mediterranean traditions, healthy nutrition and expertise in olive groves, through harvesting, pressing and packing into the prestigious olive oil brand name.

Quality and Excellence: We take special care with the quality of our products.  Our windmill is among the leaders in respect of good hygiene practices and application of HACCP principles.

5_Güven Asa:

Güven Asa olive oil production in Turkey for many years olive oil production, we have been working confidently in the olive oil sector as a company in the olive oil sector for the past five years with a commercial history that brought life to different sectors such as marketing, textiles and real estate.  For this purpose, Awailable on the App Store Google Beer Belly Food Headphones We have placed in previous years to this sector with a great capital in terms of skillful blending of all material and spiritual materials acquired with years

of fore.

We offer our love and commitment to olive oil to our valued customers through the presence of olive trees from important natural habitats such as Ayvalik, Games Burhaniye, Pelitköy as a basis for life and a nutritional philosophy that is nature and purity.  This difference also reflects the taste and texture of olive oil obtained from olives grown and ripened in Ayvalik, Games, Pelitkay after the Alps with the richest oxygen in the world.  Because if you want a natural product, you know that you need to start your product in a natural environment.

Our mission as a company, we are to provide quality, suitable, natural and reliable olive oil to our customers all over Turkey and abroad wholesale olive oil dealers, beyond the quality and standard specifications we have with experienced and expert professionals.  We continue to grow by receiving positive support from our customers every day.

wholesale olive oil cost
wholesale olive oil cost

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Olive oil wholesale price

Olive oil prices for this season are higher compared to last season due to many factors.

The olive oil injury at the national level for this season is estimated at 140 thousand tons of olive oil compared to about 400 thousand tons in the last season wholesale olive oil cost, meaning that the production rate for this year is estimated at about 35% compared to the previous season.

The union official also indicated that the global production of olive oil decreased by 3% this year, which supports the proportion of supply, which automatically contributes to high prices, according to his estimation, it is likely that there will be a great demand for olive oil from the global market.

In this same context, he estimated that the demand from the European-Italian market would be high, compared to previous years.

Thus, We explained to you the best olive oil companies and the prices of olive oil. We have explained the geatest olive oil wholesale suppliers Wholesale olive oil dealers.

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