wholesale markets in turkey

11 places for wholesale markets in turkey … best prices and high quality

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wholesale markets in turkey

The wholesale clothing market in Istanbul is one of the most important markets in the world, due to the wonderful tastes that suit everyone. Also Istanbul clothes wholesale markets in turkey are one of the most popular markets in Turkey and the best shopping destinations in Turkey that local residents, incoming tourists, and even merchants.


wholesale clothing market in istanbul turkey

There are many markets specialized in selling wholesale clothes in Turkey as:

wholesale clothing market in istanbul turkey
wholesale clothing market in istanbul turkey

Lali Market

Lali Market is located in the old city of Istanbul, and it contains many of the best Turkish clothing stores in Istanbul that sell wholesale and spare parts, and it is considered one of the most wholesale clothes from turkey where there are Arabs. And the market is an administrative subsidiary of any wholesale markets in turkey, and it includes thousands of exhibitions that offer local brands and some world famous brands.

Marter Market in Istanbul

One of the most famous wholesale markets in turkey with Arabs, as it offers many products for women, clothes for newborn and men’s clothing with high quality and very cheap prices, within more than 2000 exhibitions for the sale of Turkish products, and what distinguishes turkish products wholesale market that it contains companies specialized in customs clearance. Which helps merchants to facilitate their task in the process of buying and shipping with minimal effort and cost.

Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street dates back to the era of the Ottomans, and is considered one of the most famous designer clothes in turkey in Istanbul, as it includes many local and international clothing stores, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings for shopping.

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wholesale clothing companies in turkey

AM Clothing

 AM Clothing is the best wholesale markets in turkey. They produce t-shirts, jerseys, polo pique shirts and jogging sets. They have variety of categories that include pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. They also offer custom made clothes, special labels, clothes for summer and ready-to-wear. Its main focus is to provide the highest quality product at the best prices.

Hoteg Company appeared in Turkey in 1983 in the “Kadikoy” area of Istanbul, and it is one of the oldest shops buying clothes in turkey. The company offers modern men’s and women’s clothing that suits the contemporary lifestyle, along with shoes and accessories of unique designs and high quality. The company offers its products in 153 stores inside and outside Turkey. The company uses real leather and natural ingredients in the manufacture of its products, so its prices are not cheap and it was placed in the list of the best Turkish clothing brands.

wholesale clothing companies in turkey
wholesale clothing companies in turkey


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wholesale clothing shops in turkey

Fimka store

If you want a variety of clothing collections, here you can get all the trendy Turkish clothing wholesale that you want. They also have the option to chat to their clothing traders to clear all your inquiries and questions that you may have. Reaching from dresses to party wear, you can buy clothes to order on this site at an affordable price too. Other than that, the site is also known for offering discounts for its clients.

Clup Fashion is one of the fastest growing Turkish clothes wholesale stores in Turkey. The company’s focus is on providing an excellent experience and better services to the customers. They have collaborated with best turkish export products like Stella, Marisa’s and Sirius. They work with 30 factories all over Turkey, offering a range of categories.

Collezion: Collezion is one of Turkey’s leading names in the fashion industry.  It was awarded the title of clothing leader in Turkey in 2015. It contains both men’s and a woman’s clothing categories. For women, they have a variety of options for shopping such as shirts, blouses, jackets, and skirts.


list of wholesale clothing suppliers in turkey

WOW-Wholesale: Wow Wholesale is a supplier of wholesale clothing all over Turkey for your store or business project. It distributes the highest quality and original brand products. Wow wholesale Turkey have many categories to import from turkey including women’s wear, dresses, blouses, jackets, coats and much more. It also has a separate men’s category that includes menswear mix, jackets, t-shirts and pants.


PEBS Group

You can get used clothes easily with this because it is one of the most important wholesale suppliers in turkey specialized in this arena and it is one of the most imperative original Belgian companies and it is one of the main clothing imports of clothes in the world because it carries goods through turkish shipping line as trains, ships and trucks that have many branches in different countries of the world and easy to contract with at any time.


Momtek Apparel is one of the well-known names in turkey. It has different shopping categories for men and women. It also has cooperation with famous brands like M&S.

The Turkish market is one of the most famous wholesale markets in turkey and the Middle East, and even the best quality. The process of buying wholesale Turkish clothes in Istanbul is a very easy process.


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