Wholesale furniture turkey

wholesale furniture turkey..7 Companies To The Best Products

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Wholesale furniture turkey

In our article we prepare the best wholesale furniture turkey for those who want to examine those wondering, all the products you want in the bedroom from the lounge room until the young team we brought together Soft furniture brands you can acquire. You can reach the branches in almost every city of the famous furniture brands in Turkey or you can select the products you wish Examine the web site.


Furniture wholesale in turkey

Turkey has the best furniture company that offer modern and comfortable products.


Furniture wholesale in turkey
Furniture wholesale in turkey


  1. Bellona Furniture

It is possible to find any product you want in the company which started its activities in Kayseri in 1997. Especially the Bellona office furniture turkey, bedroom, Bellona living room and Bellona sofa set are highly appreciated by the users. We recommend that you review Bellona bed prices.

  1. Enza Home

Customer satisfaction is prioritized in the concept brand that belongs to the Yataş group. Enza Home corner sets and Enza Home TV unit designs home furniture turkey and attract a lot of attention in the Enza Home brand, where modern lines are dominant.

  1. Mudo Consept

After Mudo started its activities in a small shop in 1964, it is a company that managed to grow rapidly by catching the world fashion and following the fashion trends. You can get the products you need at affordable prices from Mudo Consept outlet stores.

  1. Kelebek Furniture

The most effective made in turkey products for the rise of the company, which was established in Istanbul in 1935, is Kelebek Furniture youth room sets.

  1. Ikea

The company, which was established in Sweden in 1930, is at the forefront with its products that will make daily life easier. You can view Ikea discounts from Ikea catalogs.

  1. Mondi Furniture

The mondi sofa sets of the company, which was established in Kayseri in 1993, have been very popular. If you follow the Mondi campaigns, you can have affordable furniture.

  1. Adore Furniture

The company, which was established in Ankara in 1990, is one of the brands preferred by those who want to buy cheap furniture. The reason furniture is cheap is that it is sold as disassembled.


Furniture price in turkey

Through the following online stores, you can find the best furniture brands and their prices as well.

  • Hepseiburada online store:

As the leading e-commerce platform Hepsiburada of Turkey and the region, close to 40 category, they extended their product range of more than 30 million customers. They continue to work to meet the needs of more than 200 million monthly visits with their team that combines Silicon Valley and the Grand Bazaar culture and blends data and experience.

As Turkey’s Hepsiburada, various sizes of tens of thousands of businesses like turkey furniture in their marketplace model that brings together Turkey and the region’s largest that feature their bearing the Intelligent Operations Center, they are leading the industry lath the upgraded technological work  they carry out R & D center on the development of online shopping industry. With a philosophy that focuses on customer experience, they are signing new projects, investments and collaborations with leading organizations. Their Founder and Board Chairman Doğan Boyner Hanzade committed to innovation and entrepreneurship Hepsiburada gene with spearheading the digital transformation in Turkey.

  • Akakçe online store:

The cheapest you are looking for, they automatically monitor thousands of sellers’ products and list together how much the product you are looking for is sold at which seller. Real discount and enjoy the advantages, Don’t get lost in crowded advertising messages, irrelevant Google results, In Akakçe, buy furniture online and prices are compared for the same product.

On the market or on the Internet, Akakçe is with you in every shopping, Wherever you are, start your shopping from Akakçe. Buy not just one product a day, but every need for the cheapest every day.

  • Yıldız Mobilya:

Turkey’s most acclaimed furniture shopping site, most acclaimed furniture shopping site yildizmobilya.com.t of the furniture sector in Turkey is entirely thousands of furniture models specifically designed to safely deliver customers all over Turkey. Yıldız Furniture, which aims to offer the best outdoor furniture turkey, quality and most beautiful furniture to its customers with affordable sales policy, eliminates intermediary and additional store costs from the factories in İnegöl and Kayseri and safely delivers them directly to their customers’ homes with free shipping.

They offer you new collections at the best prices through their online shopping site, where all the furniture you need in interior decoration with sixty different categories are gathered under one roof.



Furniture exhibition in turkey 2020
Furniture exhibition in turkey 2020

Furniture exhibition in turkey 2020

CNR IMOB-International Istanbul Furniture Fair, the world’s largest furniture fair, was held for the 16th time at CNR EXPO Istanbul Expo Center between 21-26 January 2020. cnr expo istanbul 2020 opened to showcase the furniture industry of Turkey IMOB global market, the Istanbul Trade Fairs CNR Holding and Furniture Association Federation (MOSFED) Created with the support of the Ministry of Commerce in cooperation.

Furniture stores in Turkey

Turkish furniture has quite a while in the past moved away from the lavish style which was the brand name of the Ottoman way of life. These days, Turkish creators have traded the shower with the insignificant methodology in both furnishings and stylistic theme.

However, Turkish furniture is still very much known for its elegance and durability, with beautiful Turkish furniture brands. Many furniture manufacturers in Turkey prefer the use of natural wood and natural fabrics and provide the utmost quality and great value for money.

1- Weetas store:

If you are interested in buying new furniture from Turkey and do not know where to start, you might want to take a look at the Turkish furniture featured in some of the top furniture stores in the country right here, it is Turkey furniture market and contain many brands Total effortlessness, complete creativity, and utter magnificence recognize Stoa’s style. The primary concentration in Stoa is top notch wood, for example, oak and pecan. The majority of their furniture include normal shades and lovely bends.

The brand was set up by fashioner Tardu Kuman who dealt with a gems assortment in Paris and repurposed metal and wood materials into craftsmanship objects in Athens prior to opening his furniture store in Istanbul Kuman doesn’t utilize cements in his furnishings yet depends on a unique strategy that permits the structures to hold each other together normally.

Classical Turkish furniture and home design store that has grown immeasurably over the years, classic handiwork merge with contemporary design at Hamm Hamm designs showcase the amazing of natural wood heightened with their innovative designs. mostof their materials are natural and rich, wood, marble, and brass all mixed with natural beautiful fabrics.

Furniture manufacturers in Turkey


Armonna Furniture is one of the biggest manufacturer of furniture in Turkey. Based in 2004, Armonna offers one of the industry’s broadest product assortments to wholesale, retail, international interior partners in several countries. If you want importing from Turkey this the best choice for you From design, through fulfillment, Armonna continuously strives to provide you, their customer, with the best values, selection and service in the furniture industry.

For more than 10 years, Armonna Furniture has been helping people create amazing homes. With their bedroom, dining, living room and home office collections, we’ll help you create a home you’ll love with affordable Turkish furniture price  At Armonna Furniture, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting furniture made with gorgeous natural materials, fine fabrics and unique, durable finishes.

Whether you are beginning a complete dining set, Armonna Furniture’s professional designers are here to help and when you are ready to begin your project Armonna Furniture is the good way to get inspired, discover products.


GunerOfisBuroGerecleri was established in Istanbul in 2014 by Mr. Ali Guner. Main field of our company is to produce desk sets and organizers as well as leather boards. This company considered from the best Turkish furniture in turkey This company who has a very good experience in this field has been producing leather desk sets which are liked and used by many people. In 2016 their company became a company who is selling its product to both in retail and wholesale by forming the sales channels.

Today their company continues serving to its clients by increasing the service quality and number of products with the aim of reaching a lot of companies in abroad.

turkey furniture
turkey furniture

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Furniture factory Turkey


NETSAN Furniture Company aims to be the leading provider of modular furniture industry by taking place among reputable brands in Turkey to prove added value to the industry and create new initiatives with a years of experience in product diversity, design differences, sense of quality and after sales services NETSAN Furniture, reflecting the needs and expectations of the industry to its products and services in the good way with its consumer oriented approach, continuously improves all production and service processes by anticipating new trends and tendencies in home decoration.

This company have best Turkish furniture wholesale.Netsan aims to continuously raise the standards in the modular furniture industry by combining its innovative line with its experience in its modern manufacturing and marketing approach in the industry.


leading modern design and highquality furniture manufacturing and exporting company in Istanbul, Turkey with over 27 years of experience. One of its productions is Turkish furniture bedroom. Their brand name EKSEN is identified with showing continuous improvement, strengthened by a team spirit, innovative and participatory approach.

Their mission is to ensure that the satisfaction of Their employees, customers, and buyers is met even beyond their expectations To better serve their customers with goods that meet world standards, they applied for assessment and got the following certificates TSE EN ISO9001 in 2004 which is renewed yearly to make sure that quality of their products is always maintained. This company from the best places if you import furniture from Turkey.

Their continuous quest for improvements and innovation through automation technology has made it possible for an increase in production of up to 10.000 products per month. This mass production has allowed EKSEN Furniture to become one of the biggest Office furniture manufacturing plants in the whole region.


Dial Mobilya is producing furniture at Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone, under a roof of 3000 m2 closed area by using the modern technological machinery and equipment line with the innovative, functional, economical, eco-friendly design and engineering understandings concerning the architectural and engineering issues Their in-house creative design and architecture team always ready to provide their clients with a fully visualized design concept. They haveTurkey furniture online shop you can get what you want.

 Offers to its clients a broad product range of indoor and outdoor applications to domestic and abroad, from design and project to field application process management; using wood, stainless steel, glass, and all other decorative attachment instruments.

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