wholesale extra virgin olive oil

wholesale extra virgin olive oil … 3 famous companies

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wholesale extra virgin olive oil

Are you asking about wholesale extra virgin olive oil ?

Here you will find everything you need to know about extra virgin olive oil, its benefits, and the most famous extra virgin olive oil companies that guarantee you quality…….


Extra virgin olive oil companies

Are you looking for extra virgin olive oil companies? We will show you the most famous extra virgin olive oil companies, and the best extra virgin olive oil bulk suppliers:


It is a manufacturer established in 1982, headquartered in Mersin, Turkey, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the olive oil and virgin olive oil sectors


It is the producer and operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and an olive oil producer.


Founded in 1990, and headquartered in Saray Kent, Turkey, it works in the specialty food sector. It also operates in olive sectors, extra virgin olive oil, pickled cucumber and green beans.

Turkey’s production of olive oil

Turkey exports olive oil to more than 85 countries of the world, and Turkey’s exports of olive oil are estimated at about 18 thousand, 500 tons, as the United States of America is one of the largest importers of olive oil, followed by Germany, then Iraq, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates

 Therefore, Turkey’s exports of olive oil are large, and it is strange that Spain is also among the countries that import Turkish olive oil.

 Although it is one of the most important countries for olive oil in the world, it loves to import olive oil from Turkey, and then refills it and exports it to other countries such as America and the Middle East countries.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked second after the United States of America, in terms of importing olive oil from Turkey. Last season, the export of olive oil to Saudi Arabia increased, and there are long-lived olive trees in Turkey that extend for more than 150 years and are found in the town of Kerka Abash.

Extra virgin olive oil companies
Extra virgin olive oil companies

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Extra virgin olive oil wholesale

We will show you  at first many of the benefits wholesale extra virgin olive oil:

Olive oil is made by pressing on olives, extracting the oil from them, and this recipe is repeated in many different forms, and has many benefits, and contains many vitamins, such as: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, in addition to vitamin E.

 It also contains antioxidant properties, and olive oil helps prevent damage caused by cancer-causing ultraviolet rays, and olive oil contains a high concentration of a component called squalene.

It is he who gives olive oil an additional antioxidant boost, is effective in moisturizing, and fights bacteria resulting from acne, so when using olive oil soap, it can help reduce acne, by killing the bacteria that cause acne.

 Olive oil is used in many face washing products, and there are some cosmetics that contain olive oil, such as: soap.

There are many extra virgin olive oil benefits that benefit the body in general and skin in particular, and the most prominent of which are:

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids:

Since these acids make up 73% of the total olive oil, studies have indicated that the oleic acid present in olive oil protects against inflammation and may have useful analyzes in some genes related to cancer, and it should be noted that monounsaturated fats are considered heat resistant, the question Is that olive oil is a healthy choice for cooking.

Contain large amounts of antioxidants:

As it is an antioxidant present in olive oil, it is biologically active because it reduces the risk of chronic diseases, it even reduces inflammation, and helps protect cholesterol from oxidation, which reduces the risk of heart disease and contains good amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin K and healthy fatty acids.

Possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties:

The antioxidants in olive oil have anti-inflammatory properties, the most important of which is a compound called Oleocanthal, which was found to work in a role with the anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen, the active protein C, and one study indicated that the antioxidants in olive oil can block some genes and proteins that Cause inflammation.

Reducing the risk of strokes

It is the second largest cause of death in developed countries, and one study indicated that 841,000 people consider olive oil the only source of monounsaturated fatty acids whose consumption is linked to a lower risk of strokes and heart disease, such as another study involving 140,000 people even those who consume olive oil.

:Reducing the risk of heart disease

Some studies have noted that people who live in the Mediterranean region are less likely to have heart disease, which leads scientists to believe that the Mediterranean diet may be the reason for this, and it should be noted that olive oil is an important part of Diet, protects against harmful cholesterol and oxidation.

Reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease:

It is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases, and one of the most important features of this disease is the removal of these plaques, and a human study found that following a Mediterranean diet is beneficial for the brain, and despite this, more studies are needed to address the benefits of Alzheimer’s patients.

Extra virgin olive oil for skin

High in antioxidants:

Since the variety of olive oil is completely pure or unadulterated, it is loaded with vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

Effective moisturizer:

Extra virgin olive oil, known as EVOO, is often referred to as the “beauty secret,It helps stimulate cell repair for firmer, smoother skin.

If you apply this oil to your skin, right after you shower, you will enjoy smooth and flawless skin – something you have always desired.


Extra virgin olive oil for hair

Olive oil contains many benefits for hair, it helps to thicken hair, increase its length, and many other benefits, including

Maintains hair health:

Olive oil helps maintain healthy hair. The oil contains vitamin E, which helps protect hair and prevent it from falling out. Hair treatment before shampooing:

Put olive oil before shampooing, and massage the scalp with it, this helps the hair to increase its strength and moisturize it. Natural hair regrowth:

Most men and women suffer from the problem of permanent hair loss, and they are looking for effective natural remedies to regrow hair and prevent hair loss through the use of olive oil.

Stimulates hair growth

Most of these natural home remedies consist of natural plants, and herbs that work to renew hair, and most of these treatments contain olive oil, which contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as olive oil stimulates hair growth and protects hair from the external environment, From dirt, pollution, and strong, harmful sunlight.

Treats scalp inflammation

Olive oil is very useful for many hair problems, and improving hair health, as the oil penetrates deep into the hair shafts, which increases the softness of the scalp tissue, and thus treats scalp inflammation.

Adds shine to hair

Olive oil is a strong and effective ingredient in increasing the shine and freshness of hair, and the oil works to restore moisture to damaged hair, and to get healthy and shiny hair, and the oil helps to make curly hair smooth.

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How to use extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is ideal and great for use in various recipes, for example, in salads, hummus, and for frying. But you must know and observe some rules in this regard:

Olive oil is best because it is easy to digest, but heating it during cooking can affect its smell, taste, and quality as well.

If you have to heat the oil, do so quickly and for a short time, with a small amount of water added to prevent it from getting too hot.

Despite its high content of unsaturated fats, the low amount of unsaturated fats in it tends to spoil quickly, so it is recommended to buy a small bowl of oil.

Other oils are recommended to be stored in a cool place after opening the package, because they contain more polyunsaturated oils.

You can also know the detection of the extra virgin olive oil original from fraud, according to the following

To find out the quality of the oil, pay attention to the presence of an additional “pure oil” or virgin mark on the bottle. Do not buy the oil if it is written on the package “light”, “virgin” or “pure” “or if the package bears the phrase” olive oil ” Just.

Pay attention to the percentage of acidity in the oil, as good olive oil producers care about this, the ratio should be 0.2% or less and if the percentage is high or not present, then this means that the quality is not good.

It should be green in color, tend to be golden, and be clear, this is a sign of oil extracted from a variety of olives, stretched once without mixing it with the kernel.

The presence of the expiration date does not mean that the quality is good, because the oil may have been in the packages for a long time, because the date is not a proof of quality.

Extra virgin olive oil for skin
Extra virgin olive oil for skin

Specifications of good olive oil

Many people do not have the experience and ability to know and distinguish the original olive oil from the adulterated oil, so we show you the ways in which you can know the original olive oil, which has certain characteristics.

Olive oil has a distinct and strong aroma, which has a strong tendency to smell ripe olives that emanate when crushed.

Olive pressure produces some impurities and sediments that go down into the oil package, while in other oils, these little lumps keep swimming randomly.

The natural color of the original olive oil is green, especially in the first era, and the rest of the other juices become light yellow as olive oil differs from other oils that have a high pH, ​​where the acidity of olive oil reaches about 1%, which means that its quality is high.

Olive oil is not affected by storage, as long as it has been stored for a long time, it is left to preserve its benefits, nutritional values ​​and natural elements.

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extra virgin olive oil wholesale prices

The taste and quality of olive oil depends to a large extent on the type of olives used, the conditions of cultivation and the production technology.

In terms of olive oil prices, the price ranges from 27.00 USD to 30.00USD, the best olive oil in Turkey is the oils produced by traditional methods and preserving the valuable nutritional components of Turkish olives.

However, virgin oils are considered pure and may not be suitable for high-temperature recipes such as frying due to their low burning points.


In conclusion, dear reader, we have explained to you wholesale extra virgin olive oil, its many benefits, and how to extra virgin olive oil bluk buy.

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