Wholesale clothing store in turkey

Finest 3 Wholesale clothing store in turkey

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Wholesale clothing store in turkey

Turkey is one of the most famous countries in the manufacture of elegant and elegant clothes, which prompts merchants to search for the best Wholesale clothing store in turkey To import from them especially in Istanbul, as Istanbul is one of the areas where there are markets in addition to its distinctive features.


Wholesale clothing made in turkey

Some think of importing clothes from Turkey to start a business selling clothes in the Arab countries, it is not difficult, and you can import clothes from Turkey through 3 methods:

The first way is to travel on your own and buy modest clothing Turkish. One of the disadvantages of this method is that for the first time you will be inexperienced, as you will find difficulties in customs clearance, and difficulties in dealing with pickles for the first time, but you will gain experience with time.

The second way is to ask someone who travels to Turkey constantly to buy you clothes, you can make him your partner or pay him an amount of money in return, recommend the person the clothes you want and the sizes you need, which is a good way.

The third method is the most professional way, in which you have to assign a company to one of the companies that import clothes and Turkey import goods, these offices have specialized agents, and these offices carry out all procedures from customs clearance to import papers and others.

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Wholesale clothing vendors turkey

In Turkey there are many wholesale markets and are very famous in the whole world, and in this paragraph we will get to know the most important wholesale markets in Turkey, especially the markets in Istanbul.

clothing in turkey is it cheap?

Osman Bey Street is one of the most famous streets in which there are wholesale clothes shops in Istanbul, on Osman Street there are many companies and many textile and garment stores.

In the alleys of the street there are also shops turkey clothing for sale for children for all ages, from newborns to the age of 7 years, and Othman Bey Street includes many large and small companies working in the field of textiles.

There are more than 55 companies on the streets of Turkey that export their products to various parts of the world. Clothes are exported from Turkey to Russia and to Central Asian countries.

Turkey also exports clothes to Arab countries such as the UAE, Oman and Qatar, and exports to the Balkan countries.

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Turkey import goods
Turkey import goods

Wholesale clothing factory turkey

Most of those who visit Turkey want to get acquainted with the most famous wholesale stores in Turkey because it is possible to start their project in selling clothes after returning to their homeland, and among the most famous stores that sell clothes and accessories, among other things:

Fatih Street is one of the most famous wholesale stores and fair trade clothing turkey, as there are clothes for all ages of all kinds.

The Fatih area includes the largest and most important wholesale market in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. These stores include cotton clothes from many materials, and the prices are very cheap and suitable for all groups.

There are shops called Al-Fateh located in the heart of Al-Fateh Street, and they sell clothes of large quantities at wholesale prices to everyone who wants to open a business that sells clothes.

There are many wholesale stores in the area, and the area is also characterized as a place for women’s shopping, with special stores for women’s clothes and evening dresses.

But if you are looking for places to sell turkey clothing for children, you should go to the wholesale stores in La Li, as the La Li area is famous for wholesale children’s clothing, and La Li is located in the old part of Istanbul, and it has many wholesale clothing stores.

You can go to the heart of Istanbul and wander along the tram line and walk in the inner streets where you will find there is an area not mine and you will find there are many distinctive stores and you will find that the prices vary, you can choose according to your taste.

In the same area, there are many stores that sell leather shoes and bags of different sizes for young and old, and you will also find bags and shoes for adults and their price is distinctive and better than many other areas in the city.

As for the Marter Market stores and you need many articles, due to its beauty and its inclusion of many luxury stores, in the next lines get to know the Marter Market in Istanbul and the products in it:

The Marter Market in Istanbul is one of the wholesale markets that sell clothes imported and all products and commodities at wholesale prices, and it is a global market that people from all countries flock to, such as the Arab countries, the Balkan countries, and Russia, and all Asian residents flock to the market.

Now you can import from Turkey easily

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