wholesale bags in turkey

The most famous 12 places to buy wholesale bags in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  wholesale bags from turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale bags in turkey

wholesale bags in turkey are really amazing, you can find all styles, designs, colors, and prices you want. The excellent fabrics the factories use in their products are very unique, so all the ladies love the Turkish bags.


wholesale shoes and bags in turkey

If you want to open a shop selling bags and want to know the best Turkish bags wholesale stores in order to import and sell in your country, this report will provide you with a list of the best stores and companies that provide turkish bags .

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wholesale shoes and bags in turkey
wholesale shoes and bags in turkey

Avrupa kanta:

After 9 years in the promotional products and gifts industry, it has focused all its energy on the production and sale of promotional bags, and continues its solutions partnership with promotional product wholesalers and advertising agencies from all sectors in the wholesale bags.

The specialist in leather bags from turkey for sale, backpacks and handbags, maintains its presence in this sector by producing bean bags. By providing difference and convenience in the promotional bags sector, it enables its customers to buy bags printed with a logo in small quantities and wholesale bags in turkey and for this, it maintains the best sales.

Genschler Bag Company:

Gunschler Bag Turkey has been one of the leading manufacturers of leather and canvas bags in Turkey since 1985. It produced bags made in turkey for many local companies and outside the local market as well and exported them to dozens of countries from Europe to the Middle East and provides bags in bulk from Turkey.

It aims to further improve its products and the quality of its services to meet customer requirements and expectations at the highest level to create emotional bonding with its customers through strong communication, ensuring customer loyalty and increasing the number of its customers at home and abroad, and to achieve this. Their business partners work peacefully from start to finish becoming a unique company with its competitive edge and service.

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bags factory in turkey

We are continuing to nominate factories you can import from:

Arda Company:

ARDA manufactures and wholesale women’s waterproof promotional bags, synthetic leather, canvas, jardin, and non-woven. It exports its products wholesale to the countries of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, so if you want to import from turkey you should choose Arda in the world of wholesale bags in turkey.

bags made in turkey
bags made in turkey

Classon bags

 Its annual production capacity is 1 million units which can be finished thanks to high experience as a bags manufacturer in Turkey 100% original for you, producing useful, practical, elegant, durable and economical bags. It takes into account the needs of the Turkish user during the manufacture of turkey bags for sale and takes into account these demands carefully during production, in the manufacturers of handbags, as it shows rapid changes in the world by following the standards and changes in Turkey at the same time that the users and the services we provide for their own brand of their company.

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bags brands in turkey

Bomink brand is an active company in the production of bags operating in the sector with modern designs and continues all its services with its experienced staff, in addition to the fact that the bags are made of high-quality materials and will help you provide a long-term advantage with their durability. shopping for bags at Bomink brand is very joyful, cause the visual elegance of bags manufactured using modern equipment is also at the highest level and this makes Use the best quality This brand is one of the most famous brands in the luggage market in Turkey, the inner bags are specially designed for elegance.

You can carry your personal belongings more easily and all the contents of this promotional bags are presented to you with previous experience. Therefore, you can safely benefit from the content of its service of wholesale bags in turkey.

If you search about bags online shop these coming brands will appear to you:

– Louis Vuitton

– Fako

– Bimin


designer bags from turkey

Trendyol online store To provide customers with the best shopping experience anytime and anywhere, it has more than 25 million members and Turkey from 2000 people in its team and the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platform in Turkey, it offers more than 200 million products annually to its customers made by the best designers and it is one of the best bags stores in Turkey.

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designer bags from turkey
designer bags from turkey

replica bags from turkey online produce bags like these brands:


 one of the prominent Turkish brands in Turkey and specialized in women’s and men’s shoes and bags, has a wide variety between sports and formal shoes in various designs and colors, and it is suitable for various occasions, work and various social activities.

Lc, which is the well-known and popular Turkish brand

Elitcanta is one of the most important companies and brands in the Turkish market.

Derimod is characterized by its use of high-quality luxury leather materials at competitive prices compared to the prices of the rest of the world.

At the end of the report, importing wholesale bags in turkey, is the right decision because of creative designs as mentioned, so you won’t be confused about choosing your product.

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