wholesale baby clothes suppliers in turkey

10 Wholesale baby clothes suppliers in turkey for best price and ore

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wholesale baby clothes suppliers in turkey

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Baby clothing suppliers in turkey

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world because of the high taste of Turkish clothes, which helped the wholesale children’s clothing trade from Turkey to flourish and the clothing industry in Turkey is generally considered the best in Turkey in terms of the finest types of clothes and their high-quality materials.

Therefore, all importers of different nationalities strive to buy goods from Turkey and then trade in these goods in their countries, which are very popular with them, especially since they have a distinctive mark in the markets because of their quality and distinctive prices, and the most famous of baby clothing suppliers in Turkey…

1- Maranda tekstil ltd

It is a company that holds the reins in everything related to clothing, as it is not only an import company, but rather a manufacturer and distributor of wholesale clothing, including high-quality women’s underwear, and the main brand Maranda is the brand that the company produces

2- do minik

It is one of famous wholesale baby clothes suppliers in Turkey in itself that produces a variety of clothes, and one of the most important addresses of children’s clothing factories in Turkey that they ask merchants about as they produce underwear and various home clothes as well as children’s clothes.

Baby clothing suppliers in turkey
Baby clothing suppliers in turkey

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3- Örme San.ve Tic.A

It is one of the largest and best companies specialized in the field of men’s and women’s clothing made of wool and the latest clothes from children’s clothes


It is a wholesale company established in 2015 and works in the ready-to-wear sector. It also operates in the import and export sectors, textiles, clothing, wholesale children’s clothing and wholesale clothing. Its headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey

5- Elena Kids

It manufactures designs and produces children’s clothing from the age of 1 to 14 years in Istanbul – Turkey. It exports its products to many countries of the world. Its products are distinguished by its high quality and the luxury of the fabrics used, with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture, design and production of children’s clothes and Turkish girls ’dresses.

Elena Kids has made the most appropriate and experienced place to design and produce innovative products in its design that keeps pace with the fashion trends of children, and the fabrics used in the products of Elena Kids are of the finest Turkish fabrics, which made their products feel light, elegant and in great demand at the same time and in Elena Kids follow the design system European in general and the Spanish design system in particular.

Importing baby clothes from turkey

Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is considered one of the fashion capitals in the world, as children’s clothing is characterized by containing a wide variety of models with very good taste, which makes the trade of children’s clothing from Turkey a very popular business

There are many ways to import from abroad in general and from Turkey in particular, and the most important of these widespread methods are ….

Importing baby clothes from turkey
Importing baby clothes from turkey

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1- Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to Turkey makes you able to visit a lot of companies and markets, and then you can compare prices, quality levels and designs suitable for the target market, which makes you finally able to buy the best products at the lowest possible price, and therefore the sales will be easier and the profit margin will be high

But what is taken in travel is that importing clothes from Turkey through travel is the most expensive, you may need to go and return airline tickets or get them at a high price, the hotel for accommodation, food costs, transportation and personal shopping

But in my personal opinion, the advantages of this method are invaluable, given that the costs can be significantly reduced by purchasing airline tickets at times of low prices, and staying in a hostel instead of a hotel and economy

2- Online import

It has become a common occurrence and is the most abundant for money, but care must be taken to buy from companies with high ratings by buyers so that you do not regret it

For example, there are major commercial sites that include a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of goods, You can buy baby clothes online shopTurkey through it such as Turkishexportal, as well as Tradekey, in addition to the famous Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey

 3- Alibaba

It is a Chinese trading company operating all over the world, and you can order from it and receive the product to the door of the house, and you can find everything you need on the site

 4- Amazon

The American company, Amazon, opened an office in Turkey, and its official office became in Istanbul, and thus Amazon allowed Turkish products to move and reach all parts of the world, and that there are some of the best companies that carry out shipping, whether land or air freight, and a model for it is Adot, And others, through which you can order, your order arrives on the specified date

 Importing via an intermediary

Meaning that you hire an import and export company to complete the process of buying baby clothes from Turkey without any interference from you, and in this way you will achieve comfort

Do not worry about your shipments and goods if they arrived and how they were, but in return you will pay a commission for this process, and of course this method is not preferred except for those who do not have a license for an import and export company.

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Import companies save you the trouble of traveling to Turkey in order to import children’s clothes from Turkey and ship them to your country and provide you with excellent service in the Arabic language

and send you details of Turkish factories with the price and factory catalogs to view the Turkish goods and agree on the quantity, and the shipping value and payment methods will be determined according to the needs of the customer from Bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, card payment, or direct delivery.

baby clothes online shopTurkey
baby clothes online shopTurkey

1- Al-Anwar International Company

The company provides you with all purchase services, bank credit, guarantee and shipping to any country at the best prices while providing offers from a group of clothing manufacturers in Istanbul through our specialized offices.

2- Manara Company

One of the old companies in Turkey in Istanbul, which provides air and sea freight and customs clearance, a global land freight company working in air and sea freight, as its prices are low

It is difficult to determine the prices of sea and air freight from Turkey to any Arab country because that depends on the weight of the item and its size and the method of air or sea freight, and sea freight is much cheaper than air freight, the price of air freight decreases when the weight is large and the price of freight per kilo decreases because the freight Air is calculated in kilograms

Baby clothing wholesale turkey

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world, because of the distinctive Turkish clothes with high taste, which helped to boost the clothing trade in Turkey and Spread of baby clothes turkey companies.

The garment industry in general in Turkey is one of the most economic and financial sectors that Turkey depends on for its general economy, as the Turkish apparel industry has boomed significantly after the Turkish government decided to pay attention to economic reform, This type of industry goes through several stages which are….

1- Design and innovation stage

Design is an innovative process that depends on the organization and coordination of the internal parts of the clothing, and the design must combine the taste and aesthetics

Or put it on a mannequin, and the designer in each design creates different ideas or restructures old designs and puts an aesthetic touch on them. Of course, the names of the fashion design companies in Turkey are endless

2- Pattern setting

A pattern is defined as a garment sample, which represents all parts of a sample, and is cut on it, and during that The designer can add some details such as the width or tightness of the clothes, the length of the dress, the length of the sleeve or the width, the width of the end of the pants, the dress or the pocket and all these details do not have a specific standard in the pattern, but rather because of the designer’s taste and innovative ideas for design.


Children’s clothing factory in turkey


It is the manufacturer, and it operates in the children and baby clothing sector. It also operates in the import and export sectors, textile and clothing and children’s wear.


It is the producer, founded in 1995, and operates in the children and baby clothing sector. It also works in sectors and children’s wear and it is concerned with the quality baby clothes wholesale.

quality baby clothes wholesale.
quality baby clothes wholesale.


It is the manufacturer, and it operates in the children and baby clothing sector. It also works in sectors and children’s wear. It is based in Bursa, Turkey


Manufacturer and producer, and operates in the children wear sector. It also works in sectors and children’s tops.

quality baby clothes wholesale
quality baby clothes wholesale

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  • Founded in 2008, it operates in the children and infants clothing sector.
  •  It also operates in the infant apparatus and baby apparel sectors. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey

In conclusion, we have explained to you the best wholesale baby clothes suppliers in Turkey and the most famous factories of baby clothes in Turkey and everything related to baby clothes and importing from Turkey.

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