wedding shoes manufacturers in Turkey

Wedding shoes manufacturers in Turkey … best 4 manufacturers will surprise you.

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wedding shoes manufacturers in Turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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wedding shoes manufacturers in Turkey

 There are many Turkish shoe collections in many shapes and colors, and also suitable for all fashion trends, and one of the most famous wedding shoes manufacturers in Turkey in the shoe trade from Turkey, which has a great reputation outside Turkey. And women’s shoes occupy a large place in the Turkish economy. Over importing house platform you will please.


Ladies shoes manufacturers in Turkey

The production of women’s shoe factories in Turkey has reached more than 315 million pairs, including sports shoes, tall shoes, plastic shoes, and women’s shoes factories in Turkey, and about 50% of the total number of companies operating in Istanbul are strong companies. Women shoes factories in Turkey, if you wish, there are many factories and wedding shoes Turkey for women’s shoes, women’s accessories and formal shoes, and they are as follows:


One of the largest economic brands in Turkey, which has women’s shoe factories in Turkey, and it, reflects the beauty of vivid colors and this is on the designs of the shoes that you provide, and it is the best brand we recommend to you when importing from Turkey for sale. Likewise, it is one of the most widespread brands that are popular with the youth, because it will offer comfortable and modern sports shoes as well as at inexpensive prices, and it is considered the best Turkish products for shoes. It is published inside as well as outside Turkey, and it is one of the most famous names of shoe stores in Turkey.

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Luxera Paris Factory:

It is one of the most famous and best manufacturers of wholesale shoes in Turkey and bags, which is distinguished by its delightful materials, attractive models and very reasonable prices. Therefore, countries of the world import many goods from this factory located in Istanbul.


It is one of the most famous Turkish brands, and it specializes in the wholesale of shoes for sale in Turkey, as well as women’s and men’s bags, and also includes delightful collections of comfortable bridal shoes as well as official shoes with different designs and colors, in addition to this brand is the best prices for soccer shoes in Turkey. All the shoes in it are suitable for all events, as well as work, as well as various social events.

Ozil Factory

Ozil Factory is a shoe factory in Istanbul that takes the brand in parallel with the continuation of the store’s work and brings elegance and men’s fashion to the feminine spirit in its models with the strong design team behind it, it is not just a brand of shoes, but it is a brand that sets worldwide trends and provides a lifestyle with its designs, It is one of the longest running footwear branded footwear wholesale distributors in Turkey, producing 90% of its products locally, and maintaining a position of 10% in its stores of the world. – Designs of well-known Italian, French and Spanish brands with 160 stores adopting the principle of offering better policy and greatest price to the shopper.


Ladies shoes wholesalers in Turkey

The Internet had an active role in delivering these products to us and was able to provide us with a helping hand in this matter, as it made the concept of trade and shopping more widespread and in line with the countries ‘tendencies to globalize trade, so that e-commerce is an essential part of the strength of the countries’ economy, and thus many stores appeared through Internet and online shopping wedding shoes wholesale sites in Turkey serve both domestic and international arenas. Companies, factories and stores in Turkey are characterized by the presence of electronic sites that you can buy from and deal with simply, and from these sites:

Adwhit site

It provides you with wedding shoes online wholesale sales from Turkey and forms of modern shoes and luxury models for young women, so do you have a child that you want to shop for online, you can now choose what is suitable for your wedding shoes Istanbul from many brands of shoes for women and teenagers.


Turkey’s first luxury style brand carries collections from global designers but 70% of its products are actually locally designed and produced under their names. In terms of footwear, Vakko’s special designs include everything from colorful sneakers, flat shoes, and ladies weeding shoes. You can check the selection online before making your way to one of Istanbul’s many branches.

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ADL is one of the Turkish women’s shopping sites and Turkish wholesale products that offer a range of wonderful women’s clothes and shoes, and the store is distinguished by its availability in both English and Turkish languages, which makes the shopping process easier and is very attractive. The prices offered, as we find that the prices of clothes start from 19 Turkish liras.

PEBS group:

You can get clothes and shoes easily with this because it is one of the leading Turkey shoes wholesale companies in Turkey specialized in this field and it is one of the most important original Belgian companies and it is one of the most important imports of turkey stock clothes Turkey and shoes in the world because it is shipped in Turkey via trains, ships and trucks that It has many branches in different countries of the world and it is easy to deal with it at any time.


Beymen, a high-end department store in Istanbul, houses one of the most delicious footwear departments imaginable, featuring Jimmy Choo, Giueseppe, Zanotti and Saint Laurent. If you are aware of your spending a little, Beymen special collection is definitely the place to buy the beautiful classic ladies shoes made in Turkey for wedding you can afford. Suede pumps, classic ballet shoes, and beautiful leather ankle boots, are all waiting for their new owners.

How much are shoes in Turkey

Turkish wedding shoes feature stunning embroidery, fashionable and absolutely inexpensive. Rent wedding shoe 80$-120$. The best wedding shoes for groom are available in all Turkish cities, and private companies provide wholesale shoes from Turkey to all of their customers wherever they are, to facilitate their quick and easy access to their orders without any difficulty, whether for merchants or customers who own beautiful wedding shoes types and dresses. Istanbul is also popular for its many wedding shops spread all over the city, as the markets get crowded during wedding seasons

Turkish shoes product prices vary according to the brand, place and merchants, and prices differ in terms of shoe sizes in Turkey, children’s shoes, bridal shoes Istanbul and men’s shoes. So if you are going to import shoes from Turkey in large quantities, the type and quantity should be determined to know the cost before taking any step. In general, we can say that the prices of Turkish brands’ shoes start from $ 40 to $ 100. Turkish companies deal in their shoes goods through the Turkish wholesale website in Turkey such as Amazon and Souq. They are comfortable and lightweight shoes suitable for walking, jogging and everyday use.

However, few Turkish shopping sites that buy best wedding shoes for bride from Turkey online offer some models to sell wedding shoes online, and this is greatly facilitated in the ordering process, as the online trade has become a competition in parallel and may outweigh the direct trade that takes Put it through sales companies between customers and producing companies. If you want to start bridal shoes Turkey project, you have to know how the price of the shoes is paid, whether by the bank, electronically, or by any other means, you must verify that the company from which they will be imported is the one that will bear the cost of shipping shoes or you will be the one who takes care of that.

Turkey shoes wholesale companies
Turkey shoes wholesale companies

Ladies shoes for sale in Turkey

A person must invest in the shoe trade from Turkey, as shoes can be imported from Turkey in their various forms and shapes, whether it is women’s shoes, men’s shoes, sports shoes, classic or modern shoes, or even children’s shoes, you supply the market with them. It needs this product and nourishes trade and helps customers get different tastes with high quality and at a low price, which brings you abundant profits. Also wholesale markets in Turkey are widespread, especially since a product like this is in great demand, and among the most important markets:

Bride Market Shops in Turkey

One of the famous markets in Istanbul, where there are many different and many stores. But if you are a bride or planning to import from Turkey or attend an event, Istanbul dresses Street is your ideal place, as the bazaar includes dozens of luxurious and elegant collections for wedding and evening shoes at cheaper prices than other Istanbul markets. Apart from the atmosphere of events and weddings, women who visit Istanbul dresses Street can acquire varied and elegant collections of shoes, regular women’s clothes and attractive gold jewelry at reasonable prices.

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Lalali Shops:

Lalali is one of the most famous wedding shoes manufacturers in turkey, where there are many shops in which wedding shoes from Turkey are sold, and Lalali area includes a large number of stores that include many different Turkish shoe models that suit many tastes. Lalali area is a market in which all the purposes related to wedding dresses are available for shopping in Turkey, and you can choose what suits you, and the most important thing that distinguishes the Lalali region is that evening dresses are sold at very special prices and they are cheap.

Omrania Market:

Omrania is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, in contrast to the Fatih Market, which is located on the European side. The market in the Umraniye area is also one of the best wedding shoes manufacturers in turkey and there are many stores that sell luxurious Turkish wedding dresses and shoes, especially for veiled women, at prices that many believe are cheaper than the Fatih Market.

So, if you want to growth your wholesale shoes business in Turkey, then you already know from where to order shoes in bulk.


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