Turkish towels price

Turkish towels price from best 9 companies

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Turkish towels price

Are you interested Turkish towels price ? Enjoy the best towels price … In our Importing house platform we provide you with all the information you need to know about Turkish towels Istanbul price.

Turkish towels Istanbul price

Through this article and through our platform, we will show you the best Turkish towels company, in addition to presenting the most important pros and cons of Turkish towels to import through it You buy towels from Turkish towel supplier, Turkey is an economically developed country with many Turkish towels, the most important of which is Turkish towels trade at the best prices. The percentage of traders Turkish towel supplier from Turkey or other products from Turkey has increased recently. Importing from Turkey has become a feature of the present era and the demand for Turkish products has become great. In Turkey, there are many Turkish towels online purchasing offices outside Turkey, so we decided to talk today in this article about the most important wholesale Turkish towels in Turkey and Turkish products for the most requested towels that are shipped in large quantities, so follow us…

Turkish towels Istanbul price
Turkish towels Istanbul price

1.5 star colorful 100% cotton toalha de banho towel set import from Turkey hand towel set in gift box


Minimum order: 2 sets

135,55 USD

50-4999 combination

132,85 USD

5000-9999 combination.

> = 10,000 sets

119.33 USD

  1. Travel core 100% disposable cotton towel design white compact tablet face towel.

Minimum order: 500 bags

18.72 USD

> = 5000 bags

14.82 USD

3.Microfiber face towel Disposable face cleansing cotton towels

Minimum Order: 500 rolls

18.72 USD

> = 5000 rolls

15.60 USD

4.Popular disposable microfiber towel thick absorbent face cleansing cotton towel

19.50 USD

Minimum Order: 500 rolls

15.60 USD

> = 5000 rolls

  1. The quick-dry hotel bath towel set is made of 100% cotton

Minimum order: 100 pieces

USD 24.02

501-5000 pieces

22.31 USD

> = 5001 Pieces

20.59 USD

  1. Minimum Order: 50 sets

A set of 100% white cotton bath towels from Balfour Turkish, Istanbul, with a custom size of triple jacquard

Minimum order: 50 sets

8.12 USD – 80.33 USD

  1. Professional hotel cotton towels from the factory Istanbul

Minimum order: 300 pieces

USD 3.12 – USD 15.60

  1. Wholesale 90 * 90cm animal design 100% bamboo terry hooded baby bath towel welcomed

Minimum Order: 199 Pieces

99.83 USD

999 Pieces

96.71 USD

1000-99999999 pieces

88.91 USD

> = 100,000,000 pieces

62.39 USD

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Turkish towels company

Turkish towels company
Turkish towels company

Turkey has many diverse industries that have made it a market for many commodities, and today we will deal with the production of towel companies in Turkey buying Turkish towels in Istanbul and we will describe the most important companies producing in Turkey and the import methods used. Towels trade in Turkey where to buy cheap Turkish towels In There are many factories and companies specializing in the manufacture of towel textiles that are sold to many parties that request these towels constantly, and among the most important towel companies in Turkey:


Supplier of: Towels import towels from Turkey | Toilet Paper | Third, monitoring of hygiene and personal care


Supplier of: Towel holders hammam towels wholesale | Convectors and radiators, domestic | Towel warmers | Heating | Electric heating devices


Supplier of: Towels – tissues | Institutional linen | Bed Linen | Hotel sheets | Hotel bathrobes


Supplier of: Towel holders | Central heating systems | Towel Heater | Steel Napkin Heater | Fireplaces to warm the furniture with reasonable Turkish towels price


Supplier of: Towels, bathroom | Hotel bathrobes | Hotel sheets | Sheets


Supplier of: Towels, bathroom | Hotel bathrobes | Hotel sheets | Home textile products | Sheets


Bursa – Turkey

Supplier of: Towels, bathroom | Loose, intimate gowns


Supplier of: Towels, bathroom | Blankets, bedspreads, duvets and feather pillows | Bathroom / toilet linen | Silk scarf


Supplier of: Towels, bathroom | Loose Intimate Gowns | Hotel Towel | Bishtamal Bath Towel | Kitchen towels

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Turkish towel supplier

Turkish towel supplier
Turkish towel supplier
  1. Hand towel Turkish bath hand towel 100% cotton hand roll towels

Minimum Order: 3 batches

8.43 USD

510 – 5099 pieces

7.80 USD

> = 5,100 Pieces

7.18 USD

Custom Logo Hand Towel Face Towel 100% Cotton Gray Turkish Wedding Towel Set

Minimum order: 50 pieces

USD 8.27- USD 23.40

3.factory hot sale jacquard Turkish cotton beach towel

Minimum order: 50 pieces

 124.32 USD

500-999 pieces

112.93 USD

> = 1000 pieces

 108.41 USD

 Towel set towel set 100% cotton Turkish white towel with nice package

Minimum Order: 2 batches

22.00 USD

400-3999 pieces

 20.44 USD

> = 4000 pieces

 18.88 USD

 India supplier classic Turkish towels Tunisian microfiber cotton futa towels with tassel

Minimum Order: 500 pieces

45.24 USD. – 77.84 USD.

Turkish Supplier Double Stripe Turkish towel market Edging 100% Cotton Bath Towel Beach Towel 100 * 180cm Pehstemal Bath Turkish Towel

Minimum order: 50 pieces

40.56 USD

> = 1000 pieces

35.88 USD

 5 Star Quality Custom Logo Luxury Hotel White Turkish Bath Towels 100% Cotton Wholesale Supplier

Minimum order: 20 pieces

EGP 67.85

300-499 pieces

EGP 67.23

500-799 pieces

66.61 EGP negotiable

Diamond White Bishtimal, Mustard – Stylish Beach Towel Summer Turkish Blanket 100% Cotton Baby Bathrobe Made in Turkey

77.99 USD – 140.38 USD

Lightweight Quick Dry Travel Towel 2017 Hot Sale China Supplier Turkish Round Beach

124,00USD- 88,13USD

China send 100% cotton Turkish fouta beach hamam towel wholesale

  1. 96 USD – 49. 92 USD

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Pros and cons of Turkish towels

Pros and cons of Turkish towels
Pros and cons of Turkish towels

Bamboo towels are in incredible demand and respect among buyers. This popularity is due to the quality types of Turkish towels, the attractive appearance and the pleasant sensations of touching it. They have many advantages and are rightfully considered the leader among similar products. The raw material for the manufacture of towels is bamboo and, oddly enough, bamboo. Initially, it was considered an inhabitant of the tropics and subtropics, but now the plant can be found in every corner of the planet: in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. This is an unpretentious culture, in which no chemical additives are used. Therefore, products made from them are environmentally friendly and safe.

Bamboo towels are divided into 2 main types. The first attributed panels that are 100% bamboo and are called bamboo linen. It bears the name “Bamboo Flax”. This issue is carried out through enzymatic mechanical action, at the outlet receiving a cloth with a small thick pile. The products have a high cost, but also a corresponding quality. The second option is a mixture of bamboo fibers and cotton. Their percentage ratio can be in several variations: 70/30, 60/40, 50/50, 40/60. On the label for such products, you will find in Turkey wholesale market the label in the form of “bamboo viscose” or “bamboo rayon”, meaning viscose silk or bamboo silk. The second type of material is mixed, and its cost is lower than the previous version. But it does have some advantages, because the mixed texture does not only become as heavy as bamboo when absorbed.

Representation of both types of products in the textile market. Among the main traits can be distinct antibacterial properties. Bamboo contains bamboo, which is able to cause disease-causing bacteria to die. The canvas is not treated with additional chemicals to ensure a similar effect. This is its natural property. Up to 70% of bacteria perish on the surface of the product daily. Because of these quality bamboo towels are often used in caring for young children. Moreover, this property is not lost even after a large number of washes. The bamboo cloth is very gentle, delicate and soft to touch. It does not cause irritation, which is very important also if applied to children. After all, their skin is very sensitive to external influences. You find it will be for adults who have sensitive skin. But it is worth noting that the softness of the accessories is lost as the cotton content increases.

The disadvantages of this product include the probability of shrinkage (about 10%) in case of improper care, the possibility of the appearance of a fungus, as well as a higher cost compared to other types of this fabric. Bamboo towel differs not only in assorted color, but also in size. The product can be found in different proportions: both are very small – in the form of napkins, and medium, and large. Main Parameters:

100 x 150 – the largest size of towels, which is considered the beach;

70×140 – bathroom option;

50×100 – this size is suitable for drying the skin after showering.

50 x 90 – “face” shape;

50×70 – this size is used in the kitchen.

30 x 50 – napkins that can be turned as you like, but most often they are used for children.

Given that bamboo is suitable for children, there are special products that are particularly targeted in this group. These include towels, bathrobes with headwear, ears, and other fun attributes. It is decorated in bright colors with children’s drawings and prints. The bamboo towel can be purchased separately or as a set, which would be a great idea for a gift. The leaders in the production of bamboo towels are China and Turkey. Of course, Turkish products are of higher quality, wear resistance and durability. The average price for a Chinese towel is $ 5, while goods from Turkey will cost you $ 10 on average. The following are among the most popular manufacturers of this fabric.

Bonita – the company is famous for the affordable prices of its products. And its feature is the golden strands at the end. The cost of face towels is 550-600 rubles.

Tak – Turkish products of various colors and patterns, and the sizes are also represented in the range. There are only bamboo options. Bath form can be purchased for 1,200 rubles.

Panda – palettes of warm colors with the emblem of a panda. Suitable as a kid’s option.

Sveta – high-quality products of pastel and muted colors, decorated in gift sets. On average, bath towels cost 2,500 rubles.

Casual avenue – the elite brand, the cost of one bath towel is about 4000 rubles.

Luxberry – is a Portuguese brand. The tapestry is made in an unusual shape, but in classic colors. The products are designed in European style

Here we present you best Turkish towels price with a list of best companies.

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