Turkish  towel store

Turkish  towel store form Popular 12 places to choose

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Turkish  towel store

Turkish  towels have a very good reputation in Arab circles, there is no home without towels from Turkish  towel store and perhaps the reason for this great demand is the good materials, designs and high-end colors, you can now start your business in importing furniture from Turkey easily through companies that help you import and facilitate these The task, in this article, important information from importing house platform about Turkish  bedspreads and how to import and distribute them.

Turkish  towel outlet store

There are many towels’ factories and companies in Turkey, perhaps the most famous of them are:

  1. Altin Basak Factory:

The best bedding company, the company has been operating in Denizli in the home textiles sector since 1971, with an area of 30,000 square meters, it produces towels wholesale bathrobes, bed sheets, sleep sets and Turkish  fabrics for printed and non-printed furnishings. The company supports the production quality with TSE and ISO 9001: 2000 certificates and markets 50% of its production in the overseas market and 50% in the domestic market. Always prioritize customer satisfaction; It continues its activities using the latest and highest technology, without compromising the principles of quality, stability and trust.

  1. Denizli Velez Factory:

The company represents a tradition passed on from father to son in the textile sector, it’s one of the towel suppliers in turkey and as is the case in many families in the region, it has transferred its many years of textile experience to its own products. In line with the needs of the sector, the store, which houses other product groups in addition to its own products, serves wholesale customers from all over the country and retail customers who come to cater to their specific needs with Turkish  wholesale linens. It Continues to work with its expert staff in a spacious environment in its store to sell towels on sale and other products at number 189-190 in Babadağlılar Business Center, providing high quality service to its customers by expanding its services through its website since 2009 and sending products to their homes.

  1. Peshtemal City

Peshtemal City factory in Denizli is one of the most famous suppliers of Turkish  towels providing the highest quality products to potential markets of Australia, Northern America, Europe, and others. Their mission is to become the leading Turkish  towel, Peshtemal, bath Towel, and towel manufacturer.

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towel manufacturing companies in turkey

towel manufacturing companies in turkey
towel manufacturing companies in turkey
  1. Mode&Co

They are definitely the current heritor of the beautiful Turkish  Towels concept, the ancient a number of cities of Laodikea, Hierapolis and Colossae, which make up part of Denizli of today, not only hold a prominent place in textile production history, but proved their success in trading as well.

  1. Kobe Textile

It  is a famous Turkish  towel store, It was established in 2017, in Denizli / Turkey as a company and has improved with principles on customer-oriented management from past to today. If you want to import from turkey choose this brand, as You will find best service, on time performance, best quality with competitive prices and appreciate of their customers are the most important values for Kobe Textile all the time.

Their productions include:-

– Bathrobes

– Towels

– Bathmats

– Bath gloves, swaddle, bib

– Hotel & Spa Textile

– Promotional Textile

– Knitted Fitted Bed sheet

– T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts and Sweet-Shirts

– Fabrics

  1. Jacquard Towel

It’s a supplier from Turkey, and make sure it’s the best place to buy towels

Its’ Products

Quality: 100% cotton, 100% bamboo, 40% cotton-60% bamboo, 100% organic cotton

Weights: from 350 to 650g/m²

Colors: white, pastel, medium or dark

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Turkish  towel manufacturer

We are continuing our list of towel manufacturers in Turkey:

Turkish  towel manufacturer
Turkish  towel manufacturer
  1. Yarn Dyed Towel

It’s one of the best towel brands 2020 and their products are famous of:

– Quality: 100% cotton, 100% bamboo, 40% cotton-60% bamboo, 100% organic cotton.

– Weights: from 350 to 650g/m².

– Colors: white, pastel, medium or dark.

towel wholesale turkey

  1. Friday Market in Istanbul:

Friday Bazaar – Cuma Pazari is located in the Fendakzada area in Fatih, and there are furniture shops in Turkey and bulk buy towels bed linen shops in Istanbul directly opposite the tram station, this bazaar contains vegetables, fruits, clothes, bags, shoes, appliances, household and textiles, it’s the cheapest place to buy towels

The bazaar resumes operation on Friday from 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

  1. Sunday market:

Located in Beylikduzu, it sells food, vegetables, clothes, sweets fish, and cheap towels Sunday Bazaar only operates Sundays from 10 am-6pm.

  1. Marter Market in Istanbul:

Merter Market Istanbul is located in Merter district, next to Zeytinburnu district, the stores there include wholesale towels from turkey fairs selling children’s, women’s and men’s clothing as well, all wholesale. The market works every day, except for Sundays, from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening. There is a market for upholstery fabrics in Istanbul.

where to buy towel turkey ?

Importing from Turkey was and still is a gateway to achieving wealth, as many importers in different parts of the world have been and still buy various products, Turkish  furniture, bedrooms from Turkey, with high quality and reasonable prices, in order to sell them in the local markets, realizing a lot of financial gains. You, too, can join this wealthy group, who sell and profit by importing what the local markets need. The matter is very simple, it is a simple business, but you buy from the most appropriate and best place instead of the nearest place.

– How to import towels from turkey ?

By searching on the Internet and newspapers, you will find hundreds of companies that provide import service from Turkey, so you have to submit an application for the product you want for many companies and see the companies’ offers how it is and some to compare between each company in terms of price and quality. Start the serious step of importing, which is the agreement and contract with the company. We will give you a lot of advice and information that will definitely help you if you decide to import from wholesale markets in turkey one day.

  • Study of local markets: –

Importing from Turkey is definitely a profitable business, but for those who master the work and know well how to choose the products that suit the local markets and know how to get them from the Turkish  market with the appropriate specifications and the best good prices, in this way they guarantee their sale at the highest profit margin. Therefore, if you want to import from Turkey in the correct manner that is due to your profit, it is necessary first to study the local markets to know exactly what you need from the products such as towel size details

Note: – It is preferable to conduct a study or research of the local market by relying on a company specialized in the field of market research to obtain accurate and fast results, and that this matter cost you a few hundred dollars.

  • Establishing an import and export company:

Importing from Turkey or from anywhere in the world requires the presence of a license for an import and export company in order for the import operations to take place legally and facilitate its evacuation from the ports through customs payment methods, and through this, the documents and papers necessary to license an import and export company can be identified.

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towels stores online

If you search on google about Turkish  towels, you will find a huge number of websites that sell towels, as Turkey has opened up in recent years to global and Arab markets in particular, after its emergence as a fast-growing economic power, which greatly and positively affected the tourism movement and the ease of investment, import and export projects, and because the Turkish  industry has become famous in international platforms and exhibitions, and has become one of the best and largest forces. The driving force behind the Turkish  economy, as investors and importers benefited from customs facilitations, fee reductions, etc., which encouraged them to buy furniture from Turkey.

Turkish  towels is the best option that complements the beauty of what surrounds you, adds a touch of beauty around you, and gives you the quality, guarantee and level of comfort that you expect to enjoy the place that you will furnish, if you plan to furnish your property, then Furniture Solutions in Istanbul will be with you step by step to start a journey Furnishing, by providing advice to you, and putting its professionalism and long experience in the Turkish  market in your hands, to help you choose the best luxury Turkish  products in the Turkish  market at the most appropriate price, and it will also provide shipping services from Turkey to ship these furnishings to you, wherever your home is.

  1. Dunya Tekstil

It’s a Supplier of Towel, kitchen towel, bathrobe, t shirt, sweatshirt, uniform, tracksuit.

  1. Ozanteks

It’s a Supplier and a wholesale shop towels of colored Bathrobe, towel, cute duvet cover, bed linen, bedding, pillow case, quilt, bedspread, lingerie, beautiful legging, underclothes, activewear bras, crop tops, pyjamas, thermal cloths, seamless underwear and beachwear, sportswear, homewear, and loungewear.

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turkey towel price


turkey towel price
turkey towel price

Prices in Turkey are suitable for most categories and vary from place to place and brand to another, as:

Here are the prices and the best brands of bath textiles in Turkey.

– The price of wholesale Turkish  bath textiles, brand of Karaca, is approximately from 2200 to 4400 liras.

– The price of Turkish  bath textiles, brand Touch-Taç, ranges from 880 to 4,050 liras.

– The price of cotton box bath textiles is approximately from 130 to 500 liras.

– The price of Turkish  bath textiles, wholesale by Eveline – Eveln, reaches approximately from 250 to 2200 liras.

– The average prices of Turkish  bath textiles wholesale, brand Hobby – ranges from 1500 to 8000 liras.

If you were able to properly study the market, determine the products you need carefully and complete the import process from Turkey properly and at the best price from the Turkish  towel store you have chosen, then you will have saved a lot on yourself from expenses, and at that time you can sell in all local markets at prices much lower than other merchants, which guarantees you. Ease of selling and distributing products and gaining permanent customers.

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