turkish clothes wholesale

For traders: 12 companies to buy turkish clothes wholesale

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  turkish clothes wholesale from Tukey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

turkish clothes wholesale

All of us want to dress well, so we all love importing turkish clothes wholesale We know that those clothes are sold quickly, so don’t hesitate and choose one of these companies.


clothes wholesale distributors

There are many international companies in Turkey to import clothes and deliver them to other countries, but each company has a set of advantages that make it shine among other companies, and among these companies that work in the field of importing clothes to various countries of the world:


clothes wholesale distributors
clothes wholesale distributors


1- Rakitex Corporation

This company has been working in this field for a long time and has the ability to import from turkey and  deal remotely with all customers because it helps them get Turkish accessories, clothing and many other requirements, so that their prices are affordable for everyone.


2- DB Schenker

This company is considered one of the reliable companies that got the title of the best companies importing baby clothes from Turkey, so if you will start soon your baby clothes project deal with this company.


3- PEBS Group

You can get used clothes easily with this because it is one of the major companies specialized in this field and it is one of the most important original Belgian companies and it is one of the main suppliers of clothes especially turkey dresses wholesale in the world because it carries goods through trains, ships and trucks that have many branches in different countries of the world and is easy to deal with at any time.


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turkish clothes wholesale companies

Garment companies are spread in Turkey, and the government is interested in facilitating the procedures of these factories, and in order for the merchant to find what he requires, it is necessary to go through several factories, so we provided you with the names of the factories and addresses below.


turkish clothes wholesale companies
turkish clothes wholesale companies


fimka store

The group was founded in 1984, and it consisted of five separate companies in the field of textiles and tourism, Turkish clothing wholesale Istanbul, especially women that sell them at wholesale prices.



This Turkish garment wholesale site offers you the opportunity to purchase their textiles products at a comparatively lower price than any other company.



Mango site is characterized by the presence of clothes called the puzzling age for children, which is the age before they move to the adult stage, and the site offers the best clothes with the best materials and good prices, so if you want to success in turkey investment work with them, and the site provides communication service in Arabic, which facilitates the shopping process.


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best online shopping sites in turkey

There is no doubt that Turkish online stores have met with great success in the Arab world, as this has led to the emergence of a number of new Turkish stores in the region, including.

Trendyol is a great site in Turkey, but it is more popular in the Arab countries, and it has wonderful and indispensable products, and its products are distinguished by sophistication, elegance and reasonable prices, so if you want to do turkish dress online shopping do it now.

Markafone The website of the this brand is also one of the distinctive sites and it has an impressive range of products and excellent prices, and we strongly advise you to visit turkey wears online Markafone and see the special collection in it. Morhipo for lovers of excellence, luxury models, elegant Turkish designs and evening dresses, it is necessary to visit Morehypo, which is one of the sites specializing in the sale of clothes, which contains many brands that are predominantly Western in character at very reasonable prices.


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online shopping shipping turkey

Due to the high-quality goods provided by online shopping sites in Turkey and within specific specifications and standards, the demand for purchasing from these sites has become great, Al Fares Lojistik has provided the service of collecting shipments within its warehouse for those wishing to buy from these locations while they are outside Turkey, as you can now buy what you need and collect them in their warehouse to be shipped after that to various countries and countries.


N11 is one of the largest online shopping sites in Turkey, which offers various products, whether clothing, electronics, household items and other products, and was able to provide special offers in terms of prices, shop and ship turkey Now with it.


The site provides everything the customer needs from different products, and provides the customer with special offers periodically, and the site contains many Turkish and international brands.


The famous  site has provided many options for online shopping delivery to turkey veiled clothes, and this site is visited every month by at least 25 million visitors.

Finally, we hope you won’t need to search hard again after reading our report.


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