Turkey wholesale wedding dresses

Turkey wholesale wedding dresses … best 2 places for  finest products

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Turkey wholesale wedding dresses

Do you want to find and buy best Turkey wholesale wedding dresses ?

Here places which have distinctive stores that sell wedding and evening dresses in Istanbul

Finding the perfect and appropriate wedding dress is a difficult task for many girls, because they want to be brilliant and beautiful on their wedding day..


Turkish wholesale wedding dresses

If you want to buy wrap dresses at good prices, these places are where you can find everything you want:

The famous Istanbul Dresses Street or the Women’s Market is one of the most famous clothing markets in Istanbul and the best sites for selling best wedding dresses in Istanbul that offer various women’s goods at cheap prices and acceptable quality that make tourists of different nationalities flock to them as a major milestone for shopping during tours in Turkey.

 the market or bazaar is located The popular one is within a group of stalls on Vevzi Pasha Street, the most famous street in Istanbul for shopping in the historical Fatih district and close to the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, archaeological and entertainment.

You can take a quick tour on Fawzi Pasha Street to look for wedding dress on sale, where Dresses Street is located, to learn about the most important goods that the bazaar provides, the best prices and the extent of bargaining power.

After that you can buy the finest fresh vegetables and fruits from some of the bazaar stalls that specialize in it.

If you are a bride or planning to attend an event, Istanbul Dresses Street is the ideal place for you, as the bazaar includes all the products of the dresses factories in Turkey and dozens of luxurious and elegant combinations of wedding and evening dresses at cheaper prices than other Istanbul markets.

 Away from the atmosphere of events and weddings, women who visit Istanbul Dresses Street can get from wedding dress importers various and elegant collections of casual women’s clothing, jewelry, and gold jewelry that attract attention at reasonable prices.

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Wedding dress shipping

Before starting to import wedding dresses:

Study the market in your country and find out if the market is able to enter new competitors or if the buying movement is minor and if it is going well you can move to the next step.

Conducting a study for consumers to find out the most important designs and shapes that are acceptable and whether the prices are suitable for them or if they are high and other details.

 After completing the previous studies, he created a mixture that links between buying their favorite commodities and trying to provide them at a lower price.

wedding dress importers
wedding dress importers

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Countries that can import wedding dresses:

You can import wedding dress 2020 according to the market in which you work, as you can import from America and the price of the commodity is high, but it is manufactured by international companies, and you can sell it to certain categories and they are from the rich class and you can also import from Turkey and also the price is higher than the average, and you may find good materials and prices commensurate with Finally, you can import from China at below average prices and may appeal to many brides; Because the price is very reasonable, the design is cooler, the material is less quality.

How to order cheap turkey wedding dresses from Turkey:

After determining the country from which you want to obtain your goods after knowing the needs and desires of consumers, contact the most important factories in this country and ask them about prices, how to import, the least number of pieces you can get, shipping costs and other questions that revolve in your mind and do your calculations and if you find you will achieve satisfactory profits ask Goods from them.


Import from turkey

Terms of import from Turkey

Turkey ranked third in the export of dresses to facilitate the terms of its import, as it is one of the least complex countries in terms of documents and terms of export, and therefore many traders resort to it to import dresses and among the conditions, this must be met to find out how to wedding dress import.

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Certificate of Origin.

Three copies of the commercial invoice are required, bearing in mind that the country of origin must be mentioned, and also the brand, quantity and size of the goods, and an accurate and complete description of the product, its value and price must be specified.

The documents should include the import bill of lading from Turkey.

There are some elements that you must adhere to before entering into any shipping contracts:

The contract must stipulate a clause obliging the company from which it was imported to export products identical to the samples it sent, and in the event of a violation, the contract will be canceled immediately.

Setting a wedding dress distributors, a clause on shipping and delivery dates, and in the event of delay, the company is obligated to pay fines.

Specify the shipping method if it is air or sea and the method of payment.

Now you can start importing wedding dresses from Turkey at wholesale prices.


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