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turkey wholesale websites

Are you looking for best turkey wholesale websites ? Turkey is one of the largest industrialized countries in the world, which made the demand for Turkish products increasing in the recent period and one of these products that are very popular is marble and this is due to the great progress that Turkey has made in the field of marble manufacturing while preserving the high quality of the product and now we will show you all Regarding the import of clothes from turkey, through the following lines.


turkey wholesale clothing online

Others resort to import offices of clothes from Turkey, in order to obtain Turkish-made clothes, due to their high quality and simple price compared to other counterparts of the same shapes and types, so merchants resort to those offices to get clothes at low prices compared to their quality, so the project of importing clothes from Turkey It is easy to start with it without any complication or hindrance that may come before you due to the ease of researching the issue of import and the presence of many methods for it, whether by traveling or buying online. And here you are some places:

turkey wholesale clothing online
turkey wholesale clothing online


  1. Marter market in Istanbul

The marter market in Istanbul is one of the cheapest and largest wholesale markets, which includes all kinds of goods especially clothes that satisfy all tastes, at very competitive prices . this market has a good reputation, so it is said that if you enter it, you will not go out until you have found what you want and it is known that it contains many showrooms for men’s clothing that what makes it one of best best turkey online clothing stores And here the    since Istanbul contains many international fashion designers and is famous for its fashion industry, it is natural that it has many famous brands like ….


  1. Modanisa

 it is considered the first Turkish website to sell clothes online and started going on the way of  Modern Turkish clothing online this brand that specializes in women’s clothing is enjoy with a great success, both locally and internationally and you can easy find Turkish Abaya shop online.


  1. Turkish Jubba

Turkish Jubba is a kind of men’s tradition  clothing  and also is a famous brand in turkey it is also popular with men in some Arab countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco for its similarity with the traditional clothes of men in those countries .

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turkey online wholesale clothing stores

Importing from Turkey is the best solution for importers to get rich in the recent period due to the high quality of the product and its reasonable prices. Thus, the importer achieves a great profit by selling this product in the local markets at somewhat high prices. Wherever the country you want to import from, the best solution to successfully complete the import process is to travel to that country and complete your work directly. We recommend this solution to you because of its many advantages

compared to other solutions and these advantages are summarized in that you will have the opportunity to visit the largest number of companies and compare between The products are in terms of quality and price, so you can choose the product that corresponds to the target market, but in this case you will take into account the cost of travel and this is the only drawback in this way of importing, but if you want an inexpensive way, it will definitely be import via the net and import from Turkey Online is commonplace these days, but in this case you will have to make sure to choose a reliable company with high customer reviews.


turkey online wholesale clothing stores
turkey online wholesale clothing stores

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turkey clothes wholesale market

  1. Fatih Market in Istanbul

The Fatih market is one of the largest wholesale markets in turkey, as it provides all types of goods, especially islamic turkish clothing and we have to say that this market has all the success factors of supply and demand which makes it one of the markets that enjoy customers all the time .


  1. Osman bey Market in Istanbul

Speaking of the largest wholesale market in Istanbul,  Osman bye must be mentioned as one of the largest wholesale markets in the region and it is well-known that it tends to specialize in some way in Turkish clothing for hijab  which gives it a good reputation in turkish clothing wholesale

  1. Lalali Market in Istanbul

This market  enjoy wide and great  popularity   among  foreign visitors and even locals because it contains the finest types of wholesale clothing with materials and competitive prices for the rest of the markets . in this market you can find any type of Turkish clothing wholesale for sale which make your process of searching to know best wholesale shopping in Istanbul more easy and useful .

In this article we have showed you best wholesale clothing Istanbul  to be able to know how to import from turkey and to make your searching process more easy we have provide you with the markets that sell fashionable and vintage clothing in Istanbul .

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Best products to import from turkey

Every country is famous for its undisputed products, when we mention wine, France comes to mind, and when we mention olive oil, Spain is the largest source for it, so what about Turkey? Of course, Turkey has a group of products that distinguish it from any other country. Here is a Turkish shopping guide to explore what are the most prominent products exported by Turkey, but when we talk about Turkey’s exports, it must be taken into account that Turkey’s exports have decreased in recent times of the year 2020 due to external conditions, which are the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic, which of course has led to a decrease in exports throughout the world, especially Turkey.

  • Clothes and home textiles:

The garment industry is the most characteristic of Turkey and one of the industries that has witnessed great development and spread widely around the world as it is a major part of the Turkish export volume and this is due to the fact that the Turkish textile industry provides high-quality clothes and fabrics, especially Turkish fabrics, because Turkey is an agricultural country. It has abundant cotton cultivation, so you can provide it at a good price, and Turkey also includes many large brands that have become global, and this all puts Turkey in the forefront of the leading countries in the clothing industry.

Not only clothes, but Turkey is also known for home textile products such as carpets, towels and carpets. In Turkey it is more than just a home textile, it is an art and an important part of Turkish culture. It is famous for its delicacy of woolen weaving and its distinctive touch.

  • Nuts and Dry Fruits:

Turkey is the main supplier of hazelnuts, coconut, pistachios, figs and apricots to some of the largest manufacturers of food products, as Turkey exports about 70% of hazelnuts to other countries besides almonds, cashews, biscuits and other confectionery products that are very popular in Turkey.

  • Marble and ceramic tiles:

Turkey has many tile resources and they export some of the most beautiful tiles such as mosaics, marble and ceramics known for their quality and elegance, as the ceramic tile industry in Turkey is one of the most growing sectors and Turkey has emerged as one of the top 10 ceramic manufacturing companies in the world, besides marble tiles, Turkey also has rich resources of the porcelain from which elegant Turkish ceramics are made, which are used as decoration in homes.

  • Leather goods:

Turkey is one of the largest exporters of luxury leather products in the world, as leather enters into many different industries and commodities such as jackets, bags, shoes and accessories, and Turkey is in fierce competition with East Asian countries regarding the leather market. Turkey’s excellence in the leather industry is the reason for its survival and growth as there are international brands such as Mulberry and Prada that take their products from Turkey instead of other countries. The main importers of porcelain from Turkey are the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

How to import from turkey

We assume that you have a business in a foreign country and want to import products from Turkey. Small and medium-sized companies are the main public for Turkey’s large economy due to the profitable price level and the large volume of domestic production, importing products from Turkey is an attractive option if the product you want is produced by small or medium-sized companies. But if the product was manufactured by many suppliers in Turkey, it is difficult to conclude contracts with all of them; the solution here is to have one or a limited number of wholesalers who deal with local suppliers in Turkey. It is also important for the entrepreneur to be familiar with the Turkish language and familiar with the local business culture. In order to buy wholesale clothes, you have to know that the importing from Turkey varies from one country to another and depends on the import rules and regulations in your country, you need to prepare certain commercial documents including the certificate of origin, packing list and invoice, and try to make the payment through the letter of credit and use LCL for the rest of the payment, this leads to insuring the lost goods in customs.

Wholesale supplier turkey
Wholesale supplier turkey

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Wholesale supplier turkey

Are you looking for wholesale suppliers and online shopping sites? Look no further. Here is all you need to know about importing from Turkey If you are wondering how do I find suppliers in Turkey, in order to succeed in your business, you must look for good wholesale clothing suppliers who offer reasonable prices and excellent shipping service to ensure safe delivery of goods. There are many Turkish online shopping websites for the wholesale through which you can communicate with suppliers online without the need to travel to Turkey, to easily identify and locate the Turkish goods online you want, find out the prices and compare them.

  • Turkopt:

 Offers the finest fashion for men, women and children in order to reach international shoppers and has many shipping and payment options and has sales consultants speaking English

  • Clup fashion:

It is a clothing company with a strong partnership in the multiple companies and Istanbul wholesale trade in Turkey, including more than 30 factories in more than 100 countries around the world, and large sizes are available with the best customer service.

  • Fimka group:

It is a wholesale women’s clothing company with more than 30 years of experience and provides direct support via their chat line and safe online shopping.

  • Whocit:

It owns one of the most widespread types of products and brands; it is like a Turkish online bazaar, as it wants to become the largest clothing company in Turkey with a focus on providing the highest quality.

  • Global sources turkey

They are exhibitions that facilitate trade with the Asian market and integrate products and trade services dedicated to China, as they link buyers and wholesalers, so they are worthy of attention in the Turkey shopping online arena.

  • Merkandi:

This site links wholesalers and buyers who include stock liquidations, which are a guide for clothing companies and various Turkish products online offered at wholesale price and are distinguished in shipping speed and quality checks.

  • Turkish exporter:

It is the largest export portal in Turkey. It brings together many suppliers and producing companies specialized in Istanbul wholesale online,

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