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Turkey shoes manufacturers

If you are a trader and want to know the most important Turkey shoes manufacturers, in the importing house platform, we can offer you a group of the most important Turkish companies specialized in manufacturing and selling shoes.

Turkey shoes made manufacturers

Turkish shoes companies provide distinguished services to foreign merchants, for example they can create custom designs for you to put your brand on.

  1. Shoe Factory

Send them your ideal Model-Design and Mold and they will create the shoes for you. All their shoe models which they produce are both better quality and furthermore more reasonable! They give homegrown and worldwide delivery exceptionally quick. Shoe Factory is the Turkish Manufacturer organization situated in Istanbul was set up in 2010 their every day shoe creation limit is 5000 sets. Shoe Factory purchases crude materials, for example, best quality calfskin, best shoes for men, soles and inward ergonomic components from the most solid providers in Turkey and abroad.A portion of the nations that their organization is sending out are; Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Georgia. Here underneath there is their item index connect which gives you general data about their items.


MERLAN is a settled organization working in the calfskin business since 1975 in Istanbul/TURKEY. They have expanded their item range in 2016 and started creation in the footwear business as MERLAN Shoes. They are delivering 2.000 sets of best shoes for women every day under the cutting edge innovation both to homegrown market and to the main organizations of the world. Their fundamental vision is failing to compromise on quality and total consumer loyalty. They might want to acquaint their items with you the “MERLAN Collection”. They are prepared to give the items anything you desire the models or amount. By the manner in which they can create your imprint.


ERFE Shoes is one of the main shoes makers with its incredible expertise, creation innovation and completely coordinated plant. More than 20 years of involvement on area with gifted staff, ERFE produce all sort of shoes for men, ladies and children. ERFE delivers all sort of shoes from the size 22 to 45 produced using different materials, for example, material, cowhide, engineered on TPR-RU and elastic sole contingent upon model. Although ERFE has been creating shoes with its own exchange marks, it likewise makes creation for some notable brands as a subcontractor. Indeed, even the creation guidelines of ERFE meets great desire for their customers, ERFE additionally build up their trending shoes 2020 and creation offices with new innovation, new thoughts, and new models. All cycles are completed inside the organization’s own aside from sewing activities.

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Turkey shoes factory

Turkey shoes factory
Turkey shoes factory

You will find the best Turkish factories that manufacture shoes in this paragraph, knowing that these factories can manufacture most leather products such as shoes, bags and belts.


They as turkey shoes manufacturers are a shoe producer organization situated in Istanbul, Turkey. They are creating generally sport shoes like shoes, coaches, running shoes, strolling shoes and so on Their group has 18 years involvement with Shoes Business. They are delivering their Tux marked shoes just as their clients’ own marked shoes. Tux is the best place to buy shoes in Istanbul. It has 2300 sets every day creation limit at its own creation office. They are offering very much arranged creation timetable to their clients as per their requirements and they apply creation measure with their quality control measures. These are their fundamental standards to fulfill their clients. Tux likewise gives focal points to its clients on flexibly and coordinations territory. They can furnish total items made with your plans and brands. And furthermore, coordinations will be simpler since transport time will be short from Istanbul to Europe.


They are Turkey shoes for sale shop. They are going on the assembling by utilizing genuine cowhide both female and male, sound and solace items to their client’s desires with the known standards without making concessions.  Forelli is fabricating the shoes for the both Female and Male models in a square meter 7500 covered are with 200 work force, 30 managerial middle class staff.%70 their of creation is Female models, the rest %30 is Male models with Comfort Style basically. In additons, they are delivering 6500 sets of shoes in a week. Out of standard which is their specific product. There are two different alternatives in their collections. One for huge Mold H which permits huge volume for upper part side of the foot and the other one with Mold K which gives additional huge space for the foot as indicated by the Metatarsus Structure.

In option, they delivered ForHallux Series with adaptable skin at the two sides for the whose foot bones endure and uneasiness because of the distortion. They furnish solace to the individuals with Hallux Valgus and Diabetic foot also. Their creation line of cheap shoes has been restored by the both their accomplished experts and Italian consultans by methods for most recent innovative machines. They are likewise paying attetion for the materials they use underway which passed from the fundamental test in the research center PFI Middle East which is the individual from some other European enterprises like EURIS LULTS, CENTS, DYE HOUSE and etc. They have 370 vendors at the notable division stores.

  1. COM

CuzdanAtolyesi.com (Wallet Workshop/Factory) is a wallet, sack, handbags, belt, bulk shoes wholesale, extras planning, assembling and promoting organization situated in istanbul city and is committed to making and planning calfskin items to make them additionally engaging, must have things. They plan the most well-known leather products, going from fake cowhide merchandise to genuine calfskin, to give them an interesting new touch and added usefulness. The outcome is generally a creative calfskin item that you couldn’t imagine anything better than to possess, and one that will be totally custom-made to your necessities.

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best Turkish shoes brand


best Turkish shoes brand
best Turkish shoes brand

Turkish apparel and material industry is acclaimed for quality assembling of practically all sort of pieces of clothing. Turkish shoes makers likewise offer extremely pleasant items with high caliber.

Obviously there are a lot more great organizations who makes shoes of different kinds other than the ones we recorded here.

This is simply to introduce just the top acclaimed shoes producers in Turkey who have numerous shops around Turkey and generally trade a high amount of shoes.

Rundown covers the producers of Sports Shoes, Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes, Leather Shoes, and Boots

Here are top 10 online shopping sites in Turkey:

  • Greyder Shoes

Kavsan Ayakkabi is the assembling organization who possesses Greyder brand. Arranged in Corum/Turkey and has around 100 stores in Turkey. Greyder has a huge assortment of Men’s and Women’s shoes. Styles and quality are among the best ones in Turkey.

  • Tergan Shoes

Terganccc bulky shoes was established in 1972 and now it is one of the top and most acclaimed Turkish shoes brands. Tergan has around 40 stores all through Turkey and fares shoes to numerous nations. Tergan likewise has stores in UK, Bulgaria, Ukraine and UAE.

  • Kinetix Sport Shoes

Kinetix is the top games shoes brand in Turkey has a place with Ziylan Group. Ziylan Group was established in 1960.  Ziylan Group has Turkey’s greatest shoes stores chain Flo.  They send out their shoes to 29 nations and have the biggest organization of stores in Turkey.

  • Lescon Sports Shoes

Lescon Turkey shoes wholesale companies was established in 1980. It is one of the top games shoes brands of Turkey. Lescon opened its first store in 2004 and now has around 50 stores and 800 corner shops in Turkey. They are exporter of sports shoes.

Shoemaker since 1938. Hotiç was set up by Salih Hotiç in 1938 and is a shoes and adornments brand fabricating exceptional and rich plans appropriate with the ways of life of current people. Genuine cowhide and regular materials are utilized for the items adjusted to the ways of life expanding design and patterns from day to night. It made “Hotiç line” at her Turkey wholesale website by causing a fixation and getting old style by consolidating its quality with hand workmanship just as the perfect innovation with its wide architect staff. It is improving with the work and imagination of a major group for a very long time. Being probably the most grounded brand of Turkey in its area, Hotiç, today, has 98 deals focuses at the greatest Shopping Malls and the most esteemed road stores both in Turkey and abroad.

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Shoe vendors

Shoe vendors
Shoe vendors
  • Yesil Kundura

Yesil Kundura was established in 1948 as little workshop and in 1960 Yesilk opened its plant.

They make their own shoes under Yesil Brand.

  • Forelli Shoes

Forelli Shoes, begun to fabricate shoes in 1958 with womens calfskin shoes in Gedikpaşa, has decided to have practical experience in muscular shoes creation in 1990 with the choice and has proceeded with its works with Fahri Collection brand in accordance with this objective.

  • Desa

Brought into the world in Istanbul, yet an organization of the world, DESA is a wholesale shoes in Turkey and Turkish style brand with ability in plan and store idea, offering an excellent shopping climate for its customers. Founded in 1972 as a fashioner, maker, retailer and exporter of cowhide products, the main DESA store was opened in Erenköy in 1973 and from that point forward the organization has developed broadly and universally. The organization’s little however articulate scope of satchels has broadened after some time into calfskin pieces of clothing and footwear. The little plan area and assembling unit of 15 craftsmans has formed into a completely mature plan studio and three devoted offices had some expertise in tanning, cowhide products assembling and calfskin articles of clothing fabricating incorporating more than 2,000 skilled workers.

  • Vicco Children Shoes

By planning more than 1000 models for kids each season, Vicco’s Philosophy assumes a significant part in forming the design of kids footwear being founded on examination, advancement, comfort and new styles.

Vicco will proceed in transit of keeping up quality and development properties, notwithstanding keeping its assembling power alongside the energy and the aptitude later on gratitude to its reality in kids footwear industry for long years, just as proceeding to give advancements to the area.

  • Hammer Jack Shoes

Mallet Jack is a Turkey shoes manufacturers and brand has a place with Urgan Familiy of Gaziantep region. They began to produce shoes in 1960.  Having a plant of around 15.000 sqm they are an enormous shoes provider, and utilize 500 staff.

We produce you the best Turkish shoes companies so you can import from Turkey.

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