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11 Turkey shoe manufacturer to buy from

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Turkey shoe manufacturer

If you are a shoe dealer, you must have thought in advance of importing from Turkey shoe manufacturer , if you think about that and want to take a serious step to import, on the importing house platform we can offer you a long list of the most important manufacturers who have long experience in this field.


Turkey shoe manufacturers

These manufacturers can manufacture custom shoes for the brand of your project at special prices for great quality.


ULUDAG Ayakkabi shoes manufacturer was established in 1975, in Bursa/Turkey. The organization has had some expertise in assembling of ladies shoes. U.A.S Ltd makes creation for its own image “Charmia” and assembling for private marks for different organizations.

They make two assortments every year ( Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer). The principle line is of Casual, Fantasy, Boots, Sandals. The sub classes are follows; Flats(Babet), High Heels, Mules, Open toe, Platforms, Low Heels, Oxfords, Sandals, Straps, Clog, Pumps, Comforts, High Boots, Low Boots, Sports.

 The shoes wholesale distributors in Turkey planners plan their assortments with respect to the genuine conditions and circumstances and they are motivated by genuine contemporary ladies.

 Assortment are made with quality items( Leather& Imitation Leather &Textile &Blended). No shading constraint. The valuing system is distinguished in thought with the reasonableness levels of the brand’s objective purchaser.

All shoes introduced to the market inside the extent of U.A.S are created as per global principles.

In this manner, they work with beauticians who follow ladies shoes

patterns on the planet, and who are talented and creative. Delivering orders on time is an unquestionable requirement.

They are available to talk about all conceivable suggetions with new accomplices. On the off chance that you imagine that your organization is the one they are searching for, kindly don’t spare a moment to reach us and present your proposition for (distributorship, association, vendor or purchasing).

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Classter Ozce Ayakkabi shoes factory established in 1993. Primarily produce a wide range of shoes, shoes, shoes. They have in excess of 150 specialists, and can deliver 100, 000 sets of shoes month to month.

 They are the maker of numerous shoes kind to all Europe, Center East and South America. They are dealing with the fare of a wide range of shoes. Expectation can make their bussiness all over world!


Sufi Footwear Company, situated in Bursa, has been working in assembling ladies shoes since 1978. Their creation saying is “it is qualified plan that make the brand”.

 Shoes are commonly made of intense calfskin, nubucks, and impersonation cowhide. The shoes quality is viable with worldwide principles in the global business sectors. Sufi Footwear gives poison free merchandise. They give archives of research facility tests results, for example, “Azo Dyes and Phathales.

Because of involvement with creation, they had some expertise in Casual, Dress&Fantasy, ladies shoes in Turkey, Sandals, and Boots. The sub-classes comprise of pads, high heels, stages, oxfords, shoes donkeys, open-toe, stop up siphons, loafers, ties.

 The sizes for shoes range from 35 to 42. Their key help standards are as follows. Visiting the clients in their own environment. Paying much consideration regarding client necessities and giving legitimate arrangements .Making bundles as being client situated .Delivering orders in time-Providing inventory for new model.


Turkey shoe factory

Through Turkish factories, you can manufacture the best types of shoes.


They are a group of some chose or legitimate organizations producing overall quality shoes/footwear in the city of Konya in Turkey.

Turkey is the greatest footwear producer in Europe landmass and eighth greatest in the World. Furthermore, Konya is known to be the third greatest shoe fabricating focus of Turkey, all things considered, second greatest for men’s shoes.

Sorts of shoes produced are: leather shoes from Turkey online, comfort, exemplary/for, dress, muscular, dream, sport, canvas, easygoing, high heel, low heel, babette/level shoes/ballet performer shoes, winter shoes, summer shoes, day or night shoes, boots, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, and so on.

Thus, they can meet your shoe/footwear necessities with overall quality and at sensible costs.

Special request is worthy

They as of now have involvement with send out business, including European market


ALTINKOZA FOOTWEAR Turkey shoes wholesale companies Who they are AltinKoza shoes organization, with its settle in Bursa – Turkey, has been one of the main ladies shoes producer in the area with its significant brands.

 On account of tradition of ability resources and expert encounters increased through the ages of the privately-run company in the area (commitment for right around one century in the business); AltinKoza Company has accomplished marvelous triumphs by making marked wide-range items which has become powerful image of development in innovation and styles in design patterns.

The Products and ProductionsHaving extraordinary involvement with creation and the commercial center, the organization fabricates models occasionally changed and 35000 sets month to month in its exceptionally current plants.

 A few shoes in Turkey speaking to the hand-create are their uniquely fabricated items on private interest. The shoes are made of calfskins, impersonation cowhide, patent cowhide, softened cowhide, nubuck and so on.

Turkey shoe shops

From Louboutin to Nike, Istanbul has a wealth of global brands for shoe-darlings. In any case, since you’re in Turkey, why not go somewhat neighborhood and spotlight on Turkish brands that are putting out similarly special plans and great materials? In any event you won’t see your shoes on any other individual, correct? We selected a portion of Istanbul’s most famous shoe brands, from easygoing shoes to emotional siphons.


Turkey’s first extravagance style shoes bulk sale brand conveys assortments from global fashioners however 70% of their items are indeed planned and created locally under their own name. As far as shoes, Vakko’s own plans incorporate everything from bright tennis shoes, pads and wing tips (for the women). You can look at the determination online prior to advancing toward one of the few Istanbul branches.


Great quality and moderateness has made Hotiç a commonly recognized name in the Turkish shoe area. You’ll generally locate a heap of shoes in their stores going from the extravagant to the more easygoing. Regardless of whether you’re waiting to pounce for shimmering shoes, exemplary high heels, cool shoes or pads with some character, Hotiç has you covered.

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ladies shoes in Turkey
ladies shoes in Turkey


Buying leather shoes in Turkey from Inci is the best choice. Since its unassuming beginnings as a little shoe store that opened its entryways in 1917, Inci has climbed its way up to 70 separate braches all over Turkey. Their point is to bring current shoe plans to the two people hasn’t changed too definitely and you’ll make certain to discover excellent calfskin shoes from shoes right to boots at nice costs.


One of the ideal places for buying a decent calfskin coat, Derimod is likewise probably the best store to discover shoes. With their moderate costs, you’ll presumably wind up purchasing a couple of sets from their assortment that incorporate some extravagant high heels, flawless softened cowhide wedges or lower leg boots.


Istanbul’s upscale retail establishment, Beymen buying shoes in bulk has one of the most divine shoe areas conceivable, including Jimmy Choo, Giueseppe Zanotti and Sain Laurent. In the event that you’re somewhat cognizant about your spending, at that point Beymen’s own assortment is certainly the spot to go for excellent, exemplary shoes that you can bear. Softened cowhide siphons, exemplary ballet performer pads, excellent calfskin lower leg boots, to give some examples, are generally anticipating their new proprietors.


With their French-propelled stylish, it’s no big surprise that Yargıcı figured out how to open a branch in Paris. Aside from their beautiful flower dresses and Cote D’Azur-roused home assortments, you’ll locate a vital shoe range and Turkish mens footwear. For something somewhat more easygoing like striped shoes, pads with tufts and botanical example tennis shoes, look at this store.


Turkey shoes price

You need to think about what’s happening when a couple of originator shoes costs as much as a vehicle installment, a house installment or even the house itself. Shoes are the new gems for segregating feet – yet. Indeed, even name-brand retail establishment shoes can be expensive, and seeing great worth may spare you from making a major screw up.

Where the sole meets the street, what the hell is driving up the cost of shoes? All things considered, there are bunches of reasons a couple of shoes may cost more than you anticipate:

Public Perception Factors

You’ve presumably heard it said that, “recognition is greater than the truth.” That’s particularly evident in the realm of design. Consider these theoretical variables that drive up expense:

Cachet – The rich and very much associated keep concocting approaches to separate themselves as the savviest and generally excellent and segregating customers. Subsequent to debilitating the open doors managed by purchasing the best quality, what’s left? The “in” thing, obviously. Eminence has a major impact in what makes any originator thing worth the cost. Being the first to wear a revoltingly costly yet flabbergasting wholesale shoes in Turkey gives the wearer boasting rights and makes her the focal point of consideration. Is it justified, despite any trouble? At the point when the expense of admission to a select gathering of rich and influential individuals is the thing that you end up being wearing, driving or drinking, sure it is.

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Plan and Manufacturing Factors

Somebody needs to imagine, build and appropriate the shoes that in the end elegance your feet. These elements have an impact in the cost of your shoes:

Quality workmanship – Handmade items that have a long history of value workmanship can order as much as possible. Italian shoes, anybody? Shoes Turkey wholesale website intended for the wearer’s curves that fit perfectly and brag delicate calfskin go for gobs of cash. At the point when you need fit, capacity and style, go with quality without fail.

On the off chance that your feet are somewhat various sizes or your poor, mishandled toes are giving you inconvenience, carefully assembled shoes will possess all the necessary qualities flawlessly. They’re built by craftsmans and the extraordinary assistance will cost, yet gracious, the solace.

Bleeding edge innovation – Running shoes, climbing shoes and work boots have the intensity of science behind them, and all that examination adds to the expense. Shoes intended to remain cool, weigh next to no or give super security are costly. Advancement and the time and cash it takes to accomplish it drives up costs. Without the economies of scale underway to cut them down once more, you pay more.

You can now import from Turkey after reading carefully this article, and after knowing best turkey shoe manufacturer.



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