turkey shoe bags manufacturers & suppliers

Turkey shoe bags manufacturers & suppliers… top8 suppliers you will love.

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turkey shoe bags manufacturers & suppliers

Turkey is a beautiful country that is distinguished in all fields. This country is distinguished by its beauty, but here we will talk more about Turkey shoe bags manufacturers & suppliers that are characterized by the best treatment and sale of the finest materials, leather and modern colors suitable for all tastes. Over importing house platform you will please.

Bag suppliers in Turkey

Turkey has the best brands for bags and shoes, so merchants compete to sell Turkish goods, and Turkey has worked to provide many websites to deliver its goods, such as Turkey bags bulk selling sites, and the most famous Turkish sites for wholesale are the following:

Turkey bags bulk
Turkey bags bulk
  1. Trendyol Online Store:

The site was created in 2010 to provide customers with the best shopping experience anytime and anywhere. It is one of the best bags and shoes from Turkey for sale. It has more than 25 million members and Turkey from 2000 people in its team and the largest and fastest e-commerce platform in Turkey, offering more than 200 million products annually to its customers in many categories such as Fashion, Electronics, Home, Furniture, Food, Mummy, Baby and Cosmetics.

  1. Turkish Bags website Hepsiburada:

It is the leading e-commerce platform in the region and Turkey, the leader in digital transformation in Turkey and the brand, the business platform brings together millions of customers and supports the development of retail trade and the growth of the local economy, the platform began in 2001 as part of Doğan online with the Hepsiburada brand, despite its position as the largest an e-commerce company in Turkey and the region that is a leader among companies in the Internet and technology.

  1. Atlascanta Corporation

For the manufacture of women’s bags in Turkey, and if you want to open a shop selling handbags and want to know the best wholesale Turkey bags stores in Turkey so that you can import and sell them in your country, then you must deal with Atlascanta, which is one of the largest companies that provide export services, And the manufacture of women’s handbags in Turkey, and so it started in Turkey by providing its services in the field of Turkey bags for sale and exporting for decades, it has put it at the fore in this field.

  1. Nurban Corporation

One of the largest Turkish branded bags manufacturing companies with the help of technologically advanced machines, the processing speed of large orders there is more actively offered to you, thanks to the high-quality production in a short time, moreover, every bag model produced is offered to you. Within the scope of the guarantee, there are many factories in Turkey specialized in manufacturing and selling various bags for different categories.

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Shoe manufacturers in Turkey

A person must invest in the shoe trade from Turkey, as shoes can be imported from turkey shoe bags manufacturers & suppliers in their various forms and shapes, whether it is women’s shoes, men’s shoes, sports shoes, modern shoes, and even children’s shoes, you source the market with them. It needs from this product, nourishes the trade, and helps customers get different styles with high quality and low price, which brings you abundant profits. Among the most important shoe manufacturers in Turkey:

Shoe manufacturers in Turkey
Shoe manufacturers in Turkey

5.Ozil factory

Ozil Factory is a shoe factory in Istanbul that takes the brand in parallel with the continuation of the store’s work and brings elegance and men’s fashion to the feminine spirit in its models with the strong design team behind it, it is not just a brand of shoes, but it is a brand that sets worldwide trends and provides a lifestyle with its designs, It is one of the oldest footwear brand shoe wholesale distributors in Turkey, producing 90% of its products locally, and maintaining a position of 10% in its products world stores. The designs of famous Italian, French and Spanish brands with 160 stores adopt the principle of offering the best policy and the highest price to the shopper.

6.Luxera Paris Factory:

It is one of the most well-known Turkey shoes wholesale companies and best manufacturers of wholesale shoes in Turkey and bags with wonderful materials, attractive models and very reasonable prices. Therefore, countries of the world import many products from this factory located in Istanbul.


It is one of the most famous Turkish brands, and it specializes in the wholesale of shoes for sale in Turkey, as well as women’s and men’s bags, and also includes wonderful collections of comfortable shoes as well as formal shoes of different designs and colors, in addition to this brand is the best prices for football shoes in Turkey. All shoes in it are suitable for all events, as well as work, as well as various social occasions.

8.Stady factory

Located within the largest Turkey shoes wholesale manufacturers in Turkey, it has also been able to be among the leaders in using a very good method in a short time, while producing sports shoes suitable for walking, climbing and running in various sports, the level of quality brings actual pride. While wholesale ladies’ shoes in Turkey factories are available in Turkey and sports shoes are in all the models you want, the possibility of ordering them at a much lower price than the estimates is another reason that makes them preferable, you can buy leather wholesale shoes in Turkey that you want immediately and use them with the same efficiency for many years. With the help of the company’s expert teams, which have 20 years of experience, you will ensure that you choose the right footwear.

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Wholesale shoes and bags in Turkey

As Turkey is the best choice for the Arab investor, the shoes and bags trade has matured a lot in the Arab world and everyone is looking for the most quality Turkey shoes and bags and the best design at the right price, to get to know wholesalers and import shoes and bags from Turkey through:

  1. Traveling to Turkey:

Whatever country you wish to import from, travel to that country is the greatest and best option. Where you have the ability to visit the largest number of wholesale Turkish clothing store or even turkey shoe bags manufacturers & suppliers and thus you have the ability to closely preview products and deicide what you really need. Thus, you can make comparisons between different bags and shoes wholesale in terms of prices, designs and quality levels, and in the end, you can choose the products that are most appropriate for the target market from the source of stock that provides you the best price. But what is taken about the way of importing from Turkey through travel is that it is the most expensive among all the methods of importing from Turkey, so you need to obtain a visa to travel to Turkey (not a requirement for some countries), and you also want round-trip air tickets in addition to a guesthouse for stays for a period reaching from 7 to 10 days.

  1. Importing from Turkey via the Internet:

You know that import from Turkey via the Internet is common and lowest cost. But care must be taken to purchase from a company with high ratings by consumers. For example, there are major commercial situates that include a number of Turkish corporations specialized in selling different types of Turkish shoes online shop in turkey such as the Turkish Exportable situate, Trade key, and Alibaba, which includes a huge number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey. Online purchases are similar in terms of the method, you enter the site and register as a new subscriber, and start browsing the shoes and bags for ladies and add whatever you need to the shopping cart, and after checking the seller’s assessments and credibility through the written reviews from previous buyers. You pay money via credit card to whole the purchase.

  1. Import via an intermediary:

It is called the import method for the benefit of others, and this method relies on assigning one of the import and export companies that work exclusively in the field of import from Turkey “with long experience” to buy what you need as from products with the required specifications, so that the company undertakes the import and customs clearance process. Thus it guarantees quality, accuracy, speed and comfort. But in return you will pay money for those services, and the amounts paid are often a percentage of the total price (say 20% of the total costs), and this reduces your profit margin of course.

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Turkey leather bag price

There is no fixed price for handbags in Turkey, whether in the handbags market or in other stores and markets. The cheapest cost can be found in the market for “one lira”, travel bags and women’s sports bags in a variety of uses and at the most appropriate price. A large number of shoes and bags in Turkey can be carried and bought in bulk for sale or distributed as a gift. There are also Turkish bags for sale that can be found for sale in factories specialized in the production of shoes and bags sale 2020 which distinguish them with quality, durability and modern designs at wholesale prices, and suit modern women in various occasions and all trips that they take for all levels and the deal value begins from 2.5 dollars.

There are also bags, with different specifications, with high quality manufacturing, waterproof leather, handbags designed in line with the Turkish trade guide, matching heels and purse set and retail at attractive prices. For those who want to import from Turkey luxury handbags and high-quality natural leather or shoes with matching clutch bag together, there are stores of the best types of bags such as POLORIS & Hotic and other brands that always offer seasonal offers and discounts. The buyer can find Turkish women’s handbags for sale and buy them for display in the local market. Turkey is the home of hundreds of shoes and bags wholesale Turkey brands for its superiority in good production, the use of high-quality and durable raw materials, whether it is genuine or artificial leather.

In the end, we recommend that you import wholesale in turkey shoes, as there are many places at cheap prices.

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