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Turkey nuts for sale

The country of Turkey was known to cultivate many different types of Turkey nuts for sale that you will find.

Inside the ingredients of many delicious Turkish dishes, you will find them in the inner components of the dishes.

In addition, many delicious Turkish desserts are garnished with nuts

So follow this article from the importing house platform and you will find nuts in many popular dishes, in restaurants, homes, and all over the country..

Turkey nuts regions

Turkey is now witnessing a huge and huge boom, as it is the largest exporter and producer of hazelnuts in the world, and the largest share is for the European Union countries, as three quarters of Turkey nut export go to it, according to the Exporters Union. In 2019, it generated about $ 1.84 billion in hazelnut exports from September to April.

We will mention some provinces in which agriculture takes place inside Turkey.

 1_ Ardu Governorate

 Which is considered the home of hazelnut trees, where there are many, and it is a source of income for many rural families there, and it has its rituals in harvesting, especially in the harvest season, where a timetable is set by the Ministry of Trade in Turkey in order to start the harvest season, and most often begins harvesting Hazelnuts are from coastal areas in it.

 2_ Trabzon Governorate

 It is currently one of the most important provinces that Turkey nut production abundantly, as it exports to more than 126 countries, and there is a hazelnut farm for sale in Turkey, the area is 12.750m2, 12 km away from the field, completely planted with hazelnuts.

Giresun, Düzce Prefecture, Sakarya, Zongldak, Sinop, Kogali, Samsun Prefecture, Gerson, Erzi.

The suitability of the climatic conditions in the Black Sea region, where it is known to be one of the few countries to have a suitable climate, and the hill which is 750 meters above sea level, contributed to the success of agriculture, and it is not limited to it only, but it has grown and developed and extended at the present time to the city of anlıurfa. And “Bitlis”, in which the hazelnuts grown in them are considered to be of high quality.

The hazelnut trees in Turkey, which are widely available, contributed to being a source of income for more than 4000 families, especially in the eastern Black Sea region, as they know that the nature of their fruits makes them well storable. And its nutritional value is high, and therefore there is a lot of demand for it, it is important to know the export laws in Turkey if you want to import so that you do not fall into trouble, including the presence of the invoice through which the purchase was made, the documents required for the bill of lading, and making sure that the product complies with all legal standards and does not have any Violations.

Import nuts from Turkey
Import nuts from Turkey

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What are the types of Turkish nuts

  • Hazelnuts

Turkey was the one who introduced hazelnuts to central Europe in 1582, where Turkish companies were it exports it from Istanbul to Austria, and it was called Turkish hazelnuts at the time.

Today, Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world and is known internationally as one of the most important countries in the world exporting hazelnuts. Buy high quality nuts and wholesale from Turkey.

  • Pistachios

Turkey is ranked third as a producer of pistachios after Iran and the United States, and it is operating the pistachio farms are located in

Urfa state in southeastern Turkey is the first state among the Turkish states producing pistachios, Gaziantep where there is a large number of pistachio orchards in the state, which makes it produce more than 120 thousand tons. In general, the pistachios of Gaziantep are known as green gold.

  • Chestnut:

Also known as Abu Farwa, it is famous for the sweet aroma that comes out of it when roasting chestnut is one of the most popular nuts in Turkey, especially in big cities, the most famous of which is Istanbul, buying nuts wholesale from Turkey.

While the previous types of Turkish dried fruits and nuts are among the varieties that are very popular in Turkey, but there are three other types of Turkish nuts and seeds that are worth mentioning, including walnuts which is consumed locally and pine nuts that grow in the Mediterranean region Which is characterized by an ancient popularity since the Roman era, and almonds, which Mugla and Mersin province are their main resource.

And these different types of nuts are one of the most important elements of the delicious Turkish sweets that we recommend you try during tourism in Turkey.

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Turkish nuts Company

Let’s see a number of nut companies in Turkey:-

  1. Seven nuts company for nuts products trading


  • Nuts, spices and herbal products.
  • Company profile:-

Seven nuts is the leading Turkish company in the field of exporting products Nuts. Their motto is (We are here for you) high quality, they know. Complete with the difficulties facing the importer in finding the best product and the payment and shipping procedures due to the distances involved. That is why they tell you “We are here for you where our products are first toast (high quality)

We offer you very honest payment methods such as a bank letter of credit”

And they help you ship the goods to the location that you specify with the “Seven nuts” company international trade has never been easier

  1. The ciloglugida food industry company in Turkey

Other food products: sweets

  • Nuts

Company profile:-

Ciloglu Company was established in 1999, the company started by providing its services in the field of food products, where the company provides:

Gelatin candies – candies – lollipops, candy and gel disks for children –

Food spices – dough and sandwich bread – Turkish nuts and honey – Turkish kofta – powder juices

– Creams – sweets and pashman sweets – tahini candy – all kinds of seeds – Cake chunks – Almond sugar. The company offers its products to many European countries

Through its long experience that lasted 15 years and the spread of its agents in many countries of Europe, including: France – Belgium – Netherlands – Australia – Germany. The headquarters of the company is located in the district

Turkey nuts regions
Turkey nuts regions

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Pendik located in Istanbul.

  1. Arnikafoods food industry company in Turkey

It’s one of the best Turkish nuts suppliers

Other food products: Spices and herbal products, fruits.

Company profile:-

Arnica started providing services in the field of foods and canned foods

Where the company offers to its customers: legumes – spices – olives – olive oil -Nuts – dried foods / apricots – figs – eggplant – capsicum Molasses, tahini and sweets – Turkish nuts online – Fruits and vegetables – Types of pasta, and all kinds of jams in addition to pickles -pickled cucumber and pickled capsicum.

The company includes an integrated work team to ensure an outstanding service to its customers.

The main headquarters of the company is located in Basaksehir, located in Istanbul.

Import nuts from Turkey

Before importing from Turkey, you must study the nuts market in your country, as the market study will show you the size of the demand, the size of the supply, the target customers, the prices, the most important importers, the opportunities available in the market and many other things that make you aware of the market and its knowledge, thus you can determine the appropriate quantities, Turkish nuts brands and how to import them to whom you will sell and the amount of money

The way to import from Turkey to Saudi Arabia:-

It is the best and ideal choice as you visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets and thus you have the ability to closely examine the products and thus you can make comparisons between different products.

Turkey nuts price

The prices of nuts vary in Turkey and depend on their quality and the type required, as we know for example pistachios and it depends on

 According to the amount of production, and the amount of precipitation over the areas where it is cultivated. This year was characterized by a scarcity of the Antabi pistachio season, due to the scarcity of rain and drought resulting in its prices.

The price per kilo of Turkey nuts mclintocks ranged for white antebe pistachios, the first type is between 115 Turkish Liras as a minimum, and 125 Turkish Liras as a maximum.

  • Walnut price in Turkey:-

Walnut prices are rising steadily annually due to global demand for walnuts, unlike other fruits, such as pistachios, it takes 15 years to produce.

 Turkey’s production of walnuts is distinguished from its production from the fifth year, that is, three years after planting seedlings, and the price of a kilo of walnuts in Turkey reaches 544 Turkish liras.

The return on investment in walnut farms reaches 25% when the trees are fully grown and reach their maximum productivity, all these advantages make investing in walnut fields the best and fastest investment, so start your agricultural investment in walnut farms today.

Before any import, it is imperative that you consider the quality of the product that you will be importing to ensure that it is sold in the market.

  • The price of pistachios in Turkey:[-

  The prices of pistachios in Turkey vary according to the amount of production and the amount of precipitation, and the brand such as Turkish nuts Mississauga and the price per kilo for white pistachios ranges between 115 and 125 Turkish liras as a maximum.

While the price of a kilogram of white pistachios, a second type, ranges between 114 and 115 Turkish liras, an increase from last year, between 80 Turkish liras and 60 Turkish liras per kilogram.

Turkey nuts for sale are among the Turkish products that are exported to countries of the world due to the large number of pistachio factories in Turkey that produce them, as it is considered one of the most prominent Turkish crops.

 As Turkey ranks third in its production, and the best type of Turkish pistachio that Turkey produces is the pistachio Antep, which comes from the southern state of Urfa The country where Urfa occupies the first place in its production.

 Then the state of Gaziantep in the second place and the state of Siirt in the third place, and Kahraman Maraş in the fourth place, Adiman in the fifth place, and Diyarbakir in the sixth place.

At the end we hope to present useful information about Turkey nuts for sale.

Turkish nuts Company
Turkish nuts Company

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