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Turkey leather jacket manufacturers

Leather industries in Turkey are developing greatly, which makes many Turkey leather jacket manufacturers here, in the importing house platform we will make you take a look at this industry in Turkey and who are the most important manufacturers.

Turkish leather jacket manufacturers

In this section, you can find a group of the most important Turkish factories and manufacturers of leather jackets.

  1. Civan Deri Giyim

They are a producer and exporter organization represent considerable authority in leather jacket in Istanbul end Fur cloting. In like manner, they might want to go into business relations with you. On the off chance that you wish to have further data, you may likewise visit our-site. Citations and tests will be shipped off endless supply of your point by point enquiries. They are looking forward with interest to getting with you soon.

leather jacket in Istanbul
leather jacket in Istanbul


Alin Leather Wear Goods are providers and makers of High Quality Leather and Suede, coats, skirts, pants, dresses, petticoats, packs, belts leather jacket outfits, and tops. They offer a made to quantify administration in a wide scope of tones and styles at no additional expense. On the off chance that you have any uncommon prerequisites that you dont see promoted on their site please reach them and they will make an honest effort to satisfy your necessities.


MODA TEXTILE TRADE and MANUFACTURING is a main organization and producer turkey leather jacket manufacturers. Set up in 2001 after the saying: The way to progress is proficient, trained and orderly work, Moda Textile is making striking strides towards resonating presence on the planet market with the SASSOFONO brand enabled with the pioneering soul and fearlessness.

The creation line has been set up at the organization’s own premises in Istanbul on a covered region of 6.500 square meters .Collections are being delivered under great conditions to satisfy the most excellent guidelines and has additionally showroom inside the global norms, they can present to their customers with their wide range of items for simpler and open to perusing their choices effectively among the rich item range. The unrestricted consumer loyalty, offering support in elevated expectations through the quality creation just as without a moment to spare conveyance are their fundamental standards.

  1. Ugurlu Deri Ve Tekstil

Ugurluleather is a leather jacket cheap price producer in Istanbul since 20 years. They know Turkish items and markets quite well. Till today they generally sell their merchandise: leather wear and hide to the Russian business sectors and Europe from their own plant. So, they have the capacity to fabricate any kind of your item as indicated by your own examples and details at the most competative costs.

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Turkey leather jacket factory

The leather business in Turkey needs no presentation as a result of its rich leather legacy. Turkish leather jacket design has a tradition of several years and has been thriving from that point forward. Today, Turkey is perhaps the greatest maker of excellent leather items on the planet. It is predominantly known for handling sheep and goat leather, which takes it to the second situation in Europe after Italy.

Leather items have consistently been considered as one of the most exceptional things on the planet. The leather business in Turkey eclipses the others in view of its remarkable nature of the crude materials and its creation cycle. The preparing techniques are troublesome and require extraordinary consideration, time and work to acquire an appropriate material, from the crude creature skin to deliver leather items like apparel, shoes and different merchandise. The leather jacket wholesale market and industry has long periods of involvement with leather preparing and it gets this remarkable convention from its chronicled past.

The historical backdrop of leather in Turkey returns to the twelfth century.

Later in 1453, Turks vanquished Istanbul, a spot with a lot of water and good for leather tanning.

Subsequently, in the wake of overcoming Istanbul, the Sultan put in a safe spot this spot for leather industry.

The principal leather mechanical zone was set up in Kazhcesme.

Today, Turkey has 13 mechanical leather zones which utilize present day innovation and produce excellent items.

Turkey holds the fourth spot after Italy, China and India for being the greatest maker of leather. Additionally, Turkey is the world chief underway of hide with a preparing limit of 80 million units yearly. Tuzla, in Turkey has become the greatest modern leather area in Europe. Quality is their most urgent angle. Thus, the items that are traded by the nation are made with minute enumerating.

The other significant characteristic of the leather jacket factory and industry in Turkey is that the creation is completed in European principles and eco-accommodating progressed techniques are used. 70% of the leather delivered in Turkey is made utilizing climate cordial techniques. The Turkish leather handling industry has a few favorable circumstances in global market on account of its coordinated modern areas and eco-accommodating innovation. Additionally, with adaptable creation limit, it delivers excellent items.

Moreover, 22% of the world’s little cows leather handling and creation is acquired from Turkey. Nonetheless, the leather business isn’t eager to rest with its accomplishments. The worldwide exchange figure of the leather business is $225 billion, in which Turkey’s commitment is around $5 billion. This is required to ascend in the coming years. Their diligent effort was featured at the Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) held in March 2013.

 leather jacket wholesale market
leather jacket wholesale market

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Turkey leather jacket price

The spotlight was on Turkey among 1200 exhibitors and 20,000 guests. The important element was the uncommon undertaking from Turkish Leather Brands (TLB) to expand the impact of Turkish leather around the world. The nation’s absolute fare had improved over the most recent 3 years and was worth $150 billion of every 2013. It is relied upon to reach $500 billion by 2023, procuring $10 billion from leather trade alone.

The best custom leather jackets industry has just set out its activity plan for the following decade. It has procured shrubs for its leather fares and now it is quick to grandstand Turkey’s aptitude in leather plan on a worldwide stage. Today, Turkey is shaking the worldwide leather style industry with its planning aptitudes. Turkey has become the point of convergence for leather materials, assembling and innovation on the planet.

Turkey turned into the fundamental fascination in the reasonable coordinated by APLF (Asian Pacific Leather Fair) in Hong Kong. The Turkish leather brands and Turkish creators together pulled in significant purchasers and venders from the world leather market. As per the Leather Manufacturers’ Association, in the previous 5 years Turkey’s leather area and importing from Turkey has developed by 80%. While Turkey previously had their leather sends out set up in EU nations, US and Russia, it decided to infiltrate China and Hong Kong showcases as well. China is the pioneer on the planet leather market and now Turkish leather industry is trading even to China.

In Chinese market, the twofold face shearling is on appeal. As the temperature in China is cold, individuals lean toward materials that keep them warm. Thusly, shearling is quite searched after item. Today, famous Chinese individuals are the steadfast clients of Turkish leather makers. Nations like China, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Pakistan and India are the greatest at import from Turkey and providers for Turkish leather and leather items. China’s offer is 36.5%, Italy with 11.6%, Spain with 6.2%, Vietnam with 5.3%, Indonesia with 4.2%, Pakistan with 3.7% and India with 2.8%. Turkey is one of the prestigious nations that produces and fares leather and leather items with high caliber and interesting plan.

With proximity to mold centers like Paris, Milan and London, Turkey gets all the report about the most recent patterns in the worldwide design market. This aides the Turkish leather brands to plan their items appropriately. Because of which, it has had the option to build up a solid foot in the worldwide design market with their elegant completed leather items. Likewise, Turkish tanneries have created business relationship with significant Italian, French and European brands.

To build their offer in the worldwide market and wholesale bags in Turkey, the Turkish leather industry has embraced some new procedures. It will focus on creating plan and style based market. It wishes to upgrade its future vision by limited time exercises and fairs at worldwide level. Further, it expects to set up Turkish brands in various business sectors around the globe to yield long haul benefits.

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Leather jackets importers in Turkey


Jappa Leather was set up in 2005 constantly age of a family, experienced long a very long time in leatherwear business, with another and diverse viewpoint for trade situated creation reason. By utilizing most elevated all inclusive quality norms, creation innovations with unlimited consumer loyalty standards, Jappa Deri at Istanbul outlets mall attempts to deliver leatherwear assortments of world acclaimed brands, with nonstop exertion to refresh and create itself.


Setbim is a producer and furthermore a dealer, which permits us to have full command over each part of the creation cycle, from shroud determination to conclusive conveyance. This ensures industry-driving consistency of item sponsored by nature of administration just as the most elevated, most secure norms of creation.

Today they are the Turkey’s just upholstery cowhide maker and the market chief to the worldwide leather material industry. Their elite, low carbon leather is provided to more than 160 cowhide makers across 60 nations.


Filizler Tannery and Leather Wear is one of only a handful few incorporated organizations of the area by possessing and controling the whole creation measure from premium rawhide to completed items, using its own tannery and creation offices with more than 30 years experience. The tannery which has a yearly limit of 300.000 pieces is centered around hide leather skins, twofold face lambskins and nappa for the two Women and Men’s wear.

wholesale hijab suppliers Notable by its believing notoriety and high caliber, the organization makes articles of clothing for itself and worldwide brands in Russia, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Today, the organization proceeds with its activities in Istanbul and Serbia offices. Here a list of best turkey leather jacket manufacturers.

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