turkey jeans price

turkey jeans price | 14 places is the most remarkable manufacturers in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  turkey jeans in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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turkey jeans price

here you will know about the most remarkable manufacturers of turkey jeans price . That manage to create more value or for decrease price.


jeans supplier turkey :

there are a lot of companies in turkey that have the highest quality materials, and special design by a highly experienced employees to provide the highest customer with international standards such as :

  • LC WAKIKI: it has 567 store in 27 countries, it has high quality wholesale jeans, and cheap prices. You can get your favorite jeans for 60 Lyra.
  • Kulizyuni: it is one of the best store in turkey.
  • Epicyol: it established in 1986 in turkey, it has a wonderful turkey jeans brands.
  • koton: it established in 1988 in Istanbul, and it begun to buy their products to Russia, and middle east in 2002, it offers import to turkey, and their products in 293 stores in turkey. And 100 stories in other countries. The price of the jeans trouser is 99,89 Lyra.
  • Zara: it’s one of turkey jeans price, its the loved brand because it’s high quality products, and lower prices.
  • Mavy: it’s famous for its perfect jeans trousers.
  • Hotic: it’s a special brand for women, and they have men’s wear too. But their most products is for women.
  • Ipekyol: they have a luxury women’s wear.
  • Altinyilidiz: it has a great men’s wear for people who interesting in fashions and new stylish clothes.
  • LTB: it’s in the top 10 brands in turkey, it has a modern clothes with a great prices and high quality.

Every brand of these have a special feature, there are some brands specialized in jeans, and others specialized in a cheap clothes.

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jeans wholesale market in turkey:

thousands of modest styles daily update of latest modest trends and designs, at lowest wholesale prices. denim manufacturer jeans trousers products are designed before the factory’s production. Denim jeans is a dress that men and women can use together. Denim jeans manufacturer, located in many provinces in Turkey and offer best turkey jeans price .

Jeans pants are manufactures according to the model options in the factory while wholesale orders are made and produces. In many countries of the world, jeans products are generally liked in the same way. The same product models are ordered. The higher the number of pieces in the wholesale jeans order, the lower the product cost.

import to turkey
import to turkey

jeans factory in turkey:

Istanbul in Turkey is the best place that provide the jeans wholesalers jeans which designed as summer and winter models such as:

  • Kuzgunlar tekstil.
  • Denim jeans manufacturers.
  • Istanbul export center there is most best turkey jeans price.
  • Jan Camelot factory.

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jeans made in turkey:

there are a great companies in turkey introduce manufacturers and exporters women’s jeans. with over thirty years of experience, IEC is one stop private label jean manufacturers for you with your own label or with their label, it’s a jeans manufacturer which has all in one manufacturing plant which has: pattern & sampling department. As a private label jeans manufacturer, all of Mope’s extensive line such as denim pants, denim shirts and skirts are produced at our manufacturing plant in Istanbul-turkey with 25 employees on 600m2 with a manufacturing capacity of 10.000 units per month.

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olley turkey:

Olley clothing manufacturer was founded in 1995 by Mehmet Inkaya. They are a Turkish clothing manufacturer and custom clothing manufacturer in turkey. They offer a wide range of knitted and woven clothes in all sized for boys and girls as well as for men and women.

Their company could win customers across the European union by delivering quality for a reasonable price. Their products groups today for knit and woven wear are mainly t-shirt, sweatshirts, polo piquet, shirt, jogging sets and nightwear. Their woven ware variety reaches from pants, shorts, skirts, a reasonable price. They are working with all kinds of knit and woven fabrics like jersey, interlock and French.

One season that enables them to offer a better price than their competitors is, that all production steps from cutting to sewing, packaging and controlling are handled by their well qualified employees, which keeps their costs low. They produce low production costs which leads to a lower price for their customers.

They have been providing all kind of manufacturing services from sewing to packaging, they are the best low clothing manufacturer between Turkish clothing manufacturers, they produces lower production costs than in other compared European union countries, they manufacture for strong companies with high quality standards. They ship with reasonable costs in a short time.

They are an almost independent textile manufacturer and not impacted by delivery delays from supplier. In the end the high quality jeans in turkey  with turkey jeans price have an international fame for their fabric efficiency, modern stylish, good prices and it’s easy to export in middle east and all over the world.


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