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Turkey bag supplier

Are you able to hear about Turkish  imports and Turkey bag supplier ? Will you want to know those familiar locations and dignified confidence that the makers of Turkey leather bags are renowned for?

 Have fun with the best manufacturer of Turkish  bags… we have provided you with all the knowledge you need to know about the manufacturers of Turkish  bags in our importing house.

That Turkish  factories are one of the most creative industries, including the Turkey bags and bags industry, renowned for its high quality and numerous products that please all and the project to manufacture Turkey women’s bags has drawn the interest of several as the leather industry is one of the turkey’s most significant national industries, where there are many factories to produce fantastic products with good prices , you can know all details about that through importing house .


Turkish  bag suppliers

As many importers around the world have been purchasing and still buying numerous goods from Turkey, sourcing from Turkey has been and continues to be a road to growth, and you can undoubtedly still purchase bags from Turkey because of the high quality and decent rates for sale in Turkey if you really want to import bags from Turkey.

It’s also recognized that the Turkish  sector is actually one of the most pioneering sectors, including the manufacture and manufacture of many Turkish  leather bag brands despite its high quality and range of brands and the manufacture of the finest and finest Turkish  bags; We supply some of the favorite places, companies and factories for leather goods in Turkey and here you are some wholesale bags suppliers .

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Ltd Tekin Deri:

In 1993, one of the oldest leather Turkey bag supplier and manufacturers in the fine natural leather industry was founded in Istanbul, Turkey. The leading supplier of a number of global B2C leather goods companies is Tekin Deri. Tekin Deri specialises in handmade items made from 100 percent leather, including handset covers, leather bags, notebook cases, card holders, wallets, cigarette examples and much more.


Metiş Deri is a large business set up in 1998 in Istanbul by Cumali Ulaş, which manufactures and exports high-quality leather goods and accessories in Istanbul, Turkey.

They make nice leather accessories in various shapes and sizes, such as women’s bags, purses, wallets, travel bags, stationery, games such as backgammon cases, and other products.

Under the Cangurione name, they have their own licenced products, but they still manufacture products for several businesses under their own brand. They work mostly for Turkish  leather, but they can also be used to import unique leather that you can ask for. Many world-famous brands that make Turkish  leather in Turkey use Turkish  leather, because it is of high quality.

They are still being shipped to Europe, to Africa and the Middle East, to the Former Russian Republics. They have businesses scattered across Europe in the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, among others.


DESAN began its adventure in 1983, and with its experience, is considered to be the most important and also one of the most regarded organisations in the Turkish  leather and bag industry. The DESAN family was first founded under the leadership of Halis Recep 5-007N in the Beyazıt region of Istanbul, and today, with almost 30 years of experience, its area of operation has expanded here you can find all types of bags for ladies.

By combining the sensitivity they exhibit to their clients, their varied styles, the current fashion trends, and the value they assign to service at fair prices, they satisfy your requirements.


BUMINK PROMOSYON CANTA IMALAT is a corporation headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. They are designers and retailers of luggage, briefcases and cloth bags and accessories companies.


As a family-owned handbag maker for leather and non-leather bags in 1973, A Manufacturer in Turkey for Leather and Artificial Leather Materials

These are bags that are manufactured; handbags, bags, pockets, cross bags, etc. Except for some of the global brands of Turkey.

Provision of facilities as well; Tailor Made and Private Label for brands and designers; from drawing to sampling, sampling within their produce to bulk manufacturing. They have the potential to produce bulk output from painting, photography or sampling.

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Turkey bag where to buy

Where can I purchase bags form Turkey? Well, Istanbul is defined by the emergence and demand of a community of the most famous and important markets for the sale of women’s bags to its customers in Turkey, and the content of the industry is not limited to local goods, if you are searching for wholesale bags in Turkey it’salso to international brands and the best manufacturers of leather bags that can be purchased from them in Turkey.

Where you can also find factories and markets engaged in the imitation and distribution of international products at lower prices and good quality, such as:

wholesale bags suppliers
wholesale bags suppliers

Demand for Arasta:

Arasta Market (Arasta Bazaar) is a shopping street with stalls selling souvenirs, handicrafts, Turkish  sweets, spices, jewellery, antiques, and one of the biggest Turkish  markets for importing handmade women’s bags from Turkey, which has many popular tourist attractions, where you can find the best shops selling the highest quality bags in these markets, as they are one of the most popular tourist attractions so you can easy find wholesale bags in bulk .

It is a narrow alley full of lovely shops selling items such as traditional gift rugs, rugs and tourist products to recall, in addition to the inclusion of temples, many mosques, old museums and markets.

The markets of Istanbul:

It is one of the most successful bag wholesalers, The market comprises a host of stores, about 140 outlets, a selection of clothes, shoes and bags, as well as dairy shops, crushers, vegetables, herbs and more, as well as gift shops and accessories that blend modern Turkish  culture with ancient Ottoman tradition.

Bags from Kalkan:

Misty May Leather Shop is a respected cornerstone in ANTALYA, Turkey, providing the best service for supplying and making high-quality leather bags in Turkey.

For nearly 30 years, the Class Leather Bag Shoes Online retail marketplace has been manufacturing women’s and men’s accessory bags, such as: lightweight, clutch, backpacks, shoulder and tote bags, wallets, belts, and leather briefcases.

There are also some examples of these markets where you can visit the most popular markets in Turkey and buy the most beautiful Turkish  women’s bags and find a leather shopping bag.


Turkish  bag shop online

Nowadays all Turkish  factories has online sites to deal with the importers more easy and through these sites you can get wholesale bags online and now we will provide you with some of those factories

The manufacturing of female’s products in Turkey is one of the highest quality sectors that enjoy variety, fine taste and craftsmanship, and is distinguished by all industries by its quality and range of tastes that suit all so that women’s handbags factories have expanded, including that match and compete with foreign brands that are renowned brands renowned for their excellence, elegance and elegance

In Turkey, there are several factories specialised in importing Turkish  women’s bags and exporting numerous bags in different types, and this is the list of the most popular of these manufacturers.

Modern Park for Machines:

The organisation uses a new method to manufacture branded bags from Turkey, with the assistance of technically advanced machinery. Thanks to high-quality manufacturing in a limited amount of time, delivery speed is distributed to you more aggressively, in addition to the fact that any model of bag produced for you is sold within the framework of the pledge.


Its current annual potential is 1 million units, which, due to its high expertise as a 100% original bag producer in Turkey, can be finished to produce valuable practical, trendy, durable and economical bags.

It takes into account the requirements of the Turkish  customer in the manufacture of bags and takes careful account of these requirements in the manufacture of handbags, as it demonstrates rapid changes in the world by following the standards and changes in Turkey at the same time as the customers and the services we provide for their own company brand.

Canta avrupa:

After nine years in the promotional goods and gifts industry, it has based all its energies on the manufacture and selling of promotional bags and continues its partnership with promotional goods wholesalers and advertisement agencies from all sectors in the sale of Turkey wholesale bags

By making bean bags, the specialist in Turkish  bags for sale, backpacks and handbags maintains its presence in the market.

It allows its clients to buy their bags by providing differentiation and convenience in the area of promotional bags.

For this cause, Emblem printed bags in small quantity and women’s bags in Turkey, and keeps the highest sales. This makes it one of the cheapest bags to shop in Turkey.



Major manufacturers sell, synthetic leather, canvas, garden and non-woven promotional waterproof bags for ladies.

Its wholesale products are sold in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

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It has been considered one of the leading leather and canvas bag manufacturing firms in Turkey since 1985. It has produced bags for many local and international firms and exported them to hundreds of nations from Europe to the Middle East, supplying wholesale bags from Turkey

It seeks to further improve its products and the quality of its services in order to satisfy consumer needs and expectations at the highest level, to establish and establish, through good communication, emotional relationships with its clients, to ensure customer satisfaction and to increase the number of its customers at home and abroad.

From the beginning to the finish, their corporate partners work happily to become a unique company with a strategic advantage and operation.

In order to improve the company’s competitiveness and quality in the domestic and international markets and to ensure that this vision persists from generation to generation, without breaking the reputation of the company that manufactures the most beautiful Turkish  women’s bags, the company is actively working in its field of expertise to develop its own methods.

In the end, dear fellow, if you want to import from Turkey we hope that we have helped you by showing you the specifics of Turkey imports, the best Turkey leather bag manufacturers you can try to bargain with and Turkey bag supplier, so don’t rush to try more than two places and compare them to decide which one is best for your plan and your targets.


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