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Jeans factory in Turkey

The idea of ​​importing clothes from Turkey is not an innovative or new idea, but it remains one of the greatest commercial ideas, and products of  jeans factory in turkey are best suited in terms of high quality, low import price especially jeans, the idea of ​​importing clothes from Turkey is the most appropriate idea.

Jeans made in turkey

The industrial sector in Turkey is one of the largest sectors on which the Turkish economy depends, as there are many industrial companies in Turkey specialized in the production of various clothes, and one of the most important of these industries is jeans manufacturing in Turkey, which produces distinctive products jeans for men and women specifically and importing these products to all the world, Turkish products are distinguished by quality, durability and modern models, and at the same time the prices are very appropriate and available to all, as well as the ease and availability of import from turkey and export to all the markets, and most of these brands have branches in Arab countries and foreign countries, where the popularity has increased These brands are to suit the major foreign brands.

Jeans factory in turkey
Jeans factory in turkey

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Jeans price in turkey

Boys and girls ‘jeans for wholesale and retail sale are characterized by unparalleled elegance of the latest men’s and girls’ jeans, and with a variety of designs and in different colors, Turkish jeans are supported with the latest models and offer jeans for sale, and Turkish men’s jeans per piece prices are 10$ for the wholesale price in jeans factories in Turkey, and there are factories that cost  18$Per piece but factory wholesale prices range from  10$ to 18$, the average price of jeans is around  20-30$, which is reasonable for middle class at zara man jeans made in turkey and jeans for only  15-20$ in Cotton and Collins. Turkish jeans price in this brand, it ranges between 30-50 dollars, which is the Mavi brand, and it always offers and discounts. jeans in turkey wholesale the average price ranges between 30-40 dollars for the Kigilibrand.

Turkish jeans factory

If you intend to create your own clothing brand or want to find a clothing factory in Turkey, especially jeans, you are in the right place, here are Turkish jeans brands:

  • Dominique Factory: A factory specialized in manufacturing women’s ready-to-wear clothes, pajamas, cotton clothes, and Turkish jeans.
  • Jan Camelot Factory: menswear factories in Turkey Jan Camelot are a factory specialized in manufacturing menswear ready-to-wear.
  • Stylist Fashion Factory: It is one of best jeans in turkey. It sells fashion products made of Turkish jeans in addition to summer coats as well.
  • Mono Amo Factory: It is a factory specialized in manufacturing modern clothes and all kinds of men’s suits and jackets.
  • Chemex Trading Factory to make Turkish jeans abayas
  • ArtanchWorkwear
  • Mohammed Koçoş Readymade Factory: It is the most famous garment factory in Turkey specializing in the manufacture of textiles of all shapes and types.
  • Sudha Women’s Fashion and Hijab Company: It is one of the trademark clothing factories in Turkey, and it specializes in veiled fashion products jeans for women such as hijabs, abayas , galabiyas ,coats and Turkish jeans tunics.
jeans for women
jeans for women

Jeans manufacturers in turkey

Traveling to Turkey makes you able to visit many companies and markets, and at that time you can compare prices, quality levels and designs suitable for the target market, which makes you finally able to buy the best products at the lowest prices, sales will be easier and the profit margin will be high, but what is taken in the way of importing jeans in istanbul turkey by traveling is so expensive, so you need round-trip airline tickets,

hotel for accommodation, food, transportation and personal shopping costs, but through my experience in importing from Turkey, the advantages of this method are invaluable, taking into account that costs can be reduced largely by buying airline tickets at times of lower prices, staying in a hostel rather than a hotel and saving expenses.

There are several ways to reach reliable Turkish companies, such as imported jeans online from Turkey on the Internet is common but you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers, for example there is buying jeans turkey online wholesale that includes a number of Turkish companies specialized in Selling different types of goods such as Turkishexportal, tradekey and Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey,

importing from Turkey through an intermediary meaning that you appoint an import and export company to complete the import process without any interference from you, and in this way you will achieve Rest and do not worry about the shipment if it arrived and how it was, but in return you will pay the amount of commission for that process, and of course this method is preferred only for those who do not have a license for an import and export company.

jeans turkey online
jeans turkey online

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Jeans turkey

Go online and start searching for companies that import Turkish clothes, or you can enter commercial directories, as each commercial directory displays the addresses and names of companies, factories and agencies to import clothes from Turkey and other goods, if you want to import from Turkey and travel alone to Turkey where you find  jeans for sale in turkey and inspect special goods This requires you to submit all the required documents and papers and know this from the specialized agencies, as well as dealing with a company that provides you with accommodation and assistance from a person with experience in commercial transactions and markets and he is a commercial expert to help you know the market, visit the various factories, where the companies that supply Turkish goods are interested. Or supplier companies in general dealing with a company and being a small private company.

In conclusion, we mention that importing from Turkey is still one of the gates of achieving wealth. Jeans factories in Turkey are among the best factories that you can contract with, as jeans come in many models and cannot be compared with other clothes.

Jeans supplier Turkey

Jeans for boys and girls for wholesale and selling are characterized by unparalleled stylishness of the latest jeans for men and girls, and in various jeans types and different colors. Turkish jeans are supported with the latest models, and it offers Turkish women’s clothing and Turkish men’s jeans. Part prices are 10 dollars for wholesale prices in jeans factories in Turkey. If you be going to create your own clothing brand or want to find a wholesale jeans distributors in Turkey, especially jeans, then you are in the correct place, here are Turkish jeans factories:

  1. Dominic Factory:

 A factory generalized in manufacturing women’s ready-to-wear clothes, pajamas, cotton wears and Turkish jeans.

  1. Jan Camelot Factory:

 Jan Camelot jeans factory in Turkey for menswear in Turkey is a jeans wholesaler generalized in manufacturing men’s ready-to-wear clothes.

  1. Fashion designer factory:

It is one of the top jeans in Turkey. It also vends fashion products made of Turkish jeans as well as summer coats.

  1. Mono Amo Factory:

 It is a factory generalized in manufacturing modern clothes and all kinds of Turkish cheap jeans and coats.

  1. Mohamed Koçoş Ready to wear factory:

 It is the most well-known ready-made costume jeans factory in Turkey, specifying in the manufacture of textiles in all its forms and types.

  1. Chemex:

It is trading factory for manufacturing Turkish jeans dresses in Turkey.

  1. Sudha Women’s Fashion and Hijab Company:

It is one of the brand-named clothing factories in Turkey, and it specializes in veiled jeans goods for women such as hijabs, abayas, galabiyas, coats and Turkish jeans jackets.

Turkey jeans brands

The industrial sector in Turkey is one of the main sectors on which the Turkish economy depends, as there are a lot of industrial Turkish fashion brands of Turkish jeans be attentive in the production of various clothes, and the most important of these industries is the jeans industry in Turkey, which produces distinctive jeans goods for men and women specifically and imports these products for all countries of the world such as:

  1. LC Waikiki:

 The brand LC Waikiki is almost the most widely held in Turkey and because its price is very low, its prices range between 5-20 dollars for T-shirts and pants for equal Turkish jeans, and it always works in Turkey jeans online shop with offers and discounts. There are also some goods that are almost distinctive and delightful from the personal vision.

  1. Zara:

 One of the most beloved jeans wholesale distributors because it is a brand whose products are in the middle category in terms of prices as well as in terms of materials and manufacturing, where the average wholesale price of Turkish jeans is about 20$-30$, which is a proper price for the middle class and also contains women’s clothing and men alike.

  1. Koton:

It is also a mid-range clothing designer, and most of its products are intended for young men and women. The products of this brand are considered by that most of their fabrics are made of cotton or a little that goes into their fabrics in a large proportion, and this is something we find less in other brands and Turkish jeans. Wholesale jeans prices in this brand range from $ 15 – $ 20 only and they have merchandises for men, people and children. And they have some types of perfumes of their own.

  1. LTB:

It is also one of the brands that deserve to be on the list of the top 10 brands of Turkish jeans manufacturers and the most well-known Turkish jeans brands, as it is regarded as the wholesale sale of Turkish men’s jeans, its modern models, reasonable prices, and distinctive materials. Also, online shopping in Turkey is afraid of the wrong size, for example the sizes of Turkish jeans be different from European jeans sizes, as the United States has a different measurement method and jeans sizes from Turkey, and sometimes also from Europe and different from Turkey.

  1. Mavi:

The most beautiful thing that distinguishes Mavi is jeans, as we did not buy jeans in Turkey, which has an interest in youthful jeans models, such as that you find in the Mavi brand, and the price of jeans in this brand ranges between 30$-50$ dollars. They also have other produces, their clothes are characterized by a purely youthful character, and you cannot find outfits for those over the age of forty.

Turkey jeans market

The wholesale clothing trade from Turkey has developed a lot and is developed day by day and it is now the chief source of importing clothes in many Arab countries because the products there have the highest quality and the highest price. Turkey is the best option for importing from Turkey for sure. Turkey includes a huge collection of more jean’s clothes in Turkey, and the most essential of these markets are the following:

  1. Othman Gulf Street:

 This area includes an enormous chain of stores that specialize in vending wholesale jeans at wholesale price, with many ready-to-wear companies lining the street. The number of companies that sell clothes in this market is huge that sell their products to various parts of the world, and import prices from Turkey in this market are very high, because they are high-end Turkish businesses, brands that are famous for their diversity and the quality of their raw materials.

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  1. Wholesale clothing stores in La Lee:

This area is located in the old part of Istanbul and this region contains a massive group of women’s fashion stores, especially jeans wholesale in Turkey along the tram and in its inner streets, and these stores are considered by a variety of clothing models in them in addition to variable prices that suit all segments of society, the Lalali Market is the most lively and visited area in Istanbul, is widely spread among citizens and foreign tourists, as it provides high-quality goods through the largest stores at affordable prices that suit everyone.

  1. Marter stores for wholesale children’s clothing:

 The Marter jeans wholesale market is distinguished by its big number of stores specialized in the wholesale sale of women’s and men’s clothing in Turkey and children’s clothing at wholesale price, and it is also notable by its proximity to the industrial zone in Istanbul.

Turkey jeans market
Turkey jeans market
  1. Al-Fateh Stores for selling children’s clothes:

This region includes the most imperative and famous wholesale market in Istanbul, which includes a large number of stores that vend clothes at wholesale price.

In conclusion, Turkish goods are distinguished by quality, solidity and modern models, so it is better for you to import clothes from Turkey



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