Shipping furniture from turkey to USA

Shipping Furniture From Turkey To USA, 2 Companies You Can Rely On

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Shipping furniture from turkey to USA

Shipping furniture from turkey to USA  is not difficult, as shipping companies provide distinct logistical services to their customers, in this article you can know the most important shipping companies.


Furniture shipping company

The most important thing that distinguishes shipping companies is that they offer all types of shipping, and they can also ship your home furniture if you want to immigrate to live in USA.

  1. Atlas Movers:

Some people dream big. In America, the dreams of those who want to come true more easily. In this way, they will continue their lives in their new homes, collect their belongings and set off for America. America home shipping never falls off the agenda. America is one of the popular countries for the transportation of commercial and personal goods. This is a little more. Let’s take a look at these topics for you to get an idea.

Is Home Moving and import from turkey Possible in America? It is possible for anyone who can get a residence permit to take their belongings to America. You can handle shipping at this limitation, though it is the other end in the world. It has the same content as other information.

  • Residence permit within the USA
  • Your passport for the valid period
  • Country school, work or documents you want to go to, permits
  • Your exact residence address
  • Statements and documents about how you will earn your living
  • You must have all Rights and Required Documents.

Wondering About importing goods from turkey to USA: If such a complicated job is to be done, you must first create a road map for yourself. After negotiating with the firm, we are sure that you will be able to create your business plan very comfortably. Moving from America to Turkey, you will not believe a simple sequence of operations. After obtaining the necessary permissions for customs procedures, they will load your goods and start the moving process within a few days.


Shipping furniture from turkey to USA
Shipping furniture from turkey to USA

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Furniture from turkey in USA

You can now facilitate your trade and ship furniture from Turkey to America with the following companies:

  1. AVE Lojestik:

must be selective and careful in choosing the company will carry on sending turkey goods to the United States for reasons other than Turkey. The packaging of the household goods to be transported must be smooth and durable. because it is a long distance as the distance between Turkey and America to send goods to America from Turkey is mainly by road and sea. In order for the goods to be transported at this distance, which is 2600 kilometers, not to be damaged, their packages not to be opened and to reach America intact, the packaging should be made with a smooth and long-distance resistant material.

Since the distance is long and the United States will be reached by passing through different countries, it is also important that the packaged luxury furniture goods are resistant to all seasonal conditions. Goods should be packaged with packaging material resistant to hot and cold weather temperatures. For this reason, it is important to carry out goods transportation with a company that is specialized in the transportation of personal goods abroad. Packing of household items during transportation can be done professionally by the transportation company. With AVE lojistik you can ship  the furniture rest assured.


Shipping furniture from turkey to USA
Shipping furniture from turkey to USA

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Best furniture store in turkey

In Turkey you can find the best furniture brands.

  • Alfemo Furniture

Founded in 1997, Alfemo Furniture set out with the vision of “Being an effective brand that sets trends in the furniture market with its original designs” How to buy furniture online? Alfemo offers functional, aesthetic, high quality and stylish products that determine the fashion in furniture with an affordable price policy, fast and timely service. Alfemo, which has a wide range of products from bedroom to dining room and office furniture, from young room to living room, has all the furniture and accessories that a house needs. In addition, world-class products are produced with GS Certificate and TÜV Quality Certificates. Mickey Mouse with Walt Disney license in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Portugal, Poland, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Morocco, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and India, Cars presents Winnie The Pooth and Princess characters to their clients in their teen rooms.


Shipping furniture from turkey to USA
Shipping furniture from turkey to USA


  • Comfort Furniture

Konfor Furniture has been operating in Izmir since 1999. It sells to many parts of the world with its innovative and trendy products. Combining experience in the high end modern office furniture industry has a new and modern store concept Comfort Furniture, until the end of 2019 will complete 20 years in Turkey aims to reach 200 stores in general. Konfor Furniture’s investment budget for the next 5 years is over TL 500 million. In addition, the company increased the number of stores to 100 towards the end of 2018. Konfor Furniture exports to 37 countries as well as seven stores in Germany, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and the Netherlands. Aiming to be included in the Turquality program in 2019, Konfor Furniture plans to increase its export turnover by five cards in five years and reach 100 overseas stores operating all over the world. In this article, we have provided you answers about  how to shop for furniture.

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Turkish furniture companies

Many people are turning to importing Turkish furniture, because it is distinguished by elegance and modernity. Not only that, but that elegance did not come at the expense of quality, it is characterized by durability, so you can find the best furniture Turkey modern companies in the world there, and among the most distinguished furniture companies are the following:

  1. Domusimo:

The company offers a variety of the greatest traditional Turkish luxury furniture, this shop was established in 1975, and it specializes in the manufacture of handcrafted furniture with high precision for interior designers and interior design companies. Natural high-quality products such as wood, metal and leather, and the company are located in Beylikduzu in the Turkish capital Istanbul.

  1. IKEA furniture:

It offers a collection of the top models and preference for wood species, as it is unique with Turkish style furniture and luxurious designs. Its modern furniture is European and its products are of high quality and reasonable price. In addition to this place where home office furniture is purchased, IKEA furniture fits all spaces and offers many beautiful ideas that reflect elegance.

  1. Offi Corporation:

The company started to provide its services to Turkish furniture export and manufacture luxurious modern furniture, administrative furniture, meeting tables, cabinets, information tables, sofas and waiting chairs, luxury Turkish offices, and office furniture purchase. The company’s products are considered by comfort, high-end designs, and high quality.

  1. Stoa Design:

It offers the best modern Turkish furniture, the company was set up by Kuman, and Kuman does not use glue in the furniture he makes, but rather depends on a special technique that makes it stick without adhesives and this furniture lives more than the furniture that has been pasted for many years, and the company uses good wood as a furniture store project such as wood Oak, and its designs are characterized by simplicity, and natural colors, which form a unique combination.

Turkish furniture website

Get wonderful Turkish furniture through the best online sites. The house is your own kingdom and the place in which we spend a long time, it must be comfortable and has a pleasant and attractive view, and the most important part of it is the furniture and decorations, so we must complete that house with the most beautiful designs that represent your own taste, and therefore some resort to buying from a guaranteed and quality Turkish furniture online from websites, such as:

  1. Effcore website:

Offers a variety of furniture that you can choose between your preferences; the site every period proposals great offers and discounts, especially in White Friday offers. What distinguishes this site is that you can see Turkish furniture in 3D images so that you know what the furniture looks like from a more confident look. It also lists information about the furniture in terms of size and colors available.

  1. HPSI Borada website:

Through the site, you can buy Turkish furniture online. The site offers all Turkish furniture brands you can imagine such as bedroom furniture made in Turkey, not just furniture, it is like an online marketplace, and the site offers good deals every period. You must follow the site to see what the site offers.

  1. Yildiz site:

Yildiz offers furniture products from the Turkish brand Yildiz, a brand with luxury, high-end and new designs. The site offers good furniture Turkey prices and puts you in the details like product size, color, delivery time, and product price.

  1. Vivancy site:

One of the very idiosyncratic sites in terms of customer service, where you can communicate with them at any time, and they have a speed of response. You can contact them to inquire about any information you want, and the site offers decent deals and discounts, as it offers perfect designs of the brand that are contemporary and modern.

Turkish furniture companies
Turkish furniture companies

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Import furniture from Turkey to USA

Many people think that the displayed furniture will be from the huge furniture full of details that belong to the Ottoman era, but this is not true at all, as modern furniture is widespread and widely in Turkey, and you find many designs that are simple as well. Turkey ranks third in the world in exporting furniture around the world; so many countries tend for importing from Turkey in general and from Istanbul in particular, as it is one of the decoration capitals in the world, and many Arab countries seek to obtain home furniture. There are many exports from Turkey to USA and many other countries, and on top of these countries, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are ranked third in importing furniture from Turkey.

The shipping furniture from Turkey to USA plays the most significant role in import, as it plays the role of a financial intermediary between the importer and Turkish furniture store in Turkey, where the importer deposits the value of the goods in shipping furniture from Turkey to USA company office and delivers the amount to the furniture company in Turkey after receiving the furniture from it and the company makes sure that the goods conform to the specifications and must have tracking for Turkey containers. Existing in the samples that the customer has before receiving it and you must specify the shipping port for the seller to send it to this port and it is necessary to have documents for the incoming shipments to prove ownership of the shipment and customs pay the dues on your shipment, and then you will obtain permission to release that shipment and then you can transfer it to a safe store or place for distribution to the merchants agreed with them.

Turkish furniture website
Turkish furniture website

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