shipping from turkey to Ethiopia

Best 5 companies for shipping from Turkey to Ethiopia

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in shipping from turkey to Ethiopia; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

shipping from turkey to Ethiopia

Thinking about profit through a new project that makes you search and think about a lot of commercial goods, but the strongest idea remains to shipping from Turkey to Ethiopia and import goods from Turkey, where profit is guaranteed, quality and mastery in the industry, and from here if you want to get to know better shipping and import companies from Turkey and Turkish products, with the Importing house platform you should Read this article to know all steps.

Shipping company from Turkey

Many people seek to import the Turkish product, especially fashion and fashion products such as clothes, shoes, and nutrition products such as food, canned goods and others, but because these products are very sensitive and need care in their transportation, they are looking for the best companies for shipping and importing from Turkey to Ethiopia in order to ensure that their product arrives safely and in the following we show the best shipping companies and import in Ethiopia: –

Shipping company from Turkey
Shipping company from Turkey
  1. AP Moller Maersk Corporation

It is one of the largest Danish companies that represent an import operation within Turkey.

  1. DB Schenker Corporation

It’s to ship made in Turkey product.

  1. Aramex Shipping from Turkey

Aramex is an active company shipping from turkey to Ethiopia and delivers the order to the customer’s address, whether it is the customer’s home address or business headquarters, or the customer is contacted to receive his order through one of the shipping company’s offices in his city, the process often takes 5-10 days from the date of shipment from Turkey depending on several Factors including the speed of traffic through Turkish and the other customs, and the extent of pressure on the shipping company, and the customer will be provided with the policy number (tracking number) to track the shipment’s path, and often the process takes two days for the data to appear on the site of the shipping company.

– What are the Turkish cargo prices To Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia?

Shipping rates in general for orders from our headquarters in Turkey to any of the Saudi cities through Aramex (note that sometimes shipping is done via other express shipping companies such as UPS, DHL, TNT, depending on what is available to them:-

– The first half kilo: 149 riyals

– Each additional half kilo: 39 riyals

– For orders greater than 21 kilos, the kilogram will be charged at SR 89

If you want to ship to an address in Turkey, the shipping value will be 69 riyals for the first half a kilo, and then 19 riyals for each additional half a kilo. The value of shipping via Saudi Post: 158 riyals for the first kilo, then 39 for each additional half kilo Aramex delivers the order to the customer’s address, whether it is the customer’s home or business address.

Or the customer is contacted to receive a request through one of the shipping company’s offices in his city. The process usually takes 5-10 days from the date of shipment from Turkey, depending on several factors, including the speed of traffic through Turkish and Saudi customs, and the extent of pressure on the shipping company. The customer will be provided with the policy number (tracking number) to track the shipment path. The process often takes two days for the data to appear on the shipping company’s website.

  1. Cargo Shipping Company Turkey:

It is one of the most important Turkish shipping companies inside and outside Turkey if you are really want to import from Turkey as it is characterized by the lowest cost offer in the shipping process, but recently many companies have appeared that offer cheaper prices for shipping, and the Turkish company ptt is characterized by its high accuracy of appointments and delivery of the shipment on time, and this is what makes it a government approved company For many companies and serious customers looking for their services in Turkey, it is one of the cheapest shipping company from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, and what distinguishes it also is that it provides everything necessary to complete the desired shipment, even by communicating with its website on the Internet, and you only have to fill in your data and the shipment, which is It guarantees the easy, safe, accurate and effortless delivery process.

  1. PTT Shipping Company:

It is a leading and distinguished Turkish company for postal shipping services in all its forms and it offers its own services, which facilitate the transactions of the shipment, which require a lot of procedures and transactions to complete the shipping process inside or outside Turkey, it is one of the best shipping companies from Turkey, and this company is one of the oldest shipping companies In the world, as it was founded on October 23, 1840 AD by the Ottoman Empire, it is distinguished by the excellent performance and service it provides as it has the international quality certificate ISO-9000 that you can trust for its reliability.

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How to import from Turkey

We find in the Turkish market many products and each product is available at different prices, and for this, as foreign importer of Turkish goods, you will need to know many steps and details before coming to Turkey and other steps that you will take in Turkey.

How to import from Turkey
How to import from Turkey
  1. Study of the local market and prices:

So that you are fully aware of the prices in the local market in your country, in terms of (retail price, dealer price, wholesale price, importer price), this precisely represents the real price of the product, and this step is important so as not to leave room for the element of surprise. Knowing the customs laws in your country:

Before importing from Turkey or from any country, it is necessary to identify the customs standards in your country, so as not to be surprised when trying to introduce some Turkish goods with high customs tariffs, it becomes a burden on the cost of the product and increases its price that reaches the consumer.

  1. How to write data on the Turkish product:

The data written on the products made in Turkey for your country is of great importance that may not be taken into consideration, but in fact, neglecting to write the country of origin may cause the product to be seized by customs and fine you large amounts greater than the price of the product itself. Ensure that the products such as wholesale plastic containers do not need permits from the Ministry of Health so that the product is not refused entry from the customs in your country.

  1. Availability of complete product sheets:

Such as: product certification, packing lists, purchase invoices, technical data, so that you can pass the goods and products from the wholesale clothing market in Turkey or factories from customs easily.

  1. Iron the sales and distribution process mechanisms from the beginning:

Knowing where products are sold and making sure that the product is easy to distribute and sell, As well as determining the method of payment and collection to know and determine the element of risk, Meaning, will the payment be immediate or in installments so that you can determine your final profits.

  1. Capital:

The capital for a Turkish goods import project is determined based on the method of collecting the sums after selling the goods, and you should know the cheapest way to ship to Turkey this is because the import process is a continuous cycle that needs capital turnover.

  1. Searching for suitable Turkish factories:

Searching and identifying Turkish factories and determining which factory you will import from and deal with – and knowing how to ship from Turkey- and compare its prices and the quality of its products, it is advisable to have pictures of the products required for import and clear data about them.

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Best things to buy in Istanbul Turkey

The Turkish Republic is classified as one of the modern industrial countries in the world, where the country supports a wide range of industries and turkey importers, so factories are distributed in large areas in Istanbul, the area around the Marmara Sea, the Aegean coast around Izmir, the Adana Basin, and the area around Ankara, and these factories contribute to The country’s total production is high, and it is noteworthy that the Turkish economy is based on traditional agriculture and modern industry, where agriculture accounts for about 30% of the country’s employment, and the workforce in industry constitutes 26.2%, in addition to the industrial contribution to the country’s GDP at 27.7% While the agricultural contribution is 8.1%, and the service sector contribution is 64.2%.

Turkey is the 28th largest exporting country to the rest of the world. As the value of its exports amounts to about $ 153.6 billion, and when you are asked about what are Turkey’s exports, it exports cars, auto parts, iron ore bars, delivery trucks, jewelry, clothes, foodstuffs, and textiles, and among its most important partners in the export business: Germany. Its exports account for 9.3%, the United Kingdom by 7.3%, Iraq by 5.9%, Italy by 4.8%, the United States of America by 4.5%, and France by 4.1%.

The main industries in Turkey depend on agricultural production, especially pomegranates, hazelnuts, quince, watermelon, tea, tomatoes, eggplant, tobacco, apples, there are chocolate companies in Turkey and wheat. Its most important industries are textiles, food industries, the automobile industry, electronics, tourism, and mining that depends On coal, chromate, copper, boron, steel manufacturing, there are also towel manufacturing companies in Turkey petroleum, construction work, woodwork, and paper, in addition to chemicals, shoes, and clothing industries.

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How do I find suppliers in Turkey?

You can do the import process from Turkey online and the export process to Turkey through the Internet, and this method is one of the very safe ways and is the most economical at all, but it is necessary to take into account the company, because most companies such as Turkey wall to wall carpet manufacturers offer double values to buyers through the Internet, there are A number of reliable electronic companies that help you in the export process easily. All you have to do is prepare and equip all the supplies you need.

Importing from Turkey via the Internet is common and it is the most affordable, but you must be careful to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers, for example there are major commercial sites that include a number of Turkish companies such as wholesale hijab store specialized in selling different types of goods such as Turkishexportal, tradekey, and Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from all over the world, including Turkey.

After reading this article, you will be introduced to the best shipping from Turkey to Ethiopia import and export companies.


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