Shipping cost from Turkey to Kenya

Shipping cost from Turkey to Kenya … Best 21 shipping companies in Turkey


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Shipping cost from Turkey to Kenya

Shipping cost from Turkey to Kenya From to Freight Ankara Turkey Air Cargo Dubai Tashkent Sri Lanka Nairobi Kenya Tunis DHL Shipping from China to Ireland are $2.00/ Kilogram. location of Turkey next to both the Mediterranean and the Black Seas makes it a destination of strategically importance, as the border between Europe and Asia. Importing from Turkey Istanbul and Ankara are two of the most frequently sent to cities due to their tremendous populaces, whilst tourism also drives up the volume of goods sent to and from Turkey. Best shipping companies with trusted deals and lowest cost, this information will know in Importing house platform just contact with us…

Freight charges from Turkey to Kenya

1- SeaRates:

offers serious transportation answer for delivery LCL, FCL, oversized, bulk, break bulk and liquid cargoes from Istanbul to Mombasa, Kenya. It provides competitive shipping quotes 24/7, and present good offer for shipping to Kenya, good packing, delivery of your products from Turkey exporters from Istanbul to Mombasa, Kenya. A considerable lot of these delivery organizations additionally give transporting guidance through live visit to make your international trading as smooth as possible, SeaRates assists with masterminding the worldwide freight conveyance from 1m³ or 50 kg till shiploads. Turkey importers list;


we introduce ourselves as one of the most reliable and competent foreign trade company in Turkey. We are selling and purchasing specialist of numerous makers firms in Turkey. Also, we have serious contacts with best manufacturers in Turkey.


Turkish rug suppliers, we are a company that has been exporting to different countries for 16 years. Our main product groups consist of home textiles, glassware and furniture items.

4- CTC Export & Import:

is a well-organized exporter and importer company, found in İstanbul, Turkey, which handles especially HDPE, LDPE Plastic Bags, T-Shirts, Whey Powder and Olive Oil?

5- Rekor Plastik Ltd.Sti :

We are found in Izmir/ Turkey and produced Plastic Bags since 1962. We are Exporters of West Europe one of Plastic bags manufacturers in Turkey.

6- Ilmaksan Aircondition Mach. Prod. Ind. Import Export Co. Ltd.;

has activated since 1995 at section of air-condition machines in Turkey, ilmaksan, air-condition, export, machine, import, Pittsburg, lock, hand, operated, folding, flange, roll, forming, length cutting, decoiler, profile, former.


IZA Makina, we making plastic bag making machine Turkey which meets your needs in the best and fastest manner with the experience gained from our foundation until today and the investments we make, will be at your side with you.

importing from Turkey to South Africa
importing from Turkey to South Africa

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Turkish wholesale market


is a Manufacturer and Producer, founded in 1995, which operates in the Camping and caravans, vehicles, parts and accessories industry. It also operates in the wholesale markets Car thermostats water pumps and Spare parts production industries.

9- Baymali Ltd:

One of the best wedding dress makers in Turkey Manufacturing private label apparel, or branded apparel, evening dresses and wedding gowns are Baymali’s specialty. Custom cut and sew manufacturing services are between the best in the fashion industry, if you want importing dresses from Turkey this the best choice for you. When everything done there still work to do, to bring your private label designs to the retail store.


We manufacture Compound Chocolate, cake and candies, we sell to 26 countries around the world and we have especial distributors in most of it, and our goal for now is to reach 50 countries.


We Turkish wholesale manufacturer sell stock products from Denizli. All kinds of textile products can be found and we will present you perfect prices. We are doing this more than ten years, so, it is easy to find what our customers demand from us. We have big connections with the biggest home textile companies in Denizli, Turkey.


Our company Gonul Textile have Turkish towel company sale and one of the leading manufactures and exporter of Home – Hotel& Spa Textile, Promotional Textile products and various fabrics with best service, quality, competitive prices on time performance. Our productions include; Bathrobes, Towels Bathmats, Bath gloves, swaddle, Hotel & Spa Textile, Promotional Textile.

Turkish towel company sale
Turkish towel company sale

13- The Turkish Towel Company:

is a main maker of luxury Turkish towels and bath robes to the accommodation, spa and consumer markets. Located in Middleton, MA, with their own production facilities in Turkey, The Turkish towel company marries American design, improvement, and promoting experience to the world-renowned skills and quality of Turkish towel manufacturing.


The company serving under the brand name SOZER has been oriented specially to paint and chemical industry since 1970. Besides the manufacture of multipurpose machines and components for the mentioned industries, Product liquid chocolate filling machine and Weighing Machines Dissolver High Shear Propellers and Vessels, Transfer Pumps in the product range.


became one of Turkey’s prominent companies in the packaging sector like tea filling machine, within the short span of only two years. producing tea bag envelopes and tea tags, the company has reached the top place in flexible packaging products. Our customer list includes Turkey’s largest organizations in this field. Contain Devrim Packaging holds 90% of the Turkish tea.

16- Buser Project:

is established in 1986. With its quality furniture and excellent service concept, school furniture factory in Turkey, education furniture has taken its place in the sector. It has realized hundreds of domestic & global projects in 35 countries in this period. Equipped with 150’000 sq. mt. standard (loose) furniture.

17- Bonsuny furniture belongs to Guangzhou Liangjiu Furniture Co., Ltd.:

present ourselves as restaurant furniture supplier integrating R & D, production and sales, it has become one of the home furniture brands. Bonsuny furniture upholds the practical, easy-to-use and durable R & D concept, restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey, providing integrated furniture solutions for well-known restaurant chain companies and domestic and foreign enterprises.

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Shipping companies from Turkey to Kenya

Do you find it challenging to find reliable freight shipping companies in Turkey? Increasing business needs have turned transportation into a complicated activity. Hence, businesses must hire an expert who is capable of addressing challenges on time. Come and help your search with this list of shipping companies in Turkey to make a selection;

18- Bayraktar Shipping Group:

offers high-quality maritime transportation by serving to global shipping trades, special offer for shipping to Kenya, while sustaining safety of environment and energy efficiency with a team of inspired employees.

19- Borealis Maritime:

employs highly professionals whose experience is deeply anchored in the shipping industry. Their experts draw from a proven track record in the management of maritime assets for financial investors, including commercial and technical ship management.

20- Gemline Shipping Shipping & Trading:

was established on 1996 at Gemlik and increasing its capacity in world quickly, strong and reliable steps as a Logistic and a Forwarder Company. shipping cost from turkey to Kenya are less than other, we are providing full service with our qualified/professional team members and experienced.

21- Elarrab:

is one of the strongest and best freight forwarders in Turkey and always seeks to be the logistics partner for your business to be with you to develop your business, providing you with all world, land, air and sea freight services to all parts of the world.

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How to import from Turkey to Kenya

The commercial relations between Kenya and Turkey have increased significantly in the last 10 years. Total exports increased from $130 Billion to $190 Billion from 2008 to 2017. Fertilizers are the main export Turkish products of Turkey to Kenya with 26% of total exports in 2017. Kenya is a significant market for Turkish organizations which are happy to enter the East African market. Importing from Turkey to Kenya are easy by trusted Turkish shipping companies.

Turkish distributors;


producer and exporter of dental waxes, acrylic teeth, dental laboratory materials.

8- Kromluks INC:

KROMLUKS is the first unique factory in turkey which produces kitchen, laundry and cooling systems with the experience of half century. With our nearby 250-person workforce, 15000 m2 square closed

9- HAZ Abrasive:

abrasive flap disc, abrasive cloth


is a fine paper, a specialized in converting, distribution and wholesale company? It was founded in 1985 and is located in İstanbul, Turkey. The company area is 6.000 square.

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What to import from Turkey?

Istanbul Africa Trade Company improves commercial relations between Turkey and the African countries through professional trade services, you can import from turkey the following goods as made in Turkey product;


  • Concrete Block Making and Paver Machines
  • Crushers and Screeners
  • Food Production and Packaging Machines
  •  Concrete Batching Plants
  • Mobile Crane
  • Concrete Pipe Making Machines
  • Industrial Boilers, Burners and Fans
  •  Road Construction and Asphalt Machines
  • Biogas & Biodiesel Facilities
  • Industrial Automation Machines
  • CNC Machines
  • 2-Consumer Goods:
  • Import onion from Turkey

    • Baby Diapers
    • Sanitary Pads
    • Wet Wipes
    • Detergent
    • Soap
    • Cosmetics
    • Shampoo
    • LED Bulbs
    • Pasta
    • Spice Variarities
    • Dried Fruit
    • Frozen Food
  • Import olive oil from Turkey

3-Building Materials:

  • PVC and PPRC Pipes and Fittings
  • Basin Mixers and Shower Sets
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Water Purifiers
  • Solar Lighting Systems
  • Construction Iron
  • Turkish Tiles
  • Marble
  • 4-Agricultural Machinery:
  • Gasoline & Diesel Tractors
  • Soil Preparation Machinery
  • Mechanical Seeders
  • Pneumatic Planters
  • Fertilizer Spreader
  • Drum Mower
  • Vegetable Harvester
  • 5-Refined Petroleum Products:
  • LDPE
  • Master batch
  • Fuel
  • HDPE
  • The Most Turkish brands;
  • Gizia:
  • located in Istanbul, Gizia is known internationally for designing incredibly crafted high fashion.
  • Hatemoğlu.
  • KAYRA.
  • Dogo Store.
  • Bigg Shop.
  • Shopi go.
  • Bueno Shoes.
  • Aker.
  • At the end of article, I hope I benefit you in shipping cost from turkey to Kenya, and present al suitable information about it, import from Turkey become very easy with trusted shipping companies and the best choice for anyone want to start own business.

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