Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey

restaurant furniture suppliers turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey

Starting a restaurant project requires a lot of things, the most important of it  is searching for the best restaurant furniture suppliers turkey , Because the furniture and interior design of the restaurant greatly affects the psyche of the customer and makes him want to come back again.


Luxury furniture manufacturers in turkey

 You can find here the most important restaurant and hotel furniture companies:

  1. Luxury Line:

Behind the Luxury Line, which combines luxury, aesthetics and comfort in furniture, decoration and complementary accessories, there is a quality production and corporate brand expertise dating back years. Turkey’s leaders set out the collection with luxury furniture Luxury Line’s goal to become the brand’s original designs mainly classical style furniture. Turkey’s new luxury furniture company, but also realizes the personalized furniture design and production. Displaying its products that add a distinguished style to all places from apartments to villas, from residences to offices, from hotels to restaurant furniture turkey, Luxury Line welcomes its guests in luxury furniture stores in MASKO.

Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey
Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey


Worldwide Delivery:

Behind the LUXURY LINE brand, which combines luxury second hand restaurant furniture  and comfort, there is quality production dating back years, unconditional customer satisfaction and corporate accumulation. LUXURY LINE, which opens to the world from Istanbul, the meeting point of the continents in the center of Eurasia, delivers its rich collection of luxury products to dozens of countries from Europe to America, from the Middle East to Africa and Asia.


Corporate Sales:

They also offer corporate solutions for all restaurant furniture design and decoration needs from A to Z of hotel, cafe, restaurant, office and residence projects in Turkey and abroad. They are at your service with hundreds of product options in their rich collection.


Architectural Service:

Thier Interior Architects are ready to add elegance to your living spaces their architects, who reinterpret luxury for you, listen to you, understand you and redesign your living spaces according to your dreams with the choices that best reflect your character and best suit your style among their rich collections.


Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey
Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey


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List of furniture companies in Turkey

What are the best furniture brands? What are the furniture brands selling bedroom sets, sofa sets? If you have questions like and are looking for furniture campaigns, you are definitely at the right place! You have prepared the best ranking furniture brand in Turkey. In the list below, furniture companies are listed according to the number of website visitors and their awareness. In addition, some information is given for all furniture brands.

  1. Wood Vision

Although there are many furniture brands, most modern restaurant furniture  models are very similar to each other. Those who want to differentiate their home prefer specially produced furniture. Wood Vizyon furniture also stands out as a furniture brand where you can find what you are looking for in special production furniture. You can add a unique style to your home thanks to Wood Vision with products such as specially designed coffee table models, specially produced library and work table. Wood Vision products are among the best custom made wholesale restaurant furniture products with their minimalist designs and the harmony of wood and metal.


  1. IKEA

The Ikea brand, one of the world-famous furniture brands, has been serving in Turkey since 2005. Reflecting the Scandinavian culture to its product designs, ikea aims to offer simplicity in its products and solutions that make daily life easier. With 7 stores and websites, ikea is among the best turkish restaurant furniture in Turkey. Especially kitchen materials, children’s room and carpet products are a very popular brand. Among the baby furniture brands, Ikea products can be considered as an alternative. When the ikea complaints on the platform are analyzed, we see that it received 1194 complaints in the last 1 year and achieved a satisfaction level of 41%.


Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey
Restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey


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Restaurant furniture Suppliers

In the following company, you can find all kinds of furniture, from home furniture to restaurant and hotel furniture.


Bellona will definitely be one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to home and  commercial restaurant furniture. Turkey is one of the most extensive dealer network in bello furniture brand, a period that every family has a furniture shop that makes it a must. It is one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to living room set, bedroom and dining room set. with about 750 dealers all over Turkey and reach to customers of all tastes. The reason why the Bellona brand is in the 2nd place on the list is that customers from all walks of life definitely visit the Bellona website for furniture shopping. When Bellona complaints on the platform are examined, we see that it has received 1480 complaints in the last 1 year, providing 22% satisfaction level and is among the best furniture brands.

In this article we provide you the most important restaurant furniture to import from turkey.

Buy furniture in Turkey

Turkey, one of the countries famous for its elegant furniture, and the options vary between new and used, many people resort to it to save money Through our article, we will try to introduce you to the advantages of Turkish furniture, its varieties, places to buy it, and its prices.

Furniture in Turkey:

Furniture in Turkey is divided into two main parts, namely:

The new and used, and each of these two sections has its advantages and disadvantages:

New furniture and places to buy it:

The new furniture in Turkey is distinguished by its wonderful and unique tastes and designs outdoor restaurant furniture, and varies between what is in line with modernity and fashion, and between what preserves the original old style while adding modern and modern touches.


Its prices vary between what is average cost and what is high cost.

Where to buy it:

MASCO, the distinctive Turkish furniture city:

The city of MASCO is already a real city, in one of the most famous places to sell furniture in Istanbul.

The product inside MASCO city combines modernity with the original past, this is what makes the designs distinctive, and the furniture inside MASCO is varied and comprehensive, as:

  • It combines ancient Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman designs with modern European and Turkish designs.
  • All companies located within the city of MASCO are large companies guaranteed and reliable.
  • Which makes dealing with it comfortable and reassuring.

Used furniture and places to buy it:

The user market in Turkey is distinguished by its simple prices suitable for all groups, and it is diversified in its exhibits, in every region of Turkey, user markets and bazaars are held restaurant furniture market, which are held for one or two days a week, and it contains all the supplies from furnishings and furniture restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey, to clothes and food, and you can get good prices and offers through it.

Among the most famous places to sell used furniture in Istanbul:

Al-Fateh Street, in the Shrine Evler area, the used market.

Furniture factory in Turkey
Furniture factory in Turkey

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Furniture factory in Turkey

Furniture factories in Turkey are among the most prominent projects that are operating in full swing, due to their global quality, and those factories were able to infiltrate every Arab with a piece or more, so if you are looking for a directory of furniture factories in Turkey, we will offer you the best factories and what they offer of distinguished furniture and designs that there is no Better than them.

Where to find furniture factories in Turkey?

Do you face the problem of buying Turkish furniture of all kinds and do not know how to do it without experience bulk buy restaurant furniture?  So, you must follow the following article to have all possible details about the most famous and most reliable Turkish factories that can be trusted, which also have the best and latest designs.

1_ Ahmed Turkman:

Omar Turkman, father of Ahmed Turkman, opened a wood-carving shop in 1969, and his son acquired the craftsmanship from it, to shine in carving on wood and producing the finest designs of Turkish Istanbul furniture The shop is characterized by high accuracy in implementation, because the resulting furniture comes directly from their factories The factory is located in Kagithane and its products are exhibited in the International Furniture Fair in Istanbul, and it can manufacture furniture to order as well.

2_Edecor Shop:

One of the most famous furniture factories in Turkey, because it is one of the most important pieces of furniture at home restaurant furniture wholesale, as it specializes in displaying the products of its factory that design the most famous and best paintings and mirrors consistent with the pieces of furniture and designed with a high degree of professionalism.

 3_Modoku Turkey Furniture:

It is one of the best and outstanding examples of furniture cities in Turkey, and it is called the Turkish Furniture Capital. It was established in the Umraniye district of Istanbul, in the Asian part of it in 1969, with the support of the Turkish ministries of commerce and industry restaurant furniture for sale, and with time the region developed into the best and most famous area for furniture-making.

Those who target the area can stay in the nearby hotels, which are many and distinct as well The region’s exhibitions are distinguished by confidence and distinction, as they are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish Standards Institute, and also the exhibitions have an Arabic translation, which facilitates the buying and selling process.

4_ Ikea furniture in Turkey:

Ikea branches are located everywhere and it has several branches in Turkey that offer the best simple and modern furniture, which is a great combination between European and Turkish furniture as well.

It displays its simple and elaborate furniture, and is characterized by its innovative designs that are suitable for furnishing in homes with small spaces due to its multi-use furniture that is suitable for furnishing of children’s rooms, bedrooms and small offices cheap café tables and chairs.

5_ Palmi Cocac Corporation:

One of the companies that has a great time in the Turkish furniture market, the company was established in 2001 and produces the best luxury and luxurious furniture at the highest level. The company has been working in this furniture field for many years and it exports furniture to more than 50 countries around the world, making it one of the most important cities of industry.  Furniture in the world The company also specializes in manufacturing tables and chairs for commercial activities such as restaurants restaurant furniture wholesale, cafes, hotels and schools as well.

6_Logo Studio:

The great advantage of this company is that it has its own character in the manufacture of furniture as it seeks to transfer colors to your life restaurant furniture suppliers Turkey, as the colored furniture is completely handmade in the company’s workshops These unique pieces are characterized by the vibrant colors of the same piece, but with a great harmony between the design and the colors.  The furniture pieces are professionally designed with great precision.

7_Stoa Design:

One of the most famous furniture factories in Turkey that buyers from all over the world flock to, and the designs of this shop are characterized by infinite simplicity with innovation and creativity in design, which forms a unique combination of beauty in furniture and furnishings, which is what those who intend to marry seek, and provides import of furniture from Turkey importing from Turkey and depends in a manner  General Designed in fine woods, such as oak and walnut, all furniture has natural colors and soft finishes.

This factory was founded by designer Tardo Koman, who began his life designing jewelry in Paris, then designing artworks from wood and metal in Athens before opening a Turkish furniture store in Istanbul Coman does not use glue in the furniture he makes, but it depends on a special technology that makes the furniture stick without any adhesives, and this furniture lasts more than the furniture that was pasted and lasts for many years.

The store is famous for having luxury modern Turkish office furniture, so you can find a wide variety of office tables, chairs, office sofas, side tables, etc., café tables and chairs wholesale and it also has the best office tools and unique furniture pieces to establish a modern home and office, and you can go to the store branch and preview the products yourself and see their prices or choose the modifications and designs you want to make.

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