purchase plastic bags wholesale

purchase plastic bags wholesale .. 10 certified factories

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in purchase plastic bags wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

 purchase plastic bags wholesale

Are you intending to make your project starting by purchase plastic bags wholesale it’s a great project, but Are you looking for some structures and basics to how to import from turkey those plastic bags wholesale and from where and do you searching for the top important places where you can find the best of Turkish vendors in turkey? Don’t worry, here in this article we will talk about it in details.

buy plastic bags wholesale

One of the most important and profitable projects in recent times is the plastic bags manufacturing project due to several factors, the most important of which are:

1- Continuity in Demand: Where to buy Plastic Grocery Bags Now there is no one who buys anything from a store or even a small stall unless the seller puts the sold goods in plastic bags.

2- Short product life: Where plastic bags are used for one time only.

3- Lack of waste: The waste generated by the plastic industry is very easy compared to any other industry.

buy plastic bags wholesale
buy plastic bags wholesale

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plastic bag vendors

Are you searching for vendors and top well-known suppliers? Also, the best in quality from other low standard companies in plastic bags producing, here are the top of places that you can purchase plastic bags wholesale and plastic machines:

plastic bag vendors
plastic bag vendors
  1. Ruian Ruihua:

Ruian Ruihua Printing Packing Machinery is an innovative, and professional manufacturer engaged in the plastic bag design manufacture, marketing and service of packing machinery. The company is mainly specialized in manufacturing various flexible packing machinery, such as printing machine, film blowing machine, bag making machine, slitting machine, plastic bag machine, and other more relevant products.

Starting from the establishment, they have a quick development based on good machine quality and superior after-sales service. Ruihua Machinery is good at expanding overseas markets through machine quality and service. Their machinery is exported to many countries and regions, like: countries in Europe, Middle and South America, Middle East regions, Africa, and other regions of Asia. They can manufacture and supply different machinery to satisfy customers according to their diversified needs and demands. With great teams for the machine design, production, sales and pre and after sale services, machines are always in good using and with a long-life time.

  1. Özmak Plastic Machine:

This company producing bag cutting, plastic bag sealer and sealing machines to 61 countries worldwide and 39 regions in Turkey.

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plastic bags factory in turkey


They are manufacturer of plastic catering equipment, garbage bags, plastic grocery bags recycle, disponible bags, shopping bags and stretch film/aluminum folio all sizes. they are located in Izmir turkey. In competitive prices high quality products in Rubber and Plastics.




The company established in 1999 in Gaziantep which is placed in Turkey. Their products are plastic cones, ring tubes, flyer bobbins, dyeing cones, conic cones, cylindric cones, regata cones, finusor tubes, conic paper cones, p. E bags, nylon bags extra large turkey freezer bags, garbage bags, cover bags and plastic fruit and vegetable cases.


They are a producer of the premium quality plastic cup, plastic plates, plastic food container and plastic cutlery. The company located in Turkey and their clients are mainly in Europe, UK, USA, and the Middle East.

  1. Sarplast Ltd.

They are a wholesaler and manufacturer of plastic packaging products in Turkey. Also, buy and sell plastic raw materials such as PE and PP.

  1. Deka Plastik

This factory includes film manufacturing, reproduction and printing. they are specialized in LDPE, PP, cpp and OPP kinds of films and bags like small oven bags. According to customer’s specification they are manufacturing films of LDPE, and PP in their extrusion machines. Their Main Markets in Middle East, based in Turkey. Also, they able to plastic bag design and make 6 color prints on plastic bags. With dynamic and professional vision, and it’s one of the leading companies in plastic sector.

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plastic bag making machine cost

To get acquainted with the mechanism of manufacturing plastic bag machine and it cost, you must first know the machines used for this purpose:

  • Drawing machine.
  • Mixing machine.
  • Electric scissors.
  • Electric plunger.
  • Bag welding machine.

The raw materials are placed in hoppers to heat them and add dye to them, after heating it turns into a soft, easy-to-shape material and passes through the machine through gears to exit into molds to design its shape, and air is pushed during the formation of the dough to form a plastic balloon.

After that, the balloon is drawn on the rollers and then it is wrapped on the pull pulley, then the pull roll is placed in the cutting machine to cut the bags according to the specified size, after that the cut bags are pressed and prepared for packaging, in the last stage the product sizes are reviewed, weighed and a procedure is conducted. Tensile test on it. This process enables the production of transparent plastic bags that are used for packaging industrial products as well as bags for commercial use and garbage collection bags.

plastic bags selling price

Approximately the prices of plastic bag making machines range from $15,000 to $ 100,000 in the markets.

In conclusion, we have informed you with basic information about where to purchase plastic bags wholesale and the top of manufacturers in Turkey which producing plastic products



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