prayer mat manufacturers turkey

prayer mat manufacturers turkey.. the most of great 16 places can deal with

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 prayer mat manufacturers turkey

Turkey is famous for the manufacture of clothes and textiles, and our conversation today comes about prayer mat manufacturers turkey and all types of prayer rags in turkey, as it is an industry that has its place and has a large share in export operations to other countries around the world. You will get experience and know the most important of these factories to import from turkey the best prayer rugs, through importing – house platform we will help you to get useful information just follow us.

muslim prayer mat manufacturers turkey

To get a guide to prayer mat manufacturers turkey, you can search the internet to find all the factories available, but most importantly, even wholesale prayer sales is to get other customers’ reactions and expressions to see how safe the products they offer that are interested in the factory. you can choose one of best of turkey prayer mat factory from those following prayer mat manufacturers turkey:

turkey prayer mat factory
turkey prayer mat factory
  1. Carpet city in Turkey:

Oriental and Arab carpets, with their drawings and designs, achieved the pinnacle of excellence and elegance since around the eleventh century, and today the carpet industry is of great importance to the industry and marketing circles at the global level also for wholesale market in turkey, Turkey is the sixth largest city in Gaziantep that has many carpet factories, and this city is located a few kilometers away. About 350 carpet factories, and it is an industrial city with many different factories.

  1. Carpet market in Turkey:

In this city there are very luxury prayer mat and large carpet and rug factories, large factories with 70 and 80 machines and small factories such as a Turkish carpet factory with 5 to 15 machines. The supplier or customer can design the pattern or pattern that he wants to convert into a carpet with the choice of color, feature and for the prayer mat size and send it to the factory is online and printed, because today carpets are among the elements that differ from the different furniture between classic and modern, and the customer can design the required template using Photoshop.


The enterprise, BAYKILIM, is the manufacturer, marketing and producer, founded in 2014 based in Istanbul, Turkey, and it operates in the carpets and rugs sector. It also works in sectors and carpets.


The company RET DEKOR, they are the best prayer mat manufacturers turkey, producer, and operates in the carpet sector in Istanbul, Turkey, also, export and import of carpets, and the purchase and sale of carpets. and It is offering prayer mat wholesale turkey.


KRC CARPET, manufacturer, producer, and operating in the carpet sector in Gaziantep, Turkey.


The company ÖZKUL CARPETS, manufacturer and producer, operates in the handmade carpets sector. It also works in sectors and carpets. Located in Manisa, Demirci, Turkey.


You can find turkish prayer mat online in that foundation as Özkan HALI, they started to sell the Wholesale and Retail Carpet trade, which they have been doing since 1986, on a new medium with their e-commerce site since 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the day they opened, they aimed to provide the correct and fastest service. Also, they restarted e-commerce, which gave a break in 2015, in October 2017. And they serve with dozens of brands as Wholesale and Retail.

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  1. MY HALI:

The enterprise MY HALI, is the manufacturer, producer, and operating in the carpet sector in Turkey.

  1. Cmt Carpet:

An important producer of its sector, produces 4,500,000 carpets annually, with their professional team and expert staff, they are on the way to become a leader by increasing their quality to the highest level with the advanced technology they use in their facility at every stage of production. By using Polypropylene, Heat set, Frize, Shaggy, Polyester, Microfiber Polyester raw materials, they are making the difference of CMT Carpet in their markets with the products they produced in unique designs and colors, from thin prayer mat to thick prayer mat, taking into account the tastes of their consumers.

  1. Moldivar

A Turkish prayer mat manufacturers turkey, as their Prayer rug samples are carefully prepared in many different ways from past to present. Thus, when people pray, they use something clean and designed according to the theme, which comes to mind when people say that small churches are clear and tried to make their choices because they thought they could not find new models, but today people can examine the chapels the way they want and it is easy to choose between them.

  1. Ninovacarpet Corporation

It is one of the most famous companies specializing in the production of Turkish carpets and has been operating in Gaziantep since 1989. This company offers best quality prayer mat and every type of carpet that can occur to its customers of all sizes, and this company has made rugs from PCF carpets, thermal carpets, and carpets. The frieze, shaggy carpets, acrylic carpets, and Viscon carpets, and succeeded in expanding and spreading owns the largest industrial company mainly and is one of the most important factories in Turkey for import.

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  1. Yasin Kaplancarb plant

This factory was established in 1983, being one of the best and largest prayer rug factories in Turkey, it has a leading place in the carpet industry, and it will be greatly appreciated, and since its establishment. It has entered into the quest to be the best carpet factory in Turkey, as it was with the support and encouragement of volunteer work teams as the company always wants Knowing the reactions of their customers regarding the carpets they produce, to satisfy them and to take responsibility towards customers and the prayer mat suppliers turkey

where to buy prayer mats in istanbul

Turkey is distinguished for being one of the most important and largest countries in the world famous for its high-quality textile industry and it has great prayer mat manufacturers turkey. And there is a high demand for importing Turkish carpets, especially turkish prayer carpet to the quality and abundance of carpet factories in Turkey, as well as companies that contribute to exporting Turkish carpets to various countries of the world.

The carpets also make a special charm for homes by providing different styles to give a classic and modern environment according to the style designed for each carpet, and one of the most important advantages of prayer rug and Turkish carpets is its long-term durability due to the quality of its material and workmanship, and its maintenance does not cost much, in addition to its moderate prices and its combination of a refined combination of tradition and elegance. And beauty.

where to buy prayer mats in istanbul
where to buy prayer mats in istanbul

While Turkish carpets gain durability as a result of the skilled hand that made them, which created a wonderful variety of drawings and patterns stemming from the depth of the Ottoman history woven on this or that carpet, and some of them are machine-made, but most of them are made to this day by hand by highly skilled weaving experts.

  1. Salma Company

It was established in 2014 in the light of knowledge and experience of 35 years ago and continued its production activities in a factory building of 3000 square meters closed area in Istanbul. It has a team of experts with 2 million upholstery fabrics and prayer rugs per year. Since its establishment, it has been producing export-oriented products and exporting its products to the whole world.

  1. Gozde Corporation

It is one of the largest prayer carpet factories in Turkey. It was established as a family business in Istanbul in 1986. With the establishment of the factory in Arnavutkoy, it continues to make all kinds of investments by strengthening its position in the textile sector in its new location, after making it a principle that has become a symbol of confidence in the sector from by strengthening its position in the textile sector in its new place, adopting the principle of maintaining trust and service and the Leadership in all region of activity.

  1. Beyazit Company

Founded since 1965, Bayezid Textile is one of the best carpet manufacturers in Turkey and one of the leading manufacturers of Hac materials, and it continues its business activities such as domestic sales, import and export in Istanbul, considering the principle of complete customer satisfaction with its trained and experienced employees, has earned the trust of its customers by providing quality and a prompt proper service.

  1. BERAT Corporation

Velvet carpet factory, textiles and carpets in the best Turkish products in areas such as Prater velvet factory with 20 years of experience, as one of the famous prayer rug factories in Turkey, it works to market its products in the market related to velvet as well as exporting to different countries.

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prayer mat made in turkey

The prayer mat manufacturers turkey and factories in Turkey provide many types of prayer mats turkey as we suggested to you above lines, Including the trim, the masters and the lined ones, and they are exported to many countries of the world, even reaching Saudi Arabia, specifically to the Holy Mosques of Mecca and the Prophet, in addition to selling Turkish carpets in the markets of Makkah and Madinah.

While the lined prayer rug is one of the most common types of Turkish prayer rugs, as performing the five daily obligatory prayers except for the Sunnah prayers requires the use of a durable and durable prayer rug for a longer time, so the Turkish lined prayer rugs come to fulfill the purpose perfectly.

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turkish prayer rugs for sale

Are you looking for rugs for sale in Turkey especially prayer mats for the best quality and in a good condition? As there are many prayer mat manufacturers turkey and places offer those requirements all you can do is to take a situation and contact them with your demand. As when it comes to sale and find the best offers and the latest prices it differs from place to place for sure that you must be caution and patient for what you need when you deal with one of those places Advice before your contract with the company or factory in Turkey You must follow these important tips in order not to suffer financial losses, which are:

turkish prayer rugs for sale
turkish prayer rugs for sale
  • Send pictures of your product and its specifications on the website, the address of the company or the factory, and you also have the right to request that the product samples you want be sent from the company before contracting
  • You must specify the date for the delivery and shipment of the goods in the final contract, and place a penalty clause on the manufacturer in the event of a delay in dispatch.
  • Determine the good way to ship the goods so that they arrive properly without being damaged, whether by air, sea or land freight.
  • The method of paying the cost of imported goods from Turkey must be specified in the contract, whether the method is by bank transfer or through the famous western union company, or by traveling to Turkey, which is preferred. Like when you want to import Turkish carpets, you must follow the following steps:

First – Choosing a suitable prayer mat manufacturers turkey or a Turkish prayer rug company: This stage is very important in the process of choosing prayer rugs, as there are many companies specializing in the manufacture of prayer rugs in Turkey with the provision of different services and various forms.

Second – Choosing the appropriate shipping company: This is another important step, as it may help the shipping company to know where to sell prayer rugs in bulk and after choosing the type and model to be purchased.

The shipping company of prayer mat manufacturers turkey will clear it customs and export it to the importer’s country and the financial guarantee is deposited the amount to the shipping company in the receiving country of the Turkish carpets and the delivery is not made.

The amount is only after receiving the goods, and there are dozens of shipping companies that have headquarters in the Arab countries, such as: “Odette Logistics, the Oriental Pearl” But we recommend that you travel to Turkey even once to import prayer rugs in order to know the steps of the purchase and import process and not fall into the trap of unfairness and fraud from some. Turkish carpet city:

It is a Turkish industrial city with many varied and different factories and prayer mat manufacturers turkey also, there are very large factories for carpets and rugs, where the size of some of its factories reaches 70 or 80 machines for making carpets, while there are in the small factories between 5 to 15 machines. While Carpet City offers its customers the ability to design its own pattern, add the colors and specifications desired, and send it to one of the factories operating in the city via the Internet to be printed, and one of the most famous types of carpets that the Turkish city manufactures is (modern Turkish carpets) to simulate the era and attract most tastes.

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turkish prayer mats price

The carpet-making project is not a small profitable business as it is one of the largest. Carpet Factory with an investment of $ 1.5 million:  The project is based on the highest quality, best equipment and technology. Below, we learn about the materials used to make rugs: Today, Turkish carpets prices vary according to the models and features, but there are many factors that affect the price, including the following: The biggest factor affecting Turkish carpet price is the quality of the yarn, Fabric quality, Quality of workmanship, Color quality, Flammability quality, and also the:

  • Fire-Resistant Carpet:

Prayer rugs should not be flammable to protect thousands of prayers and prevent the risk of ignition, poor quality carpets in the market catch fire easily and in the event of a potential danger the flame spreads quickly.

  • Anti-odor:

Odor-eliminating carpets occupy a very important place in our mosques and homes, and if our mosques do not contain high-quality carpets that contain heavy human movement, you can choose carpets made of natural wool, which is very likely to spread odors, especially in the summer months. It prevents odor formation thanks to its texture.

  • Antiperspirant:

Successful rugs must be resistant to sweat, so the fabric of sweat coming into direct contact with the rug is inevitable, especially when worshiping barefoot. At this point, the carpet prevents sweat thanks to air circulation. One of the biggest factors affecting the price of mosque carpets is the quality.

In the end, we hope that we presented enough useful information about prayer mat manufacturers turkey that it can help you with what you need to know for taking some safe step to import from turkey or buying some of sample to try it and see what you deciding to deal with Turkish factories and companies in future.

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