plastic injection molding in Turkey

Plastic injection molding in Turkey, 5 suppliers you should know

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in plastic injection molding in Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

plastic injection molding in Turkey

Plastic injection molding in Turkey are very interested in supplying high-quality machines to merchants and factories around the world, so through the country of Turkey you can find the best factories and suppliers for this type of machine besides offering them training workshops to teach the use of machines as well.

Plastic injection molding machine manufacturers

In this section you will find the main suppliers of plastic injection molding machines:

clear plastic containers for food wholesale
clear plastic containers for food wholesale

OGGO Tech works in plastic injection molding service, advancement and assembling in the metal preparing industry. OGGO Tech began in 2004 to create, plastic injection molding in turkey cycle and plan dependable and effective items. The organization entered the business with its particular specialists and high precision creation capacities and immediately filled in size and progress. In 2009, OGGO Group was established through converge with BLGN Tech. The organization extended its product offering to incorporate a total choice of EDM, 5-Axis CNC, parts creation and machine fabricating.

Their essential objective is to streamline and support the entire organization association into an overall imaginative partnership. OGGO Tech has the injection moulding technique and responses to help your business with effective and quality items and arrangements. They approach assembling and plan with creative and fussbudget strategies; beginning with plastic injection molding in turkey, canny, coordinated cycles in plan and creation to practically paperless activities, undertaking asset arranging and coordinations. This guarantees that their groups and advances are similarly decidedly ready for top execution in the years to come. They are anticipating your difficulties.


Grup HS Machine Mold Industry and Trade , has established in 1987, and is one of the most since quite a while ago settled organization in assembling of plastic infusion shape, metal sheet framing mold, plastic parts, types of injection moulding, metalparts and contracted assembling in Izmir/Turkey. Their organization don’t just fabricate of plastic infusion shape and metal sheet framing mold yet in addition subcontracted producing work with CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Eccentric Press, Surface Grinding, Hydraulic Press, TIG, MIG, Arc and Resistance Weldings, plastic injection molding in turkey and Laser stamping machine to the area.

Their organization center around to give excellent plastic and metal parts to the customers. It the pends on the customers request they can manufacture(with cnc processing, machine, crushing, welding machine and so on) practically all metal pieces. Their organization has cnc processing with 1200mmx600mmx500mm(x, y, z) max. activity region, cnc machine has 250mm max breadth and 320mm length limit, surface crushing activity region is 250mmx700mm , plastic infusion machine max. infusion plastic weight is 350g and laser checking max stamping surface territory is 300mmx300mm. Unconventional press max 100 tons.

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Plastic injection molding suppliers


They are designing organization and working about item configuration, form configuration, shape assembling and plastic injection moulding machine. They have 38 years of involvement. As Üçelsan Plastic and Mold, they began plastic injection molding in turkey and plastic infusion shaping at 1982, after 2006 they began to give form producing administration too. Value POLICY Molds are beginning from 2.000 € (EXW cost) and plastic infusion forming administration is 23 €/hour (material expenses excluded and EXW cost).

 Hardware brands they have; *Arburg (Plastic infusion forming machine) *Battenfeld (Plastic infusion shaping machine) *Yizumi (Plastic infusion forming machine) *Haas VF 3SS ( CNC vertical machining focus) *Agma A-10 (CNC vertical machining focus) *First (plastic injection moulding raw materials, NC processing machine) They have clients in Nordic nations, France, Greece and Bulgaria. As they are found near Europe, they offer you quick conveyance administration. Particularly for your shape needs, they are a decent decision.

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Plastic injection molding companies


Reyil Automotive Plastics produces plastic parts since 2005, principally for car area and other. Reyil has builded its  own toolshop in 2015 and began to deliver plastic infusion shape under Premium Mold brand. They basically produce injection molding machine for sale designed and visual parts just as inward trims. They have IATF 16949 endorsement and Hyundai SQ testament. The review has been done legitimately by Hyundai. They work with significant TIER1s in car area, in Turkey. They have a youthful and dynamic plastic injection molding in turkey group that has a striking encounter and excelent venture the board expertise.

plastic factory in turkey
plastic factory in turkey

All hardware required in shape creation is available inside their exceptionally prepared form workshop. They have the favorable position to watch each cycle in shape making inside their nearby reach. The genuine speculations they made on second hand injection moulding machine price advancements all through the most recent years have pushed themahead significantly. All apparatus is outfitted with freshest innovation, consolidating inventive innovation with their accomplished and expert research and development group, they can accomplish top notch items, high standards in hard working attitudes and fast outcomes in each venture. They know about the quick propelling techniques, accordingly they carefully will in general refresh their drawing/plan programming each year, work with the most recent systems, subsequently get the greatest productivity from apparatus and creation.

You can now from the companies we mention know the 100 ton injection moulding machine price.


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