plastic injection molding companies in Turkey

Plastic injection molding companies in Turkey, 6 most well known companies

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in plastic injection molding companies in Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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plastic injection molding companies in Turkey

Plastic injection molding companies in Turkey work with all their energy to provide distinguished services to merchants not only during the sale process, but also include after-sales services such as maintenance and teaching workers to use machines and others.

Plastic injection molding in Turkey

The most important characteristic of Turkish companies is the distinguished after-sales services, in addition to their close links with many countries, as Turkey is a country with good economic relations, so it will not be difficult for you to import from Turkey.

Plastic injection molding in Turkey
Plastic injection molding in Turkey


They are an accomplished organization in metalworking, metal forming, sheet metal shaping, plastic infusion trim and infusion of all polymer materials. They are delivering a wide scope of plastic injection moulding for sale and plastic items from creature hoops to modern kitchen supplies. Continuously don’t hesitate to get in touch with them and attempt their offers.


LESMAK Shoe Soles Machine Industry established in 1986 with its designing specialists group and with its wide broad experience is serving to the footwear business. They presented without precedent for Turkey the creation of shoe soles injectin machines. Presently they send out their machines in Germany, Romania, Greece, all the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, the majority of the South America Countries and numerous different nations all around the globe. By doing so they give positive commitment to the area. Close by this by delivering the screw barrels for the machines they produce they serve additionally to the plastic business with the screw barrels they make.


ATIL-SAN car was set up in 2000, Istanbul, Turkey, to fabricate auto save parts. ATIL-SAN Automotive has a place with the ATILGAN gathering of organizations which is one of the biggest and regarded gathering of Turkey. Creation office of ATIL-SAN Automotive is set up on 7000 sq2 in Istanbul, Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone. They produce as per ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004 and earth amicable conditions for FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, and MERCEDES gathering of vehicles.

They offer plastic injection moulding orders and they have plans to have TS 16949 and Q1 accreditation. With its wide scope of items and dissemination network which is made out of different recognized organizations situated all through Turkey(contracted OES ) and furthermore trading to organizations abroad. Plastic injection molding machine manufacturers in Turkey There is no doubt that Turkey is one of the most important countries and the most pioneer in manufacturing machines, you can find the best companies to deal with in this paragraph.


FORTIS Plastik set up in 2002 and situated in Istanbul-Tuzla is creating for the bundling business for over 10 years in its 4.000 m² cutting edge processing plant. Sending out to in excess of 50 nations overall methods a unique test for the organization to serve for more worldwide clients step by step. Among its clients are wholesalers, dispersion organizations, plastic injection mould operator, market chains, bundling organizations, food stuff makers, cooking firms, cafés, instructive foundations, lodgings, and so forth The assembling of plastic expendable cutlery, cups, stirrers, picks and different items is completed under exacting quality standarts. By utilizing just virgin, recyclable as well as biodegradable material of plastic injection moulding machine and worldwide crude material makers they don’t leave anything to possibilities.

“Advancement streamlines Live” from stockroom to end result is an idea which the organization centers around to accomplish more fulfilled clients. Meeting client desire and being an aspect of their answer is a need they never disregard and worth most. Food grade similarity, cleanliness, natural and environmental neighborliness are the needs they need to recall in every item.

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Plastic injection molding companies in Turkey


Namli Plastic fabricates plastic items that are utilized as food bundles for yogurt, cheddar, frozen yogurt, halva, cream of chocolate, margarine, spread, meat and ocean depths, confectionary, jam and jelly, types of injection moulding, beautifying agents, gel, cleanser and paint industry. Namli plastic is one of the main organizations of Turkey, delivering high innovation infusion shaped plastic bundles with its expert and master group. Namli plastic premises have been set up on 7000m2 shut and 5000m2 open field. Essential benefit of the organization is its sanitation insurances made in each stride of cycle and framework which gives its sterile creation conditions accordingly

Plastic injection molding companies in Turkey
Plastic injection molding companies in Turkey

6. YILDIZ KALIP PLASTIK one of best plastic injection molding companies in turkey

As per the specialized data from their clients, estimating is made by the ideal form details and the recommendations are arranged and introduced to their clients. They have their most recent infusion shaping machines and injection moulding products with 90-400 tons clasping force.
Their plastic creation office is creating with large scale manufacturing, opportune conveyance and serious valuing strategy contemplating the duties regarding the rug and the climate in the system of ISO 9001: 2008, 14001: 2004 quality principles from their clients or from the molds that they produce as per the client demand. Shape and configuration are planned by their accomplished architects in 3D utilizing Cimatron Cad-Cam programs.

You can now choose the plastic injection molding companies in turkey you wish to do business with to buy plastic injection moulding Turkey.

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