plastic factories in turkeyِ

the best plastic factories in turkeyِ

For those who entered this article looking for the best plastic factories in turkeyِ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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plastic factories in turkeyِ

 plastic factories in turkey…the 5 famous factoriesmeta: do you want to know plastic factories in turkey? Find the most luxurious material offered by the best turkey factories, And from those sides which are .. The Turkish Republic is classified as one of the modern industrialized countries in the world, where the country supports a wide range of industries.

plastic factories in turkey

are distributed in large areas in Istanbul, the area around the Marmara Sea, the Aegean coast around Izmir, the Adana Basin, and the area surrounding Ankara, and contribute to These factories have a high percentage of the country’s total production.

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  turkey plastic factory

1.    Gondol Plastik  Exporting plastic kitchen and home ware in Turkey. The products in this company are divided into three main groups: Kitchen appliances (such as food preservatives, rotating salad filters, kitchen utensils …plastic importers: Plastics  household products,  Plastic Disposable Tableware And Utensils, Plastic containers with lids.

  2.    Ekip Ambalaj Kip Ambalaj Enterprise EKIP AMBALAJ, manufacturer / producer, operates in the packaging sector, companies. It also operates in small plastic bags sectors and a printed plastic bag manufacturer. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

3.    Rozamac Supplier of plastic project manufacturer of printed plastic bags | Plastic Packaging , Flexography – machines ,Machines and equipment for flexographic printing , Filling old pipes  turkey plastic manufacturers

 4.    Bag Packaging Co  Enterprise bag packaging co., Is manufacturer / producer, and operates in the packaging sector, companies. It also works in film sectors for covering and a printed plastic bag manufacturer. It is plastic wholesale market based in Istanbul, Turkey.

5.    Jetpak Plastik.Plastic Products, Plastic Packaging, Aluminum Packaging, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Packaging, Plastic Containers, Round Containers, Rectangular Containers, Oval Containers, Round Containers, Oval Containers, Plastic Baskets, Plastic Container, Plastic Bowls, Plastic Boxes, Buckets, Plastic Buckets, Food packages, packages, plastic pail, plastic boxes, plastic box, wholesale plastic bottles, Packaging Products, Yogurt Pail, Plastic Cheese Boxes, Pickle Boxes, Milk Container, Plastic Bucket, Plastic, Packaging, Plastic Packaging, Food Boxes, Food Bucket, Plastic Packaging, Food Buckets, Plastic Package, Round Packaging, Food Packages, Round packaging, food, bucket, rectangular packaging, oval packaging.

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turkish plastic products

The exhibition of tools and equipment for the plastic industry in Istanbul organizes exhibitions, and the Istanbul Eurasian Exhibition for Plastic is the largest European continent in the field of plastics, which is organized annually, and the exhibition is considered one of the most important commercial centers in the world in the field of plastics, and the commercial tourism site of Istanbul increases interest in this exhibition.

Why should you visit the turkish plastic industry Tools and Equipment Exhibition in Istanbul: It is the largest trade fair for the horticulture sector in Eurasia with an area of ​​16,054 square meters – making the most of your time.Plastic industry to see the latest technology products and new products for a chance to test.To enhance your brand awareness and branding in this sector.By analyzing the sector situation on the spot and being ahead of your competitors.The largest exhibition in Europe every yearThe most comprehensive exhibition that has an international identity and continues to grow every yearThe most important commercial platform for gathering the latest information and technology in the industry.

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 turkey plastic company 

 Able to capture new business opportunities and establish new collaborations with a broad participant profile An opportunity to learn about the latest technologies in the sector and see new products under one roofAn opportunity to work with associations, unions, non-governmental organizations, universities and scientific circles working in this sector where you can have plastic wholesale online Exhibition sections:·

plastic wholesale online
plastic wholesale online

   Plastic machines·

Chemicals and raw materials·

 Software systems·


Heating and control devices·

 Hydraulics and their pumps·

 Plastic recycling technologies·

Coding and marking systems plastic wholesale shop factories manufacture plastic containers and cans with the latest technologies  Plastic, jars, gift boxes, transparent plastic boxes, decorated boxes decorated with different sizes and shapes: There are small, medium, large and huge boxes in five and hexagonal shapes, quadrangular and circular in shape that preserve food and storage, these boxes are suitable for refrigerators and air conditioning and also convenient in time Exposure to the sun, nothing happens to itThrough this browsing, you can select the choice you want and from there to communicate with the officials on this site and determine the desired product and also determine the place where you reside.

 We always work to provide you with the most beautiful and latest technologies of manufacturing cans and packages of different size and shape for you and to provide you with comfortFollow us and visit our site to import from turkey through our site for everything related to plastic and the plastic industry, different machines, different boxes, different shapes and sizes, in the most beautiful and latest industry. plastic factories in turkey have the ability to deliver any kind of products it has to anywhere around the world and that is for a small fee And don’t worry, no product can be damaged or broken during charge it.

Turkey plastic market

You can buy from the market plastics in Istanbul and it is available in the popular markets that you find spread everywhere in Turkey, especially Istanbul, as it is characterized by the popular markets spread everywhere.

To buy plastic from Turkey, you must first determine the budget that you want, as well as the material that it broadcasts, as there are types of plastics, we will mention it to you:

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE has long practically unbranched polymer chains which makes them really intense and thicker from PET. HDPE is used as juice container, shampoo bottles, medicine bottle, and Turkey plastic bag.

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE or Polyester)

It’s different from the plastic bag that commonly see at the supermarket such as microwavable trays and fruit container.

PET is used plastic material that’s lightweight, strong and often transparent. It’s common in food packaging, and also in fabrics, such as polyester.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is typically used in toys, cling wrap, detergent bottles, blood bags and for medical tubing and other medical stuff. PVC or vinyl comes the second mostly used plastic in the world after polyethylene.

The use of it may nominate a different of toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, lead, mercury, and cadmium. it may cause allergic symptoms in children and disrupt the human’s hormonal system too.

  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

It is mostly used for bags consider as one of cheap plastics such as (grocery, dry cleaning, bread, frozen food bags, newspapers, garbage), plastic wraps; coatings for paper milk cartons and hot and cold beverage cups, squeezable bottles (honey, ketchup), food storage containers, container lids.

  • Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)

It used in plastic bags—both the kinds you can get at the grocery and any place.

LLDPE holds up well against chemical solvents, making it ideal for pouches, toys, cable coverings and other higher-intensity applications.

  • Polypropylene (PP)

It’s more resistant to heat, PP is used for hot food containers. Its strength quality between LDPE and HDPE. Besides in thermal vests, PP is also included in the disposable diaper and sanitary pad liners.

PP isn’t quite recyclable and could cause diseases like asthma and hormone disruption in human.

  • Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene is the Styrofoam used for food containers, food cartons, disposable cups and bowls, and also for packaging, if we exposed with hot and oily food, PS could filter, styrene that is considered as brain and nervous system toxicant, it could also affect genes, lungs, liver, and immune system.

  • Other Plastics

There are more and more of these practically every day, but generally they fall into a couple of categories: dissolvable support material, specific required material qualities, or non-plastic powder suspended in a thermoplastic resin.

  • HIPS
  • Nylon
  • T-Glase

Turkey plastic exhibition

The exhibitions aim to develop Turkish products and establish their preference in the global plastic products sector, improve their level, and raise their plastics industry to advanced levels. We will show you some of them.

  • Gondol Plastik

Gondol is one of the largest plastic factories in the whole of Turkey and an exporter of plastic kitchens and general plastic appliances used at home in Turkey that you can import plastic from Turkey The products in this company are divided into three main groups: the wholesale of plastic kitchen utensils and household items, tableware, and bathroom accessories, and the company participates in plastic exhibitions in Turkey.

  • Eurasia Plastic Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey

The Eurasia Plastic Fair, the largest fair plastics exhibition in Europe, is held annually at the Istanbul fair and conference grounds. The exhibition is the largest exhibition in Europe, help to develop Turkish plastics deals and put preference for them in the global plastic products sector and raise them to advanced levels The exhibition also contributes to displaying all industries related to plastics, machinery, chemicals and other raw materials in addition to introducing innovations in all special fields.

  • Roza Makina A. Ş:

Established in 2016, ROZAMAC operates in the Turkish wholesale plastics and packaging sector, equipment for flexographic printing, antique tubes and printed plastic bags, based in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Nor Plast Plastik Ambalaj:

The enterprise was established in 1992, and it works in the manufacture of customized plastic boxes in Turkey, and products from it for medicines and also works in the sectors of plastic packaging.

wholesale plastics
wholesale plastics

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Turkey plastic import

There are a number of steps that you must follow in order to be able to importing from Turkey of all kind of plastics, including determining the type of product that you want to buy from Turkey and conducting an adequate feasibility study for the product.

And look for the previous experiences of importers in the country and communicate with the company or the exporter, whether you are traveling or through the Internet, and ask for product details bulk plastics, specifications, and available price offers, when you like the specifications and prices before purchasing, choose the sending method and all possible details.

In the event that you agree that the product sent is the same product whose specifications were sent without any change, and this is mentioned in the contract clause, then request a small sample or buy a small quantity of the product to ensure that the specifications match the sent data Importing plastics from Turkey is one of the wonderful and very profitable projects. Turkish plastic is one of the finest types of plastic locally and internationally.

There are many ways that you can get the goods from Turkey if the import process will take place for the first time, and for this you can choose what suits you and suits your capabilities from among these methods in order to be able to import.

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