plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey

Top 23 plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey

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plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey

plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey specialize in private label,  for some of the most recognizable international brands. Here are the best companies that you cooperate with for a high-quality and safe product, so you should contact with..


plastic bottle manufacturers:

you can get a wide range of plastic bottles to suit your needs, many different sizes, shapes and designs from plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey such as:

plastic bottle manufacturers
plastic bottle manufacturers

NET MEDYA: It provides high quality and competitive price, so it is the right choice for your needs, their mission is to achieve a quality range of used plastic bottle making machine with a competitive price.

KARACOR PLASTIC: they manufacture plastic bottles and blow-molded technical parts.

ALTERNA IC VE DIS TICARET AS: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2016, they offer plastic bottles, plastic tank, crown cappers, and fully automatic plastic bottles with a suit price.

SECAN SERDAR ALIPASA ORTAKLIGI: it was established by businessmen who have experience in product supply, foreign trade, consultancy, project management, production, engineering, design, their management team has continued to work by know what is the customer satisfaction as a principle.

VARLI SHREDDER: it’s a manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, complete plastic, recycling lines, bottle recycling lines, crushing machined, shredders, polyethylene, polypropylene recycling machinery etc.

RHINO EASTERN LLC: specifications type: plastic bottle place of origin.

NETPLASMAK PLASTIC MACHINERY: It’s a manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, complete plastic recycling lines, PET bottle recycling lines, granule extruders, crushing machines, shredders, polyethylene, polypropylene recycling machinery etc.

ARASTA MAKINE KIMYA LTC: it’s a producer of different types of plastic bottles, plastic jerry cans and etc, the family-owned company is trying to five fast and best quality.

HUMAKS RECYCLING CO: They collect and separating waste plastic, pet bottles, and waste paper, and they can crushing plastic, pet bottles.

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plastic bottle making machine in turkey:

there are plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey active in several area in turkish market, these manufacturers such as:

OMG BOTTLING MACHINES: they offer Turkish make machines and pharma plastic bottle making machine at competitive prices.

MUCITLER MAKINE LTD.STI: it has become a reputable producer in production pet inflatables and water filling machines, and machine for making bottle water with strong after sales staff.

ZHANGJIGANG ECENG MACHINERY CO.LTD: it’s a specialized company in molding machine, below molding machine, plastic machine, plastic bottle bellowing machine and fridge bottle making machine.

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plastic bottle supplier turkey:

there are a list of plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey which want to be the leading suppliers in turkey such as:

plastic bottle supplier turkey
plastic bottle supplier turkey

ASPET PREFORM: it was established in late 2005, it is now among the leading pet-jar factories in turkey. This company is in a great position in the food chain. It is a integrates enterprise including raw material den, jar, bottle and lid, and the plastic bottle making cost is cheap.

ROTATERM PLASTIC PACKAGING INDUSTRY AND TRADE: they are manufacturing pet oil in high quality and standards at their facility which developed with new technology. It is an experienced company to producing the glass of water sector, they are exporting 14 different countries.

SENTA PLASTIC BOTTLES CO.LTD: they export their products to European countries and north Africa countries, their bottles are produced vented for organic fertilizer. The bottles are 100 cl 500 cl 1000 cl 5 liter, 1 liter water bottle making machine price10 liter and 20 liter.

TOLGA PLASTIK VE AMNALAJ SAN.TIC.LTD.STI: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1991, which produce bottles and jars, plastic industry, it also produce the jars, plastic jugs for laboratories, plastic tank and plastic plugs industries.

TEPE PLASTIK: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1978, which produces bottles and jars, plastic industry.

KOKSAN KOKOGLU GIDA VE TENEKE KUTU AMBALAJ SANAYI VE TICARET A S: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded 1992, it produces plastic – packaging industry and bottles and jars.

EKOPLAST PLASTIK AMBALAJ SAN.VE TIC.A.S: It’s a manufacturer and producer, which produces plastic-packaging industry, and bottles, and jars.

ADVANSA SASA POLYESTER SANAYI A S : it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2006, it produce plastic industry, it also produces the threads and yarns, bottles and jars.

plastic bottle dealer:

the plastic bottle manufacturers in turkey produce bottles, caps, molds, regulated plastic packaging as bottles, and there are a plastic bottle dealer in turkey to trade this products such as :

  • Schaffler Werkeugbau: it is producing and exporting bottles, caps, molds and jars.
  • Ahmed: it was founded in 2018, it’s produce and import from turkey clear pet perform, flip top caps, and bottles.
  • Plastic Bottles: they produce HDPE plastic bottles, jars, jerry cans from 50 ml to 5 Lt, for many sections and also produce bottle caps, closures in many sizes.

In the end, you have to research carefully and make an accurate choice of which plant you intend to collaborate with for a successful project.

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