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pistachio producers in turkey

Turkish nuts of all kinds are very much in demand in the Arab world and other countries of the world because of their many benefits for human health, especially Turkish delicious pistachios, so many great pistachio producers in turkey resort.

And to import nuts from turkey and pistachios to obtain the highest quality at the best price and with a distinctive taste, through importing house platform we will mention the greatest Turkish pistachio suppliers and producers you can deal with.


Pistachio production in turkey

Turkey is the third largest producer of pistachios in the world. Gaziantep, near the Syrian border, is known for the quality of these fruits.

 It is mainly produced on the Black Sea coast, in the north of Turkish territory, as in the city of Akça Koca to importing from turkey great fresh nuts, so the region benefits from a mild winter season, and a cool summer, ideal for growing hazelnuts.

About 14,000 tons are produced each year.

 Almond exports amount to 8,000 tons. Rich in vitamins, almonds also contain many trace elements and minerals.

The country is a producer and exporter of apricots. According to figures announced by the Malatya prefecture, 117,860 tons of dried apricots have been exported to around 100 countries.

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Pistachio suppliers in turkey

And to get acquainted with the best distributors specialized in the production of pistachios and Turkish pistachios wholesale as follows:


An Import and Export from and to Turkey, A Wholesale of all kind of Nuts and other food products, Organization of Fair and B2B meetings, Legal and Tax Consulting in Turkish Territory.

 Since Turkey is the leading producer of pistachios and apricots, BioFoods is committed to bringing you Turkish local foodstuffs in order to provide you exclusively regional and quality products.

For each product they also provide a range of brands with wholesale prices to enable you to make the best choice for your food needs at the best price.

Pistachio production in turkey
Pistachio production in turkey


It’s a company of MAGIM Group of Companies for international trade and one of pistachio producers in turkey.

 As Golden Maprix they help to introduce selected Turkish fresh and dried fruit to undiscovered markets and export Malatya’s finest apricots to the world.

MAGIM Group of Companies was established in the 70s with an innovative and responsible visionary.

 It also offers services and structures for the needs of people, improves the quality of life and constantly improves itself.

Also, adding marketing, wholesale, meat, project areas in a short time. which helps international trade of dried fruits but especially apricots of Malatya. It is established in “apricot land” Malatya, Turkey where %90 of the world’s production is covered.

They aim to introduce bulk raw pistachios and Turkish fresh and dried fruit to undiscovered markets and export Malatya’s finest apricots to the world.

They especially export dried apricots of Malatya in organic or natural production.

 Besides, they also sell selected pistachios of Gaziantep, hazelnuts of Giresun, dried figs of Aydın and other products like dried mulberry, dried halved apples and capers.


They are one of the biggest producers and wholesaler in Turkey. They have their own licensed farms and contracted farmers.

They collect crops in many areas of this region then they process and pack them in their modern factory.

They assure you that you will be satisfied about their quality, quantity, service and acceptable prices.

 Even though they have all kind of nuts, seeds and dried fruits with very high quality.


Is one of the best food manufacturer and exporter of Turkey that exports, almonds, walnuts pistachios, and hazelnuts with the high quality.

It also supplies the relevant demands the sector within the framework of quality and customer satisfaction.


The company ABETAŞ, is a Wholesaler, Turkish pistachios online which operates in the Dried fruits industry based in Istanbul, Turkey, they also are operating in the almonds, pistachios, dried, apricots and Hazelnuts industries.

They are developing and changing the sales method of the sweetest fruit of their gardens that we have had for many years.

 To adapt to the developing technology, they offer the fresh Adıyaman Almond and other nuts, which is detached from its branch, by contacting their valued customers.


its production plant being situated in the Bursa Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone, the BSN Gida packages the nuts that are cultivated in different regions of Turkey, in different packaging types, Based in Istanbul.

BSN Gida offers it’s natural, healthy and premium quality “365 days nut” brand in various sizes, in line with the demands of the consumers, with user-friendly packages, 98% percent of its capacity for exporting to different parts of the world such as Europe, Americas and the Middle East.


One of pistachio producers in turkey and Nuts in the sector in an environment where there are few institutions, under modest conditions in CANBES on May 26, 1993 NUTS.

 It has become one of the few companies of Gaziantep in a short time with its quality, working principle and the mission and vision it has adopted.

BESLER NUTS has an important place among the companies that are sought after in Turkey and abroad with its successful works and an understanding that does not compromise on quality.

CANBESLER NUTS takes pride in contributing to the country’s economy both in employment and commercial terms, primarily by utilizing the local potential of Southeastern Anatolia, which increased its business volume by developing its initiatives since the first day, today provides service in factories with a total closed area of 5 000 m2 in Gaziantep with Regional Dealers in Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern provinces.

This company has moved from its national position to an international position and is in commercial cooperation with countries in different continents of the world.

Within the scope of this commercial cooperation, it imports pistachios best deal with China, Bulgaria and Ukraine, and exports to Germany, Austria, Albania, France, Finland, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Italy, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Kuwait, Brazil and Moldova.

The goal further strengthens this cooperation among other countries.

CANBESLER NUTS is aware that the road to success is possible with its reliable, efficient use of advanced technology, experienced and expert personnel without sacrificing quality. It carries out the production of bulk and packaged nuts in healthy conditions and without human touch with modern machines.

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One of great company that produce raw pistachios for sale in various shape based in Gaziantep, Turkey, they are Manufacturing, Producing and operates in the dried Fruits, and nuts industry. It also operates in the and roasters for peanuts, almonds, cocoa, pumpkin seeds, chick-peas and pistachio nuts industries.


 A knowledge-based company based in Istanbul, Turkey, specialized in supplying industrial-size volumes of raw materials.

They are producing and supplying: Organic products (Honey, Extra virgin sesame and sunflower and rapeseed oil, Saffron, Nuts and dried foods, Pistachio and others food.) Herbs-Medicinal Culinary Aromatic- Plants and Seeds Site-specific agricultural products.


Kumbetli Tarim Urünleri is the exporter and producer of Turkish hazelnut. And once a chocolate manufacturing companies in turkey needs to fill their chocolate with nuts so this nuts company has very good hazelnuts in many shapes such as: Blanched Hazelnut Kernels / Sliced Hazelnut / Hazelnut Flour / Roasted Hazelnut Kernels / Chopped Hazelnut Kernels, they also are supplier of natural and processed hazelnuts for the international markets, to the following industries:

Bakery, Ice Cream, Snack Food, their products are Natural Hazelnut Kernels, Blanched Hazelnut Kernels, Roasted Hazelnut Kernels, Sliced Hazelnut, Hazelnut Paste, Hazelnut Meal, In Shell Hazelnut.

They have Levant and Giresun Quality hazelnut. All kind of packaging is available there. Also, they provide a wide range of natural hazelnuts and processed hazelnut products for commercial and industrial customers.


Pistachio price in turkey

Turkish pistachios are considered one of the precious metals in Turkey, and they do not differ from gold in the revenues they return to Turkey, as the wholesale price of pistachios cheap bulk as kilo in reaches 10 Turkish liras, and therefore a ton of it will be ten thousand Turkish liras.

The price of a kilo of green pistachios is currently equivalent to about 40 Turkish liras.

The price per kilo of peeled pistachios is currently about 129 Turkish liras.

A kilo of roasted pistachios is currently around the equivalent of 150 Turkish liras.

A kilo of peeled pistachios (the pulp) is approximately 180 TL.

According to the Turkish pistachios for sale the price of a kilo of pistachios produced in Turkey reached 170 Turkish liras.

Almonds come in second place after pistachios in terms of price increases, as the price of a kilo of almonds reached 100 Turkish liras. While the per capita consumption of nuts in Turkey was about 8.5-9 kilowatts, this consumption decreased due to the high prices. People became more likely to buy chickpeas and sunflower seeds over the expensive products.

Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive

Whether you’re a fan of pistachios or not, if you’ve ever purchased them, you’ve probably wondered about the price of best pistachios brand.

Pistachios come in at a higher price point than other, there’s not only one good reason for it, so there are 5 reason why Turkish pistachio expensive:

Pistachios Only Grow in Specific Places:

Pistachio trees are a native desert plant and can survive in poor soil with adverse weather conditions, this limits the areas of the world where they can be grown. Iran has long been a top producer, along with Turkish to import from turkey and other countries of the Middle East.

Turkish pistachios online
Turkish pistachios online

Pistachio Trees Take A Long period to Mature:

Once you’ve found a suitably arid location for a pistachio, it takes four to 5 years for the tree to start bearing. Producing of nuts, it takes 16 -20 years to reach peak production.

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Individual Trees Don’t Produce Many Nuts

Once again, you’ve found the perfect planting site and waited 2-3 decades for maturation, each female pistachio tree will only produce about forty pounds of nuts.

Weather conditions must be right, or the amount of production will be affected. And The male trees do not bear nuts.

Peak Production Is Only Every Other Year

Pistachios are “alternate bearing”, which means one year the tree has full production, followed by a year of lower production, it stores nutrition for the upcoming year.

Pistachios Are A Labor-Intensive Crop

machines are used to harvest and process the nuts, but humans are running and supervising the equipment, loading and unloading the pistachios. so, the intricate process is in the last step of quality control, when the nuts are hand sorted to ensure that the highest quality of nuts is packaged.


Turkish nuts in general are a product that makes a lot of profit for its owners, especially pistachios, as we have talked about great pistachio producers in turkey that they can help you to import from Turkey.

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