Pine nuts price in Turkey

Pine Nuts Price In Turkey.. Best Price From These Places

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Pine nuts price in Turkey

Turkey is home to pine cultivation, as pine is grown in huge quantities in Turkey, so you cannot find a house that does not have a pine plant, so if you are wondering about pine nuts price in Turkey, the importing house platform can help you…

Pine nuts prices

Pine nuts is a source of livelihood for thousands of people in Turkey are produced with great effort. Kozak Plateau, which borders Turkey in Izmir livelihoods of thousands of people who pine nuts Balıkesir produced with great effort. In Turkey, the consumption rate of buy pine nuts produced only in Antalya, Kahramanmaraş and Bergama-Kozak is only 5 percent. 95 percent of the product is exported to Italy, Spain and Arab countries in the Middle East.

Pine cones start to be collected in the 11th and 12th months and this collection continues until Hıdırellez. Collected cones are exhibited in the sun in June and July. Shelled peanuts are extracted from the cones that open up like tulips in the sun, using a pathoz machine. Then, in the processing facilities, the shelled pine nuts are soaked in water and their empty shells are cleaned.

Kozak pine nut producers are very troubled due to the preference of Afghan and Chinese pine nuts for sale on the shelves. Balikesir, Turkey’s pine nut export center of Izmir, which borders Ayvalık district of Bergama Kozak Plateau has long been pinon productivity engaged and Nedim Özkan from residents of the village of Hisar who came from Kozak of the world’s finest pine nuts, pine nuts He explained what stages he went through until he came to the kitchen.

Noting that pine nut production is quite laborious, the harvest of pine cones starts in the 11th and 12th months of the year. Harvesting from the tree continues until May 6. From May 6 to July and June, the cones are blended in piles. June. In July, these cones that they blend are laid out in a single row in the sun. pistachios, Italy, Spain, is exported to Arab countries, produced in 3 regions of Turkey, Antalya, Maras and Kozak. But the world is prevailing in Bergama Kozak production of pine nuts. First, in many provinces has been increasing recently in small proportions in Turkey.

Pine nuts price in Turkey:

  • Stuffed Pistachio- Pine Nut- Domestic 1st Quality- White 500 gr.
  • OG natural Pine Nut 65 GR. 82.90 TL.
  • buy pine nuts online Genuine Local 250 Gr. 185.00 TL
  • STUFFED PINE PINE 50 GR. 34.50 TL.
  • Küner (Inside Pine Nut) 900,00 TL
  • Local Pine Nuts 1KG. 699.90 TL.
  • Domestic Pine Nut 100GR. 89.90 TL.
  • Pine Pistachio Bergama Local 50 gr. 59.00 TL.
Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive
Why are Turkish pistachios so expensive

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Pine nuts factory


Processing plant manager Özkan stated that the weight of pine nuts was exported for 80 TL,” In the domestic market, between 100 and 150 TL, but Afghan, Chinese, that is, products imported from abroad are more is in demand. Turkey nuts for sale are generally preferred in pilaf, sherbet, olive oil dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. Approximately 100 tons of shelled peanuts come out of 500 tons of cones. From this, 25 tons of kernels come out. 25 tons of kernels come out, which can be eaten immediately. The manufacturer does not hurt here. The resale value is 5 times the average.

1-    HABAY Gıda Tarım ve Orman

In 1997, it started production in a 200m² area in Kozak region of Bergama district where the best and highest quality pine nuts are grown. Habay Gıda continues its production by renewing itself in 2009 in order to be able to produce in changing and developing world standards and by establishing a new factory on 4000m² open, 2000m² closed, in total on 6000m². Habay Gıda is a manufacturer preferred by many domestic and foreign markets with its quality production and reliable sales support.

It continues its production with its young and expert staff that adapts to the expanding market needs and conditions and renews itself. Turkey is of the highest quality grow pine nuts to import nuts from Turkey, Kozak Plateau is a natural paradise, is produced from pine nuts since antiquity. Each side of Kozak plateau, which is approximately 600- 1000 meters above sea level, is full of long, green pistachio trees.

The reason why this region, which is covered with pistachio pines, took the name Kozak, is this famous vegetation. The pine nuts growing in Kozak Plateau, where the natural vegetation is pistachio pine and where there are around 5 million pistachio pine trees, is large, plump and white, so its fame has exceeded their limits. It is recognized as a Bergama Kozak product especially in domestic and foreign markets. The quality of the product; The soil structure of this region, rainfall regime, climatic conditions and conscious producers who have earned their livelihood from pine nuts for years are due.

import nuts from Turkey
import nuts from Turkey

Pine nut companies

2-    Aydın Ticaret Borsası

The limited areas in the world where pine nuts can be grown and the production amount is not sufficient increase the value of the importing from Turkey product. In addition, the different soil and climatic conditions in the regions where it grows cause changes in the flavor and aroma of the product. Pistachio pine forms large communities and pure associations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Adriatic coasts, the Peloponnese, the island of Crete and the Anatolian coasts where the Mediterranean climate is effective.

It is also found in communities in western Africa, in the humid and temperate regions of South America and around Crimea. The optimum growing environment of pistachio pine in Turkey; Bergama-Kozak, Çine-Karpuzlu, Aydın-Koçarlı, Söke-Bağarası, Milas-Turba, Muğla-Kantarcı-Madran, Antalya-Serik-Manavgat, Maraş-Önsen, İzmir-Seydiköy and Artvin-Çoruh valley. Aydın – Koçarlı and İzmir – Bergama – Kozak located in the Aegean Region have an important place among these distribution areas.

Pistachio pine produces products every year. It likes sunny places and regular climates. They are produced by seeds. The cones ripen until January, the collected cones are constantly laid out in the sun until June and the cones are opened. When the cones are fully opened, the cones are pounded with tongs and the shelled peanuts (künar) are removed.

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Where can i buy Turkey nuts


Description of the Product and its Distinctive Features: Kozak type pine nuts are pine nuts with a full body, large, light cream color, soft structure, cream colored and blunt pointed tip. Geographical Features of the Region and Its Effect on the Product: Kozak; best place to buy pine nuts and the earth’s crust is an old geographic segment that has first emerged in the geological history line, which has undergone a metamorphosis in the earth formation around the Aegean Sea.

It is in the northwest of Bergama and rises up to 500 m above sea level. The soil structure is suitable for pistachio pine with high permeability, granite, gneiss, crystallizing schists. The region has a Mediterranean climate. It has an annual average precipitation of 700-800 mm, a temperature of 15-16 degrees, relative humidity of around 70-80%. The fact that the region has high permeability, granite, gneiss, crystallizing schists on the soil in a widespread structure ensures sufficient maturation of the pistachio tree and the maximum quality of the pistachio obtained from this tree.

Pistachio pine is a pile root plant, so it requires deep soil or thawed parent material to give maximum efficiency. In Bergama region, there are pine forests up to 740 meters in height on widespread granite soils. Although Pistachio Pine requires high humidity and abundant rainfall, it is adversely affected by the ground water level. Especially extreme values ​​and deviations in the amount of temperature and precipitation directly affect the yield.In dry periods when rainfall is low and temperature is very high, peanuts with a large, plump body and a cream-colored pointed tip weaken and the tip turns yellow, and its best time to import from Turkey.

Production Method:

The works brought by the producers are weighed and stored at the acceptance of the goods. The küner, which is brought to the washing unit for processing, is poured into the dry pool and washed in the closed system washing tank and stored in the waiting silo. The sponge, which is kept in the silo for a day, is transferred to its caliber sieves, divided into four lengths and passed to the crust crushing rollers. The küner, which comes to the crust crushing rollers, is broken by being subjected to a continuous transformation by means of elevators, and becomes shell and kernel.

Bulk buy pine nuts separated from their shell in vibrating rotary screens pass through pneumatic separators and come to the collection buckets. Peanuts collected in collecting buckets are laid in perforated plastic crates with a thickness of 2-3 cm and stacked and left to dry naturally for 1 to 3 days. Peanuts that are left to dry naturally are passed through a rotating brush system and the membrane and bran stuck to the surface of the pistachio are separated.

Peanuts, whose membrane and bran are separated, are carried in buckets, and out-of-type and broken peanuts, cemdik küner and shells are separated in the optical separator. The raw pine nuts for sale passing through the optical separator is reviewed in the sorting bands and stored in the collection silo. The peanuts kept in the collection silo are washed with 28-32 C water in the washing section in the brush rotating washing unit and passes to vibrating pre-drying in order to remove the water.

Peanut, whose water is removed during pre-drying, passes to 80 C hot air circulation drying and disinfection oven through an elevator. Peanuts, which are dried and disinfected in motion on the rotating belts, pass from the oven to the cooling unit. Peanuts that encounter cold air in the cooling unit are returned to ambient temperature and taken to the resting bunker with the elevator.

The wholesale pine nuts taken from the resting bunker to the quality control and final selection band are re-selected here, passed through the final control and filled into cloth bags. Peanuts transferred to the packaging department in cloth bags are weighed here, transformed into packages, and stored in the cold storage at 8 C ambient temperature to be put for sale in reinforced cardboard boxes.

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