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Palestinian olive oil London

The Palestinian olive oil London produced by the fruit is rich in antioxidants, healthy unsaturated fats, and a high percentage of vitamins, and minerals essential to the healthAs part of the social, and economic life of the Palestinian people depends on olive trees, the contribution of olive trees to the main income is about 13%, and this branch provides the most important consumer material for the Palestinian citizen, which is a component of food security in the Palestinian areas.

Palestinian olive oil is considered one of the finest oils in the world, because the olive oil is extracted from the olive fruits by mechanical means, and the resulting oil has a flavor, taste, and odo, that distinguishes it from other oils obtained through solvents, which affect the aromatic oil odor Search for new information in importing house site.

Palestinian olive oil UK

The characteristics of Palestinian olive oil Uk: Oil is obtained from the finest, and most luxurious kinds of olive fruits throughout the world, such as Syrian, and Nabal olives. Picking method: Use the hand method to harvest olive fruits from trees. The harvest date: The fruits of the olive tree are harvested on a date to be determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, according to the date of the fruit on the olive tree, and the amount of rain during the year, so that the fruit is ripe, and rich in oil, phenol, and chlorophyll, which give the oil colour, and fine taste. Palestinian olive oil London is sold in both UK, and Palestine.

Age Method: Physical methods of squeezing olives, such as squeezing, and squeezing, are used. The time between harvest, and era is very small, due to the availability of many contemporary people in Palestine, so the fruit is not subject to color difference, or corruption. Palestine olive oil organic: no chemical pesticides, or fertilizers are used in most areas, where olive trees are found Chemical, and physical checks of olive oil pH, oxidation. Fraud, to examine olive oil, which is mixed with other vegetable oils. Degree of sapacity. UV Absorption. Humidity check. Sensory tests, which are conducted by specialized olive oil tasting experts, assess the oil in terms of taste, odour, and colour.

Care must be taken to ensure proper harvesting, and squeezing, not exposing the squeezed oil to sunlight which quickly oxidizes it, and therefore loses its healthy properties. Avoid storing the oil in plastic, or transparent glass containers, but rather choosing containers made of a special material, to ensure that the quality of the Palestinian olive oil is maintained in colour, and taste Smell, and maintenance of necessary elements in its components.

This year’s Fair-Trade Week in the United Kingdom was marked by a strong presence of Palestinian olive oil in a pilot project, funded by the European Union, and implemented by Oxfam UK, with the participation of Palestinian farmers, and partners from 22 February to 7 March 2010 in several cities, including London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Brighton. For the Palestinian olive oil advantage UK exports it from Palestine.

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Palestinian olive oil where to buy?

The olive season for Palestinians is the green gold season due to its economic returns on families, and since ancient times they are used to celebrating the harvest of it, the era, and the intermingling of some of it. They, also used to sell it on the market on a tradition they still hold, namely, that the index would oversee the sale, and would determine its quality, and price.

The central olive market in the city of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, has turned into a landmark, that distinguishes the city, as it has been held there annually for more than 5 decades, and it is a good for those, who search for the finest fruits, and oils of the blessed tree. From mid-September to the end of November every year, the olive market in downtown Khan Yunis opens to dozens of sellers of olive fruits, and oil offering their goods in opposite rows to hundreds of buyers.

In the olive market, there is a special ritual of sale: in the early morning hours, and after merchants, and planters offer their olive, and oil wares, an old man over the age of 70 years, the so-called “doll”, can be seen alone. After the inspection stage, the old master determines the price of the goods according to their type, and quality, which is a characteristic of him due to his long experience in this field. This is ended, when the auctioneers around, which the buyers gather release the goods from each farmer, or trader separately, to the highest bidder.

This market is a kiss for Palestinians looking for unadulterated, high-quality olive, and oil varieties, and there is no place for bad or damaged goods. Oil, and olive trader Mohamed Apcaros, 55, says he has been working in the market for 15 years, and the market has gained him considerable experience in knowing high quality olive, and oil varieties, and inferior, or adulterated varieties.

arket was affected by the difficult economic situation in the Gaza Strip, which forced merchants, and farmers to cut olive, and olive oil prices. Depending on their quality. The cost per 16 litre of olive oil can range, depending on the quality of the oil, from NIS 300 to 400, according to the islands. The Gaza Ministry of Agriculture expects the sector to become self-sufficient in oil, and olive production this year, according to a statement released on Saturday.

Palestinians call the olive harvest the “green gold” season, because of the great economic importance of olive harvesting to Palestinians. According to the Ministry, the area under olive cultivation in Gaza is approximately 40,000 dunums (one dunum equals one thousand square metres), of which 32,000 dunums are planted with fruit trees. The consumption of olive oil by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip amounts to about 4,000 tons per year, according to previous data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Markets, that sell Palestinian olive oil.

  1. The Bab Khan al-Zayt market: It was founded by Prince Saif al-Din Tanqez al-Nasiri, “deputy of Al-Sham”, in the year 737 AH – 1336 AD; It is located within the walls of the city of Jerusalem, and is one of the most beautiful markets in Palestine, and is named after the “Khan of the Zeit”.
  2. The Khan al-Zeit market: In the Old City of Jerusalem is crowded with shoppers; He is the face of the city, and its first market, and the main entrance to the markets of the Old City of Jerusalem. This market is located on the road from the junction several meters south of the Bab al-Amud, and as far as the Bab of the Prophet David in the south of the city, cutting through the city from the north to the south.
  1. The Khan Zeit Market: In the Old City of Jerusalem is filled with shoppers; It is the face of the city, and its first market, and the main entrance to the markets of the Old City of Jerusalem. This market is located on the road from the junction several meters south of the Bab al-Amud, and as far as the Bab of the Prophet David in the south of the city, cutting through the city from the north to the south.
  1. The Borough Market is a popular London market in the centre of the British capital, and dates from the 17th century. The market occupies a large area, and offers a variety of food products from all over the world, vegetables, fruits, best olive oil in London, and more.
  1. The Covent Garden Market: It divided into three sections, displays traditional products, gifts, and art, is one of the oldest markets in London. The second market, “East Collound Market”, includes many shops, that sell everyday items, such as household items, traditional Palestinian olive oil soap UK, children’s clothes of traditional designs, and many artworks. As for the third market, it is called the Jubilee Market, one of the best shopping places in London, where the products displayed on it change throughout the week. On Monday, the offer is to sell antiques, and on Tuesday to Friday, it is specialized in selling groceries, and daily household supplies, while the weekend (On Saturday, and Sunday).
Olive oil companies
Olive oil companies

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Palestine olive oil production

For the first time, at 100% we have been able to achieve self-sufficiency in producing olive oil from this year’s blessed olive tree.” “The quantities of olive oil, that were squeezed in the governorates of the Gaza Strip this year amounted to (4,200 tons),” Al-Daraa explained in a press release distributed by public relations, and media at the ministry, indicating, that the quantities of olive fruits that were squeezed in the governorates of the sector this year amounted to (26237 tons), where it produced (4,200 tons of oil), with an average rate of oil production from fruits of 16%.

The capacity pointed out, that the number of mills operating in the governorates of the sector was 36, of which 27 operated with a full automatic system, and 8 operated with a semi-automatic system. In this context, Al-Aqsa confirmed his ministry’s decision of 1 September to ban the import of extra virgin olive oil London from outside the Gaza Strip, and the ministry will destroy any amount of olive oil imported at the offender’s expense.

The number of olive trees is increasing each year in Palestine, and there is a growing interest in the development of the olive sector in Palestine, but this blessed tree no longer receives sufficient attention from the citizens, as many people only know the olive tree during the harvest season, and treat it as a wild tree throughout the year.

Olive oil import
Olive oil import

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Palestinian olive oil for sale

Palestinian farmer Mahmoud Issa, and Heather Massoud, founder of the Olive Company, which imports, and markets Palestinian olive oil in Britain, toured for two weeks in, and around London to celebrate the Palestinian olive oil mark of the Palestinian olive oil fair trade Organization in Britain. Sales of Palestinian olive oil in Britain have increased, significantly.

Increased sales are seen as a way to show support to Palestinians by buying their products. Olive oil is a very important product of the Palestinian economy, which is based mainly on agriculture. The Fair-Trade Organization says many Palestinian farmers receive up to 50% of their annual income from olive oil. Just Natural, a fair-trade organic Palestinian olive oil London store in the North London suburb of Crouch, and End, has been selling Palestinian olive oil since 2004. Since the Israeli war in Gaza, officials at Just Natural have noted an increase in sales of Palestinian products, amid a British solidarity with Palestinians buying their products.

Palestinian olive oil was the first product in the world to receive fair trade certification, as Oxfam, with the support of the European Union, contributed to improving the quality of oil and increasing exports to several countries In addition to raising awareness of the high quality of Palestine olive oil benefits, this event was a rare opportunity for visitors to speak directly with Palestinian farmers, and hear their own account of the hardships caused by difficult working conditions in the West Bank. High-quality products have been offered, and marketed externally, despite the realities of daily life, barriers, and difficulties in the West Bank.

Because of fair trade we have come to think collectively, we’re, not only developing ourselves, we’re, also developing society. Qadi is one of 2,531 cooperative olive farmers in the West Bank to benefit from the project, and only Mahmoud’s cooperative has exported 70 tons of oil to the United Kingdom to date, employing part of the income to launch a university scholarship programme for the people of Bani Zeid, to which they belong.

LONDON 23-9-2004 WAFA – Members of the British-active Palestine Solidarity Organizations expressed optimism about their ability to help the Palestinian people, not only by their presence in the occupied territories, and their response to Israeli occupation soldiers, but by marketing Palestinian olive oil east London products, a staple agricultural crop, and the mainstay of the Palestinian rural economy. They say in a statement quoted in today’s London newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: The purpose of bringing Palestinian olive oil to the house in British cuisine, which has increased its use several times over the past ten years. They produce truffle olive oil London.

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