Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey

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For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:


 Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey

 There are a lot of outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey are working in this field and you need to know how you can start this project and outdoor furniture international project.


Outdoor furniture made in turkey

Turkey has a total land area of may be 80 million ha. woody plant species so, outdoor furniture wholesale is increased. The major tree species used for roundwood production are Calabrian pine (Pinus brutia), Scots pine (Pinus silvestris), cedar (Cedrous libani),  fir (Abies bornmülleriana/alba/nordmaniana), spruce (Picea orientalis), beech (Fagus orientalis),  and oak (Quercu). Turkey’s large milling and wood manufacturing industry is in a position to supply wood products to the biggest markets in the Middle East, those countries that lack a wood in manufacturing sector of their own. Turkey is in a competitive position to prove and supply semi-processed wood products and furniture to the EU as a result of its relatively lower labor costs. Turkish forest product and outdoor furniture projects based industries, such as the panel and furniture industries in turkey have increased their capacity over the last decade. 70% manufactured  of timber in Turkey is used in construction, 25% is used in furniture production and 10% is used in packaging and other industries.


Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey
Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey


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How to import furniture from turkey

import in furniture from turkey is very easy just you need to follow all the rules to import from turkey and can inter your goods your country without any problems will made, turkey is the best country you can import a high quality of furniture none need to import a low quality from china with low price and after that can’t sell that in their countries because this furniture will change after few months so lot of people want the Turkish furniture and search about outdoor furniture for sale to furnish their home or office for more quality and products with special design for you and suitable prices for this furniture you can find more and more can furnish your place.

you can travel for turkey to buy your  needs like booking your tickets and travel to turkey and looking for markets sell this item and buy what you need and make a deal to with shipping country to ship your goods for your country with follow all the roles and show all your papers what  prove that you have this furniture. Or you can buy furniture online to make more decisions and see more options for your place and after look for shipping company to ship for your country like alibaba or another company


Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey
Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey

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Wood furniture company in turkey

In the previous paragraphs we show that turkey has a lot of trees in a large area which make turkey one of the biggest countries in industry of woods, don’t forget that you can invest your money in this feild and gain more and more money, because turkish furniture online make more progress in sale for the world, loke lumber turkish company which is one of the best company and has more branchs in turkey and around the whole world, you can find another company make wood in turkey with high quality like (Zan) this company is Miraysan wood timber all your need from different category of wood and they facilitate to import from turkey.


Top furniture stores in istanbul turkey

In our site you can find all updates in any Field you are looking for, so we will show you the latest updates of furniture stores in turkey, 33km one of home stores present high quality and special design because 33km’s designer come from germany and he collect the design from Germany with from turkey which makes a high collection, like garden furniture and all you need for your place to furnish with high quality, the planner of 33km is Deniz Duru who come from Germany to turkey to make great design, you can find numerous stores but not like 33km, furniture of 33km is very ideal which attract customers to buy. Diseno Istanbul is outdoor furniture bedrum turkey, they present all the latest trend with high quality and suitable for all different needs of customers don’t forget see their furniture you will like their designs.


Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey
Outdoor furniture manufacturers in turkey


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Outdoor furniture wholesale distributors

ikea turkey outdoor furniture  is one of the best outdoor furniture wholesale in the world not in turkey only, they have alot of branches around the world you can find IKEA in any country with high and special furniture, and you can import furniture from turkey through IKEA to your country, Iraq is the top country important from turkey and Germany follow Iraq in this list according to 2017 and 2018, turkish furniture online make progress in selling from turkey to all the world because they have low prices which attract more customers to buy from them.

To reach for your goal follow all rules to achieve what you need be, working hard make a big progress in anything, so turkey is the best country you can import from.

Furniture factory in Turkey

The most famous furniture factory in Turkey is considered a destination for investors and traders who import various types of furniture from Turkey, especially that Turkish furniture is distinguished by its collection of several models that suit different tastes Turkish furniture has won wide fame among Arabs in general because of the cheap prices, the quality of manufacture, and the variety of designs that appeal to many who have researched this sector And because home and office furniture in Turkey has been very popular, furniture factories are in the thousand’s outdoor furniture factory, whether large or medium factories or small workshops, as for the prices, they almost compete with Chinese goods in terms of cheapness.

Where can I find furniture factories in Turkey?

There are many sources for buying Turkish furniture, and whoever searches many among the factories will find his request and the price he expects, so we will list the most prominent places in which Turkish furniture can be found in its diversity, which are as follows:

1_Mobasco Industrial City:

In 2006, 92 furniture producers decided to meet and agree to establish a specialized industrial city.  With the production of furniture in the Turkish industrial city of Kocaeli, in northern Turkey, they actually obtained approval from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade after four years and began production Today, there are dozens of factories and furniture factories in Mobasco that provide various furniture products and many types of designs that suit everyone, and you will find all groups without exception.  For your information, the city of Mobasco contains factories that produce the following:

  • Dining room furniture.
  • Garden furniture Turkish style garden furniture.
  • Bedroom furniture.
  • Living room furniture.
  • TV unit’s furniture.
  • Office furniture.
  • Newborn baby furniture.
  • Kitchen furniture.
  • Accessories that related to home furnishing.
  • Chairs and tables that have different shapes and sizes.
  • Wallpaper in various forms.
  • Rugs to fit all floors.

2_ Ingol furniture city:

Northwest of the state of Bursa there is a city known as Ingul whose factories are famous for the furniture industry, but rather called the Turkish furniture capital outdoor furniture manufacturers in Turkey with hundreds of large and small furniture factories outdoor furniture Ingul manufactures nearly a third of Turkish furniture. As for exports, its production represents about 15% of the total Turkish exports of furniture.

In 2016 alone, US $ 360 million worth of furniture was exported, and the products of Ingol factories are spread in 110 countries around the world importing from Turkey And work for no less than 30 thousand people in the furniture factories and this represents about 12.5% ​​of the total population of the city, which means that most of the people of the city work in the same field.  Therefore, investors and those interested in the Turkish furniture industry can visit Ingul and learn about the furniture that it produces, and for sure, they will find what they are looking for.

3_Modoku Furniture Cooperative:

Anyone looking for luxury Turkish furniture and the splendor of the engineering design of home furniture Turkish style outdoor furniture, how to distribute furniture pieces at home, and the color scheme should go to Modok Furniture in Istanbul Modoku is considered the oldest cooperative for the Turkish furniture industry, as it was founded in 1969, and today it plans to open a furniture industry shopping center in America with the support of the Turkish Exporters Association.

Modoku contains dozens of furniture factories and exhibitions, and you can visit and learn about all the field, even if you do not know the Turkish language, there are many certified and registered translators in the region Origins in Modoku, outdoor furniture types the furniture products range from bedroom sets, wardrobe sets, kitchen furniture, sitting rooms, bedrooms for children, adults and teens, bathroom furniture, accessories, office furniture and other pieces of furniture It can be seen the availability of classic, gilded and silver-colored furniture, in addition to modern, modern furniture of the required quality and price.

Turkish furniture
Turkish furniture

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Furniture price in Turkey

Turkey is famous for its excellence in the furniture industry, which made it one of the leading countries in this field of industries, as it varies between the used and the new, so we will try together to deal with the prices of Turkish furniture, whether it is used or home, especially because of Turkey’s elegant and attractive furniture, outdoor furniture ideas in addition to diversity Which is characterized by Turkish furniture that outdoor furniture manufacturers in Turkey has become a great place among the countries of the world.

Home Furniture Price List in Turkey:

Bedroom furniture

Bedrooms vary in size, as they are luxuriously suited to common spaces, they are medium and small, and each room has a different price commercial outdoor furniture wholesale. For wood type, size and plant as well According to Turkish furniture sites, the newest Turkish bedrooms. It consists of a bed, wardrobe, dressing, 2 small cabinets and a hook at a price of 1250 liras.

As for the rest of the furniture, these are their prices:

  • Medium table with 4 chairs padded with solid padding at 650 liras.
  • A living room consisting of 2 sofas and 2 chairs of the same shape.
  • At a price starting from 2150 Turkish lira to 2700 Turkish lira.
  • At Tepe: Prices for master bedrooms: from 6000 to 14000 TL.
  • Dining room set prices: their price ranges between 4000-9000 TL.

Furniture price list Artifact Furniture in Izmir furniture factories:

It is one of the most famous brands, and the most famous companies selling furniture in Turkey list of outdoor furniture.  Bedroom from 3000 to 10,000 TL. Living room suite prices: between 4000 and 7.00 TL.

Furniture price list in Turkey:

  • From the youth room to the living room.
  • Living room prices range from 4000 TL to 7000 TL.
  • The dining room is from 4000 TL to 9000 TL.
  • Youth room prices range from 4000-7000 TL.

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