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order furniture from turkey……the easiest 3 ways ever

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Order furniture from turkey

 The country of Turkey in particular, is one of the most important capitals of decoration in the world, as Turkish products have recently become more in demand on a large scale in the world, and order furniture from turkey where products can be obtained as quickly as on the roads from companies Specializes in buying and selling back furniture for purchase from multiple shipping companies while ensuring the highest level of safety and confidence.


How to order furniture from turkey

In order for the process of buying home furniture from Turkey, the most important steps must be adhered to, which we refer to as follows:  Choosing the right home furniture website and company.

Order furniture from turkey
Order furniture from turkey


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Order furniture online from turkey

at this stage and step, the home furniture is selected and the company to be requested through, After completing the home furniture buying process, choosing the appropriate shipping company and agreeing with it,  we refer to some of them as follows:

Turkish furniture brands

  1.  Kebili Home Company for the manufacture and trade of home furniture and kitchen appliances: This company provides living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture.
  2. Al-Shammari Furniture Buy and Sell Gallery: This shop is interested in bedrooms for children, it is the cheapest place to order furniture online
  3. Saray Mobilya Furniture Company: This shop is interested in salon furniture.
  4. Alkarem mobilya home and furniture company: This shop is interested in bedroom furniture.
  5. Best Unique Furniture: Studio Logo The Logo Studio aims to make colorful dreams come true, as well as to take the company’s customers on that colorful journey.

The shop’s turkish furniture are handmade, distinct, different and full of joy. The design team in the shop designs unique and non-repetitive pieces, so all the pieces are distinctive and made with high precision and craftsmanship. Their exquisite products are exported to many countries of the world to decorate homes, offices and small hotels.

Order furniture from turkey
Order furniture from turkey


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Places to order furniture online

Al Shami Group for Furniture and General Trading: This store is interested in bedroom furniture

Ifgor Furniture site: This site was established in 2004, and is the first and the best way to buy outdoor furniture, its website for the sale and import of furniture from Turkey.

Adoit site: It is the most famous site for selling Turkish furniture, so you can find all the products that you want to obtain in all beautiful and elegant designs, it is the best site where can i order furniture online for buying new office furniture and used office furniture from Turkey.

IKEA: It is the most famous Turkish website for selling furniture around the world, and it has a Turkish furniture online website that covers all parts of the world and provides services in all countries. Selecting the appropriate turkey shipping tracking company to deliver the required home furniture to a person:

we refer to some of them below as follows:’

Adwait Logistic Shipping Company from Turkey: The company provides goods transport services from Turkey to all Arab countries and is the only company in Turkey that provides door-to-door delivery of goods with customs clearance so you do not need to travel to turkey.

The Pearl of the East Commercial Sea and Air Cargo Company from Turkey: The company is considered one of the best and fastest shipping and customs clearance services which made to order furniture with a high level of professionalism, extracting all export papers, and they also provide storage service in all safety and quality.

PTT Express Shipping Company to and from Turkey: The company is distinguished by its services and accurate delivery times inside and outside Turkey.

TNT Shipping and Courier Company: The company completes customs clearance procedures and delivers goods according to the specified period for goods delivery.

Aramex Air Transport Company in Turkey: One of the most famous companies known for express air freight services and the most flexible in the market to import from turkey

Global UPS International Shipping Company: The company is characterized by speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and privacy for express services, and fast delivery times.

DHL International Shipping Company: The company provides express shipping services internationally, as it has become known for its activities throughout the world.

FedEx International Shipping Company: is one of the world’s leading companies in express delivery service.


Order furniture from turkey
Order furniture from turkey


Top furniture companies in turkey

 Among the most famous factories in Turkey that manufacture home furniture:

  • Dank Factory.
  • CAGIN Factory.
  • Palmi Cocac Factory.
  • Stoa Design Factory.

Furniture selling stores come under the auspices of the state in order to encourage this industry and increase its size, so the whole world is turning to Turkey to buy furniture from there, through the websites available to each store, store, factory and company.

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Turkey furniture manufacturers

Turkey has a wide group of new and exclusive furniture factories, such as Masco and Modco, which is the capital of the Turkish furniture industry, as well as several factories and companies in many Turkish cities. As their items are made of pure and handmade wood, Turkish furniture companies also have comfortable and high-quality Turkish furniture.

The furniture items of the company are sold to 32 different countries worldwide, such as Serbia and Saudi Arabia, one of the countries with the largest imports of Turkish furniture for sale from Turkey, Ukraine and numerous African countries you can also order furniture online cheap.

  • Factory WOODEN LTD, kitchen furniture, and construction

Founded in 1970, it is a manufacturer / producer and operates in the furniture import-export market. It is also involved in the furniture and kitchen design industries in Izmir, Turkey. They are one of the better plants to import from Turkey.

  • Factory TURKEY FURNITURE, concrete furniture

It is a manufacturer/producer, founded in 2005, operating in antique styles in the steel furniture market. With its headquarters in Bursa, Turkey, it also works in the furniture and bedding industries.

  • Factories for bathroom furniture in Turkey

SHT kitchen furniture factory PAZARLAMA OTOMOTIVE SAN TIC A.Ş, Established in 1950, it is a manufacturer/producer and is active in the kitchen bulk buy furniture market. It also functions in industries that

Centered in Umraniye, Turkey, tiny gates and doors, bathroom furniture, hotel furnishing and armoured stand, and you can deal with them and get online Turkish furniture.

Furniture Turkey prices
Furniture Turkey prices

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  • EXPOCU Package CORP., Bedroom Warehouse,

Is a manufacturer / producer, which specialises in the bedroom market. It is also involved in the home furnishing industry. Furniture for hospitals and libraries in Menderes, Turkey.

  • GÖKTAŞ FURNITURE, Manufacturer of bathroom furniture

Founded in 1983, it is a manufacturer / producer and operates in the interior doors market. It also works in the regular sectors of wardrobe, bathroom furniture, fire doors and Karabaglar / izmir, Turkey related kitchen doors.

  • Home furniture manufacturing firm ACACIA FURNITURES,

They also had Turkish furniture shop, manufacturer/producer, operating in the wood and home furnishing field – care and safety. It also works in Izmir, Turkey, in the entrance and furniture industries.

  • Home furniture manufacturing firm ACACIA FURNITURES,

Manufacturer / manufacturer, operating in the field of wood and home furnishing – care and safety. It also works in Izmir, Turkey, in the entrance and furniture industries.

  • TEKNO plant

Bedroom furniture traditional furniture, new furniture It is a manufacturer and is active in the bedroom market. It also works in sectors Founded in 1970, it is a manufacturer / producer and is engaged in the Turkish furniture import-export market, they are one of the best wholesale furniture distributors.

  • City of Masco for Furniture:

Classified as the largest furniture town in Turkey by area, And the sum of 483 thousand square metres, and comprises 778 furniture manufacturing firms. Within the Basaksehir area, MASCO is located in the European section of Istanbul. And its distinguished location in Istanbul has played a significant role in drawing many people to Turkey who are interested in buying furniture.

Modco Furniture covers the specifications of the Asian segment of Istanbul with prices for all styles of cheap furniture Istanbul. It is situated in the Kocaeli region and consists of 92 furniture showrooms spread over an area of 92,000 square metres. Turkish furniture comes after Italian furnishings in terms of styles and comfort.

Furniture Turkey prices

You can find best wholesale prices just when you deal with those companies……

  • GENCECIX businesses, children’s bedroom furniture

Founded in 2006, it is a designer / producer and specialises in the bedroom Turkish furniture Istanbul market for children. It also functions in industries that Furniture in Bursa, Turkey, Turkey. The wholesale import of Turkish furniture

  • BERFA Party, Home furnishing mattresses

It is the manufacturer and trades in the field of mattresses and bedstead materials. It is also involved in the furniture industry, Furniture and home textile goods for offices located in Kayseri, Turkey.

  • Architecture of Stoa:

If you are thinking of importing from Turkey Stoa Design offers the finest modern Turkish furniture, and the company was founded by Tardo Kuman, and in his high-quality furniture, Koman does not use any kind of glue in his furniture, but rather relies on a special technique that lets the furniture stick without adhesives, and his product lives longer than the furniture wholesalers has been pasting for many years, and the company uses gooo.

  • Business by Palmy Cococ:

It is a family business that was founded in 2001, and it is one of the most popular furniture importers from Turkey. The company also provides the finest hotel furniture, not only for homes and hotels, and exports exquisite wholesale furniture to more than 50 countries around the world, and the company is thoroughly equipped to satisfy any unique demands from Before buyers.

  • Business of Domesum:

This company provides the best traditional Turkish furniture, as it specialises in the manufacture of handmade furniture, and works to execute all Turkish furniture with high precision and consistency that beats many foreign furniture, and naturally uses a lot of high-quality materials such as wood, metals and leather with the best price for Turkish furniture.

It also produces natural material bulk wholesale furniture to ensure the consistency of the product it graduates, and the company’s history goes back decades, as it was founded in 1975, and you’ll find it in Beylikduzu, Istanbul, to enter its main exhibition.

Turkey furniture manufacturers
Turkey furniture manufacturers

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