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The largest 12 companies sell olive oil wholesale Spain

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olive oil wholesale spain

There are more than 100 varieties of olive trees grown in Spain, many of which are indigenous to a limited extent. The most noteworthy variety is either for squeezing and extracting olive oil wholesale Spain from it or for use as table olives such as Picual: it is the main variety in the province of Jaen (Jian). The oil extracted from it is stable and has its own characteristics, strong with a fruity taste, sharp bitterness and a sharp taste. The tree is climate-tolerant, has strong canopy and dense leaves. Its leaves are long and its fruits are oval, with Importing House platform let’s know the details.

Olive oil Spain manufacturers

Spain is the world’s leading producer and exporter of olive oil and table olives, with the largest area of ​​olive farms and the largest number of olive trees. In recent years, Spanish production of olive oil accounted for 50% and approximately 25% of table olives from global production (International Olive Council).

On the national level, olives are the second most popular crop after cereals, and the Andalusia region accounts for 60%. In addition to the huge area occupied by olive farms and their crops, olive oil and table olives are two main parts of the Spanish agricultural diet due to their economic, social, environmental and health importance. The following are the most important data to understand the dimensions of olive cultivation and olive oil industry in Spain :

olive oil exporters in Spain
olive oil exporters in Spain
  • Cultivated area: 2,584,564 ha
  • Olives for squeezing: 2,439,660 hectares
  • Table olives: 77,734 hectares
  • Olives for juice and table: 67,170 hectares
  • Rainfed farms: 1,853,539 ha
  • Irrigated farms: 731,025 ha
  • Number of olive trees: 282,696,000
  • Olives for squeezing: 264,321,000
  • Table olives: 18,375,000 And here are a number of companies in Spain:-

Gourmet products, spices, structured olives, stuffed olives, zeon with kernel, without crushed and pickled olives, the best olives in Spain. All our products are carefully selected and monitored by one of the best olive oil factories in Spain to ensure the best quality of your orders before they are dispatched.


SCA TRUJAL DE MAGINA is an agricultural cooperative specializing in the production, development, packaging and distribution of organic extra virgin olive oil. The quality of our oils comes from the exceptional conditions of the region, as well as from respecting the environment and working to preserve it. These conditions allow us to olive oil export Spain and carry out the harvesting process when the fruits ripen and in optimal conditions to produce extra virgin olive oil of a very special and unique quality.


This cooperative was established in 1969 and it includes 1800 partners who harvest their olives to turn it into oil and then sell it. Its average annual production volume is between 6 and 7 million kilos of oils. In our basement we extract three types of oils: extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and Margoul olive oil, and in all cases we squeeze the oils on the cold.


This cooperative is one of the most famous olive oil suppliers Spain and it was established in 1969 and it includes 1800 partners who harvest their olives to turn it into oil and then sell it. Its average annual production volume is between 6 and 7 million kilos of oils. In our basement we extract three types of oils: Extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and Margoul olive oil, and in all cases we squeeze the oils on the cold.


Enterprise GUALTAMINOS, manufacturer / producer, operates in the olive oil sector. It is based in Villanueva De La Vera-Cáceres, Spain.


The company ACEITES CASA PAREJA, is one of the top olive oil producers in Spain working in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the olive sectors, biological agriculture, organic olive oil and kasher foods. It is based in Jumilla-Murcia, Spain.


The company FRUYPER SA, which is the manufacturer / producer, was established in 1962, and it operates in the olive sector. It also operates in vinegar product sectors, mezze varieties, stuffed olives and green olives. It is based in San José De La Vega-Murcia, Spain.

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Olive oil Spain companies

Information about Spanish olive oil

  • Extra virgin olive oil, or regular, and the quality of the extra virgin olive oil is always better.
  • There are rules for the different acidity levels of olive oil, and it differs between the olive age period.
  • Varied olive oil, one of the types of oil in which different types of olives are used to extract the oil, and this oil is squeezed to obtain different and specific flavors of the oil. The origin or location of olives greatly influences the type of olive oil wholesale Spain but all types of Spanish oils taste almost the same.
  • One of the most important things that determine the flavor and acidity of the oil is the time when the olives were picked and pressed. We are continuing to mention the companies:-
Wholesale olive oil Spain
Wholesale olive oil Spain

The company GARO, ACEITE DE OLIVA VIRGEN EXTRA, is a manufacturer / producer and one of the largest olive oil exporters in Spain operating in the olive oil sector. It also works in the olive oil sectors, virgin olive oil, olive oil and canned olive oil. It is based in Campillos-Málaga, Spain.


The company TRUJAL MENDÍA, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 1992, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also works in the sectors of extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and canned olive oil. It is based in Arróniz-Navarra, Spain, we think after that you knew where to buy olive oil in Spain


Enterprise AGRÍCOLA DEL CAMP S.C.C.L., is a manufacturer / producer, working in the olive oil sector. It is based in Santa Bàrbara-Tarragona, Spain.

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Olive oil Spanish brands

First, here are the benefits of olive oil:-

  • Heart disease: Research has shown that the incidence of heart disease is significantly lower in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, as olive oil is a major component of their diet, as olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, and it contributes to raising good cholesterol in the blood.
  • Osteoporosis: Olive oil contains effective supplements that positively affect bone density. Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone mass decreases, which in turn causes bone tissue to become brittle, which leads to fractures. Depression: According to Spanish researchers from the University of Navarra, a diet rich in olive oil protects against mental and psychological illnesses, including depression.
  • Skin cancer: Another study showed that olive oil, in addition to the diet in Spain or the Mediterranean countries, contributes to the prevention of skin cancer, because olive oil is rich in antioxidants. Here are the extra virgin olive oil Spain brands
  1. Henri Mor Spain

Henri Mor is a Spanish oil company with more recent roots. Started in 2016, led by Henri Alegria, the team has rapidly risen to international recognition. Within a year of hitting the market, Henry Moore oils were already collecting gold medals at olive oil conferences around the world. A 500ml bottle of this oil is being sold for $ 25 and is available for order on Amazon, because it one on the list of the top 10 olive oil brands in Spain

  1. Merula Spain

It is one of the most popular Spanish oils and the oil is sold in an attractive and distinctive box.

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Olive oil Spain price

Tips for buying olive oil:-

It is advisable to consume olive oil between 12 and 18 months after its production, so pay attention to the date of its production.

– Buy small size packages, because large packages and with repeated use the vacuum inside the box is filled with oxygen, which causes the oil to oxidize.

– Choose the dark colored bottles that are placed in the back in the supermarket, meaning that they are not exposed to light directly, because light is an additional factor that causes oil oxidation.

– The color of the oil should be golden-green in the early season, and then turn yellow over time.

– The taste should have a bit of a spicy and bitter flavor that disappears minutes after eating it.

– The smell should be similar to the smell of ripe green olives. But if it smells like rotting, then it is not suitable for use, and if it is without smell it is adulterous.

What is the best olive oil in Spain :-

  • Olive oil contains nutrients that are good for the heart and arteries, and it helps reduce harmful cholesterol in the body. It is prepared by squeezing olives in special presses, and this results in three types of oil:
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: which is produced from the first juice, and its acidity does not exceed 1%, so it is considered the finest oil, and it is the most expensive. It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: It has a high acidity ratio of 2%, which makes it less good than the first type, and less expensive, but it also has a delicious taste and health benefits.
  • Regular olive oil: It is manufactured by refining olives and exposing them to heat. It can be used in cooking because it tolerates high temperatures somewhat.

is olive oil cheap in Spain nowadays?

  • Prices for good olive oil in Spain start at 4 € and go up to 20-30 € per 0.5 liter can. To allocate a separate article in the budget of the Spanish excursion will not be necessary.
  • For comparison, in Greece – 6-7 euros for 0.5 liters, in Tunisia – from 1.5 euros per bank to 0.5 liters. In Italy, a liter can be bought for 3 euros.
  • After listening to our advice, you can distinguish a fake from a real high-quality product and taste real olive oil made from the best quality Spanish olives.

Don’t wait more to buy olive oil wholesale Spain right now, good luck.

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