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The best 13 olive oil wholesale Australia

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olive oil wholesale Australia

If you are looking for olive oil wholesale Australia, if you are searching for the best brands of Australian olive oil, if you want to know more information about importing olives oil from Australia. If you want to know the best wholesale markets in Australia to purchase wholesale olives oil, you are in the right place through our Importing House we will provide you with all information you need, just keep in reading carefully and take care of our advices.

Olive oil wholesale price Australia

 The top five oils are produced entirely in Australia, with Cobram Estate Classic Flavor accounting for 85 per cent, a result worthy of gold decoration status. Testers commented on its “exceptional citrusy nose,” “long pepper sharpness” and notes of “citrus, artichoke, green corn, green banana and spice.” Individual Australian oils Red Island (79 %), Maggie Beer (77%), Rosto Mellow and Woolworths Pick Australian (76%) and Spanish oil Always New (75 %) all reached silver decoration status (75-84%).

Four other oils, all from Spain – Macro Natural Spanish and Moro El Primero (both 67%), La Espanola (66%) and Woolworths Pick Spanish (65%) – rendered bronze display statues.

Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classic taste

Cost per 100 ml: $1.73 per 100 ml.

Australian Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cost per 100 ml. $1.29.

Maggie Beer Extra Virgin Olive Oil Amount Olive Oil South Australia

Cost per 100 ml: $2.93.00

The Australian Rosto Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mellow

Cost per 100 ml: $1.73 per 100 ml.

Woolworths Chose Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cost per 100 ml. $1.00

Continuously Fresh Virgin Olive Oil

Cost per 100 ml: $1.82.00

wholesale olive oil Australia
wholesale olive oil Australia

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Olive oil companies Australia

  • The Australian olive company:

The Australian Olive Company plants, manufactures and sells extra virgin olive oil, table olives and pressed olive oil.The Business provides only quality products, 100% Australian olives, generated in our olive trees on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Varieties are Barnea, Correggiola, Frantoio, Kalamata, Koroneiki, Leccino, Manzanillo, Pendolino and Picual.

They feed their trees to grow good, fresh fruit, rich in nutrients, flavour and aroma. They are proud to grow, harvest and process their own fruit, ensuring that every single olive product is high in quality and taste. This merely means that 100% extra virgin olive oil is fresher, better tasting and of excellent quality. This merely means that 100% extra virgin olive oil is fresher, better tasting and of excellent quality. This company is considered one of the most important best producers ofextra virgin olive oil in Australia.

  • Cobram estate:

Cobram Estate manufactures Australia’s most prestigious Extra Virgin Olive Oil and this company brings you an exciting, immersive tree to a table tasting experience with an outstanding host panel. Upon registration, you will also receive a FREE Oil Tasting Kit sent to your home, featuring their stunning, fresh oils for an engaging tasting with their Chief Oil Maker Leandro Ravetti. This company produces one of the best quality extra virgin olive oil in Australia.

  • Grampians:

Established in 1943 and owned and run by 100 per cent of the family, we are one of Australia’s oldest olive groves, Heritage trees, dryland organic farming, a Mediterranean growing climate and a passion for quality work together to produce their olive oils. The company of Grampians’ is the largest olive manufacturer, renowned for supplying some of Australia’s finest organic olive oil.

View their awards, read more about the history of their olive grove and the development of their Australian olive oil. They have developed a reputation as one of Australia’s best producers of high quality natural extravirgin olive oil-constantly supplying award-winning olive oils of outstanding quality and completely balanced tastes. This company is one of the largest olive oil suppliers Australia and has a lot of relationship with several international companies around the world.

Olive Oil price in Australia
Olive Oil price in Australia
  • Currawong Extra Virgin in oil:

Currawong Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been used in South Australian supermarket shelves since 2005. Their goal has been to produce a product at a fair market price, while ensuring quality and reliability. If you’re in need of olive oil, vinegars, table olives or flavored olive oils, their professional team will help you find the right product option for your supermarket, restaurant or export market.

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Olive oil manufacturers Australia

  • Prema Bros:

This factory is Specializing in 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, After 20 years as a market gardener, Francesco Catanzariti took his first steps in the olive industry by planting about 2000 trees in the year 2000. Not long after that, Francesco wanted to open the doors to the area by enabling medium and big amounts of olives to be processed north of Adelaide. Currently, after 16 years established as OLIVES 2000, the business established a new company in 2017, now identified as PREMA BROS.

The three brothers, Sav, Domenic & Frankie, combined and remodelled a new company and recently won international recognition for their high quality product through a great deal of dedication and hard work. This factory recently becomes one of the biggest olive oil factories Australia.

  • Bovalina:

In 1957, the first branch of the Bovalina family came to Australia, securing a prime plot of land on the Adelaide Plains. It was here that story originated, with the growing of the first 40 olive trees.The family takes pride itself on growing the trees to life, growing, harvesting and refilling on our own farm.

The Bovalina family is deeply enthusiastic about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and firmly believes that this should be “On The Table” “In The Kitchen” and “In The Pantry” in every home in Australia. This factory is considered the best place to buy olive oil in Australia. The best extra virgin olive oil is produced by this company in high quality and fair prices.

Can you import Olive Oil to Australia  
Can you import Olive Oil to Australia
  • Barilla Olive Oil:

Family tradition as a tradition born from the culture of Southern Italy, the Barilla Estate family has been producing quality extra virgin olive oil for centuries. Made from our own perfect olives, grown and processed here in South Australia, the techniques and passion passed down to produce a commodity that will enhance the taste of your food.

With the best in processing techniques and machinery technology, Barillia Olive Oil has the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a soft fruity pepper flavour and a vivid yellow colour with a green hue. The greatest tradition of great taste is sharing. So, from your family to yours, enjoy, boun appetite!

  • Diana olive oil:

Situated in the pristine Fleurieu Peninsula, 45 km south of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, Diana Olive Oil is the award-winning producer of extra virgin olive oil. A family business spanning two generations, Diana Olive Oil popularized the conventional basket press process, using olives grown in the family farm.

The idyllic weather of Willunga, usually Mediterranean with cold winters and long hot summers, favours the creation of very characteristic extra virgin olive oils. Willunga is directly adjacent to the famous McLaren Vale wine-producing area, which is synonymous with the production of fine food and hand-crafted wine. This factory supplies a lot of markets in Australia. It is consider one of the biggest suppliers of olive oil in Australia market.

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Olive oil brands Australia

  • Rylstone Olive Press:

Australian loves a good meal made from only the freshest of local Australian produce, and we know that Australia is producing the highest quality food in the world, so now we can proudly say that they are also producing Australia’s best extra virgin olive oil there at Rylstone.

Their olives are cultivated in the lovely Central Tablelands of New South Wales. These olives are then pressed within 6 hours of harvesting on the same day, ensuring the finest and freshest extra virgin olive oil that is full of flavour. You can easily buy olive oil online Australia through the company website and you will get it as soon as you order in a very good price.

  • Cobram:

Being an Australian grower and bottled, you should know these oils are quicker on the supermarket shelves than imported Spanish or Italian oils. What’s more, this brand is supporting Australian growers and minimizing my food miles Cobram claim it’s necessary to consume their Extra Virgin Olive Oil within four weeks of opening the bottle – something hard to attain in a two-person residence. Still they believe it stays well in a cool closet in its dark-green bottle of Cobram.

The major Australian olive oil provider does everything related to oil from sowing and harvesting to storage and bottling. Like many other EVOOs, they are licenced to carry the Australian Extra Virgin Certification logo showing that they have been fully evaluated and checked as authentic. This is the most famous brand of olive oil Australian.

  • ALTO:

The foothills of the Great Dividing Range of Australia are home to ALTO Olives, a successful community company producing a diversified portfolio of outstanding quality extra virgin olive oils and table olives. The scenic ALTO estate comprises 20,000 olive trees of different varieties of European origin, each chosen for its own characteristics – climate health, oil yield, quality and reliability.

  • Brush woods:

From their field through your front door, you are assured top quality whole grain oats, extra virgin olive oil and organic skincare. It’s important to make the right choices for you and your family’s wellbeing, to interact with the food you eat, and to reduce your environmental impact. They ‘re going to have it because we care about that, too.

  • Fedra Olive Grove:

They are a small grove of around 2,000 trees, supplying a wide variety of olive items. They are steadily creating a healthy grove with limited watering and the use of natural fertilizers and pesticides. Their items for olive, Even with such a fairly inexperienced orchard, the annual harvest has already reached up to 30 tonnes, of which over a tonne is handed picked for table olives. The forest has now created some great medal-winning olive oils and table olives, medal-winning oils and trophies last year.

They are signers to the Australian Olive Industry Code of Conduct and are now allowed to use the AEV logo for extra virgin oils. Finally, we have provided you with all information you may need to know about olive oil bulk Australia, and we have mentioned the most popular companies and factories for olive oil wholesale Australia. We all wishing good luck to you.

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