olive oil producers in Turkey

9 Popular olive oil producers in Turkey you can trust

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olive oil producers in Turkey

Do you want to know the best olive oil producers in Turkey? Do you want to know the best Turkish olive oil brands? Are you searching for the best places to buy olive oil in Turkey?

We will provide you with all information you may need in this article and through our Importing House, just keep on reading and take care of our recommendations.

Olive oil exporters in Turkey

Are you looking for olive oil in bulk for sale? Are you interested to know about the most famous olive oil providers in Turkey buying wholesale from them? Are you going to know and link to the origin and market of the largest olive oil sources in Turkey?

 They are the biggest and most important manufacturers in Turkey to purchase and import olive oil and natural oil at wholesale prices and large quantities olive oil from Turkey.

  1. Alindazeytinyagi factory

It is among the most lavish and important olive oil factories in Turkey, functioning on the natural oil market, providing the finest types of olive oil, of the best quality, famed for its remunerated prices, and located in Aydin. This distributor provides organic olive oil from Turkey.

  1. Arnasagro factory

It is the oldest and largest oil factory in Turkey, manufacturing and producing the best oils in Turkey, in specific olive oil, which is renowned for its excellent quality and has superior prices, and is located in Istanbul. This is one of the biggest olive oil suppliers in Turkey.

  1. Food holding & IMA dairy

IMA DAIRY and FOOD are essential for the Italian company IMA SpA and one of the consistently active suppliers of bundling machines or the food and oil industry. They have various innovative FFS approaches to cups that also meet the basic criteria for antiseptic filling by means of single-chamber to two-chamber cups, mixed cartons or scaled-down single-partition cups.

 Example of a classic filling machines and filling accuracy and excellent resilience are the main strengths of their filling and closing machines for actually performed cups, which can be used for packaging liquids for pale products، Their machines for filling – centric sacks (with or without blab) may be used in fruit, oil and refreshment firms.

They deliver the best in class creativity in the field of adaptable bundling. Sealing machines for bundling spread, margarine, cream cheddar, and so on are as much a part of their product range as stick packing machines in different operating sets. This manufacturer is one of the best exporters in case you want to import olive oil from Turkey they are one of the best suppliers you will deal with.

  1. Factory at guneybag

It is one of the most famous and best-known vegetable and oil factories in Turkey, as it works in the oil and olive oil fields, as well as in the vegetable and vegetable vinegar market. All of this are based in Adana and have very good sanitation, excellent quality and excellent prices.

  1. Olive oil company of Borabora:

Turkey’s most famous, most significant and luxurious oil company, which operates in the field of natural oils and works in Turkey for the processing and production of the greatest olive oil varieties, is one of the largest and best oil producing nations in Turkey، This company is classified as one of the best olive oil in Turkey. Due to the packaging of oils with a high degree of cleanliness and quality, there is a great demand for this company and they are available at the lowest price for olive oil and they are located in Izmir.

  1. Can community business:

  • It is recognized to be one of the largest and most wealthy oil companies in Turkey functioning in the most luxurious market for vegetable oils.
  •  It is also interested in the process of natural oils, in which olive oil is the most crucial if you are looking for olive oil in Turkey, you can cope with it.
  •  It also ships and stores all kinds of oils with awesome hygiene, excellent accuracy and cheap olive oil, centered in Istanbul.
olive oil price
olive oil price

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Extra virgin olive oil price in Turkey

Turkish olive oil, generated by different characteristics, such as organic, modified and Riviera, is being used for its nutritional content and durability for thousands of years.

 The flavor and texture of olive oil depends to a great extent on the innovation of olive oil production in Turkey, the type of olives used and the circumstances of cultivation. As far as olive oil prices are concerned, the cost of olive oil production in Turkey varies from USD 27.00 to USD 30.00, while the finest olive oil in Turkey is manufactured using conventional methods and maintaining the useful key nutrients of Turkish olives.

Virgin oils, however, are known pure and may not be suited for large ingredients. Like fried oils due to their low fires points, fried recipes and high temperatures, you can choose oils with higher acidity or olive oils with higher burning temperatures on the Riviera، Turkey has been focused in the olive oil industry till Turkey’s olive oil production has increased. Turkey’s export markets of olive oil to the United States of America contributed to around 16 thousand and 500 tonnes in the first five months of the year, an increase of 206 per cent from the previous year.

 The mission is to maximize Turkey’s exports of olive oil to around US$3.8 billion by the start of 2023 to 1,2 million tonnesof olives and 650 thousand tonnes of olive oil.Olive oil price in Turkey varies from type to type، The United States gets four out of ten litres of olive oil in Turkey, which has attained more than 85 countries worldwide.

The fierce competition for genuine Turkish olive oil from the United States of America during the months from September 1, 2017 to March 2018 led to an increase in about $67.3 million, a rise of 251 per cent in the same period of the season prior.

olive oil
olive oil

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Olive oil companies in Turkey

  1. Kumeli:

 The performance of Turkish olive oil is a story that started about a half century ago, narrated by ‘Kumeli;’ the national business that labelled the product that travels around the world to show its unique taste، The story of the Turkish company began in 1878, from the village of ‘Kumi’ on the Greek island of Medelli, Hasan Effendi, known as ‘Kumeli,’ after the name of the village, and over time the n.

Under the agreement of the Turkish-Roman population transfers between Turkey and Greece in 1923, the Kumeli family moved to the Ayvalik portion of the country of Balikesir in western Turkey, where they proceeded their story begins Professional in the olive age، This company is one of the most important companies of olive oil production in Turkey.


 This company is one of the pioneering companies in the field of olive oil manufacturers in Turkey، It is a distribution company of foods and drinks and operates in a number of sectors, such as building materials, best olive oil Turkey tomato paste and is centered in Adana, Turkey.

Imports from Turkey have doubled in all areas and capital is the foundation for the import and export process in any way, as a lot of money is got to spend on import operational activities and, in order to succeed, there must be experience as well as aid from more than one party, as well as verification of the quality of products which you plan to import into Turkey olive oil and also rely on major imports.


It is one of the olive oil exporters in Turkey and one of the leading companies in the manufacture of edible vegetable oils and chemical oils, and exports most of its products to different countries of the world, and its products are characterized by their high quality.

  • Al-Khattab Olive Oil Company:

This company is also one of the many popular and finest oil companies in Turkey, as this company produces and manufactures the finest types of natural oils at the highest quality and best prices, and this company is also famous for producing the finest types of natural olive oil at the right value, and its headquarters are based in Mersin, Turkey, where you can decide on the cheapest ship.

olive oil from Turkey
olive oil from Turkey

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Is olive oil from Turkey good?

Turkey is a perfect country to explore olive and olive oil production because it is among the most popular olive growing regions in the world، If you want to taste tasty olive oils, you should visit southern Turkey in particular. In fact, Anatolia is the mother country of olive trees, where olive oil is also born. Olive oil is also an important player in Turkish cuisine, particularly in the Aegean and Mediterranean diets.

 It’s also popular for its beneficial effects.Turkey pure olive oil usage are several and useful، Turkey is the world’s largest exporter of olive oil in the world. Turkish olive oils are exceptionally smooth and have a softer flavour. It’s not easy to find the best olive oils, and if you’re like most people. Once you’ve tried a high-quality Turkish olive oil, your life would never be the same.

Olive Oil Types Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best value and perhaps most costly olive oil category. Extra virgin olive oil is produced simply by grinding the olives and extracting the juice. Strong extra virgin olive oil is fizzy, bitter and spicy.
  • Early Harvest Olive Oil: Early harvesting oils with a bitter taste, low acidity and higher antioxidant content are worth paying a little extra.
  • Other Olive Oil: Virgin Olive Oil, Normal Virgin Olive Oil, Processed Olive Oil, Riviera Olive Oil.

 Producers of olive oil Olive oils are produced using old and new methods. There are hundreds of different olive oil producers in Turkey to discover, each with its own characteristics that make it even more excellent. Many of these olive oils are the winners of the most popular olive oil contests in the world.

In the end, we have provided all information you need to know about olive oil made in Turkey. We showed to you the most important exporter of olive oil in Turkey, and we also provide a list of the most famous companies for olive oil in Turkey olive oil producers in Turkey.

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