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 The largest olive oil importers in the world you should get to know them

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 olive oil importers

Imported olive oil comes from the largest olive oil producing countries, and Spain is at the forefront in producing olive oil, then Italy, to find out about the largest olive oil importers countries and the types of olive oil that can be imported. Follow this article through the importing house platform you will find all details.

Biggest olive oil importers

The latest data on olive oil trade shows that it was the most traded product in the world, and exports of olive oil grew significantly, and the total trade in olive oil reached about $ 604 million. The United States is the largest olive oil importers; it imports about 380,000 tons, followed by the European Union with a value of 175,000 tons, Then Brazil 90 thousand tons, Japan 66 thousand tons, and China 55 thousand tons. In general, Europe is the largest importing region of olive oil in the world, as it represents more than half of the world’s total imports; the main importing countries of olive oil in Europe are Italy, Spain and France, which are also the main producers, but the producing countries do not provide large quantities for retail sales of imported olive oil.

Instead, these countries import olive oil in large quantities from different destinations, so the bulk imported oil is often mixed with the produced olive oil locally, then it is packaged. The increase in European imports of olive oil was proceeding at a constant rate between the periods from 2015 to 2019, although most of the olive oil traded is produced in Europe, almost all imports from outside Europe come from developing countries. The demand for olive oil in Europe is stable, but the import quantities change according to the change in production in the main importing countries, the overproduction in the recent period led to a decrease in the prices of olive oil in Europe, and this had a positive effect on consumption. Extra virgin olive oil is the most common type of olive oil imported from developing countries, as olive oil imports in Europe accounted for about 46% of the total olive oil imported from developing countries, followed by virgin olive oil% and olive pomace oil constitutes 16% of olive oil imports from developing countries.

Olive oil suppliers

The countries of the Mediterranean basin are the largest areas in which olive trees are cultivated according to the climatic conditions in them, so olive trees grow in them faster, abundantly and with high quality, one of the largest of these countries is Spain, as it produces half of the total olive oil in the world and exports about 46% of the production, as it is the largest olive oil bulk suppliers to other European countries, followed by Italy and Greece. Below we will show olive oil suppliers in the world from different countries.


 It is a company supplying high quality extra virgin olive oil and it represents Beneoliva and Torremar, they are two international companies specialized in exporting olive oils of the highest quality. They have a lot of clients in Helsinki, and they export to France, Paris, the United States, and companies like, El Corte Ingles in Spain and Harrods in London.


They are producers and exporters of Turkish olive oil; they have 3000 tons of olive oil and they export olive oil to various parts of the world in different packages. They are one of the largest producing and exporting companies in Turkey and provide sunflower oil orders to their customers from their partner manufacturers, their production is divided into olive oil and table olives and they have succeeded in entering among the best suppliers of table olives. They have PET filling, tin filling and bottling lines and can-do IBS container and Filexci container filling by request.

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It is a local supplier of extra virgin olive oil and now they are marketing their oils to international brands from olive oil importers, where you can olive oil bulk buy, so they searched for wholesalers, distributors, agents and brokers who can cooperate in exporting. They sell to the local market and export the fresh olive oil and the organic olive oil produced in Aydin-Aegean region, in Turkey, this region is famous for the quality of its olives, so you can find the best selection.


It is a group of companies working in food, coffee and olive oil and it exports raw olive oil that is already sold in the local market. It cooperates with well-known olive oil suppliers in Aydin, the Aegean region in Turkey. Olives are harvested with care and the best quality, and their goal is to market their export market to all over the world.


It is a French company specialized in olive oils in small packages suitable for restaurants, and they are also suppliers of olive oil, tapenade, antipasti, etc. Their product is sold under the CRESPO brand name.


 They are wholesale suppliers of Spanish products and their products have won many international awards. Their products include raw honey, extra virgin olive oil, Mediterranean wine and cosmetics. All of these products have quality certificates and follow the complete product.

  • Aperoliva:

It is a Spanish company to import and export high-quality olive oils and choose the best oil suppliers in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, and it exports oils to all parts of the world such as Canada, Russia, the Emirates and all countries of Europe, Asia and the United States.

  • Greekland:

It is a Greek wholesale supply company, their products include extra virgin olive oil, coffee and cosmetics, and they strictly apply quality controls from the beginning of production to packaging and then exporting. Currently it is exported to France, Italy, Germany and Britain.


It is an Italy company whose products include extra virgin olive oil, wine and cosmetics, and it exports all over the world.

olive oil distributors
olive oil distributors

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Olive oil brands list

The purchase of olive oil is due to your personal preferences, when you go to any grocery store and stop in front of the olive oil department and start asking questions, is this oil better for cooking or is it final oil. Should you commit to buying Italian, Spanish or Greek olive oils? Is there high-quality, cheap olive oil? Experts in olive oil say that this depends on your choice and preference, if you try many oils, you will find many different flavors such as sour, pepper, herbal and fiery, so your choice here will be according to which you prefer. However, there are some basic rules that you must keep in mind when purchasing olive oil bottles; you should look for dark, opaque bottles because olive oil does not like light, but if you like a transparent bottle, you must make sure that it is stored well in a place not exposed to light and the label on the bottle must be read to know the country of origin and production date. It is preferable to look for certificates from NAOOA or IOC. We will show you a list of the best imported olive oil brands from different countries of the world and leave you the choice.

  • California olive Ranch
  • Capezzana extra olive oil
  • Olio Verde oil
  • Georgia olive farms
  • Monini
  • Cobram estate
  • Zoe
  • Agrumato Lemon
  • Marchesi de Frescobaldi Laudemio
  • Bright land
  • Kiroland signature
  • OLEO
  • Bertollio
  • Pianogrillo
  • O-Med
  • Gaea fresh
  • Theros
  • Miraval
  • O-Live & Co
Imported olive oil
Imported olive oil

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Best olive oil Company

You may face difficulty in searching for genuine olive oil, how do you get the best olive oils and how do you know whether these oils are real or fake? Many of us want to get excellent, original virgin olive oil to get all the wonderful health olive oil benefits, you may spend a lot of money, but there is a high possibility that it is not virgin olive oil at all, as there is a large percentage of oils that are not really as they are on the label, there are many types of olive oil written on their label that they are excellent virgin olive oil (Evoo) or certified, and this does not mean that it is really like this.

The oil must come from fresh olives and then grind it within 24 hours of its harvest, after which it is extracted by mechanical means and not by heat, and it must not be chemically treated in any way, there are tips to know whether this oil is real, fake, or not where to buy imported olive oil. First, do not buy light olive oil and look for dark packages because this protects the oil from antioxidants. Look for the seal of the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) and search for the date of harvest. In most cases, international standards for extra virgin olive oil are not applied, and this has led to a long history of fraudulent practices in the olive oil sector, it is not necessarily true that the bottle bearing the Evoo brand is real; it may be corn oil and has a similar smell and appearance to olive oil bottles, below we will show you the top imported olive oil brands that have passed the criteria for extra virgin olive oil.

Bariani olive oil: It is cold pressed oil and they are committed to producing real crude oil Kirkland: USDA certified organic oil, it made with first cold pressing, their oil is imported olive oil pure and Amazon has good reviews for this product Cobram Estate: The most famous brand in Australia California olive Ranch: It is a multi-award-winning brand whose olive oil bottle is colored and this protects the oil from oxidation and is grown and manufactured 100% in California.

Mcevoy Ranch organic: It produces oil from Italian varieties of olives, and this certified organic oil is characterized by a green herbal color with the smell of grass and a touch of green apple, it is found in dark green bottles Olea Estate: 100% extra virgin olive oil grown on a family farm in Greece, the olives are harvested and cold pressed on the same day to maintain the quality and it is wonderful tasting oil But there are famous brands that have failed quality tests and are not produced according to international standards and their oils are fake, here olive oil brands to avoid.

  • Carapelli
  • Colavita
  • Star
  • Filippo Berio
  • Mazzola
  • Mezzetta
  • safeway

In the end, you must take into account the recommendations of the olive oil experts that they recommended and the praises they mentioned to obtain real olive oil, not fake.

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