olive oil importers South Africa

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olive oil importers South Africa

South Africa produces some of the best extra virgin olive oils, but imports a large part of it due to insufficient local production if you want to know the main olive oil importers South Africa and their locations through importing house platform; you will find all the details of that.

Olive oil importers in South Africa

The main producers of olive oil in the world are the countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria and others. They are the largest exporters of olive oil around the world and the largest consumers as well. Because South Africa is insufficient production, it imports from these countries, where imports from South Africa reached about 6,900 tons, according to Hortgro reports as it imports about 70% from Spain and 19% from Italy, and Argentina contributes 2%.To know more details about olive oil importers South Africa you can visit the website EVOOSA, it is a guide to extra virgin olive oil in South Africa, in which you will find everything related to South Africa olive oil market from producers and products, awards obtained and more experiences in the list below olive oil importers South Africa.

1-Marioni trading: buyer from Gauteng, South Africa

2-NBS solutions: buyer from Cape Town, South Africa

3-Navcorp investments: buyer from Durban, South Africa

4-Mankind group (pty): buyer from Gauteng, South Africa

5-Nautica Organics SA: buyer from Durban, South Africa

6-Edenglen: buyer from Gauteng, South Africa

Olive oil brands in South Africa

South Africa is fortunate to have dedicated producers who are passionate about local olive oils. Olive oil in South Africa has won many international awards and through sustainable agricultural practices and cold extraction processes, these producers are able to produce high quality olive oils rich in antioxidants and rich in all the health benefits of olive oils. Here are the best South African olive oil brands and the best oils in 2020

Vesuvio olive Estates:

 It is located in Paarl, a wonderful town in the Western Cape in South Africa with well-maintained olive groves and produces some of the finest olives and olive oil. they have excellent quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil within 12 hours of picking it to preserve its health benefits It has been customized to provide the perfect balance of fruit and slight bitterness appropriately the brand has won many awards, their products include,

  • Vesuvio olive oil chilli infused 250 ml
  • Vesuvio olive oil garlic infused 250ml
  • Vesuvio olive oil lemon infused 250 ml
  • Vesuvio basil infused 250ml
  • Vesuvio balsamic vinegar 250 ml


It is an olive farm located on the banks of a Breede river, winner of the Wilkinson Prize, this company is owned by a family that has a legacy of creating the best olive oils produced in South Africa since 2010. Every bottle of Rio Largo olive oil will proudly taste and find this brand in 9 countries.


Babylonstoren dates back to the year 1692; It is a beloved historical farmhouse famous for its magnificent garden that extends over an area of 3.5 hectare, it has nearly 9,000 olive trees producing the best types of extra virgin olive oil, producing about 36,000 liters of olive oil, and their oil won the gold medal at the awards ceremony in 2020, and you can buy olives online south Africa from their online store.

Willow creek:

This farm is located in the Western Cape in South Africa, a region whose climate is very suitable for agriculture. The area of these orchards is 200 hectares, including 160,000 olive trees. This tree has won 14 international awards so far, which means that they are pioneers of the national brand in Evoo.


This Company was established in 2005 with the aim of producing premium extra virgin olive oil South Africa of high quality that can compete with the best olive oils in the world; this farm covers an area of 330 hectares, on the banks of Breede River, in the Western Cape is one of the largest olive groves in Southern Africa. This region enjoys the Mediterranean climate, which is considered an ideal climate for cultivating olives and producing the finest types of olive oils. This farm includes 180,000 trees and nine different olive varieties, the olives are picked at their first maturity and the oils are extracted on the cold within a few hours of picking to enhance the olive oil flavor.


It is the finest South African olive oil and wine, grown on the southern coast of South Africa; their orchards are located near the Bay of Whales in South Africa. This region enjoys the Mediterranean climate. Their first orchards have been cultivated since 2008 and the focus has been on producing excellent cold pressed virgin oil, which is a mixture of Frantoio, corintina and Leccino.


Quality is the slogan of this company and it has the most delicious pure olive oil and this brand got many gold and silver medals and the oil has well-balanced herbal oil with green flavors reminiscent of fresh artichoke and nutty taste, which adds a wonderful taste and flavor to the mouth.

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Olive oil producers South Africa

South Africa produces large quantities of olive oil because it has large areas of orchards, as according to Hortgro reports, it says that 2,849 hectares of olives were cultivated in South Africa, South Africa’s olive oil production is concentrated in Western Cape region Olive oil production is concentrated in South Africa in the Cape region, which enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and it is a very good environment for producing the best and finest types of olive oil. There are more than 170 olive farms registered in South Africa. Olive oil production in South Africa suffices for a third of the domestic demand.

Nevertheless, South Africa was able to export olive oil to African countries such as Namibia about 300 tons, Botswana 200 tons, the UK 50 tons. There are more than 130 products of extra virgin olive oil in South Africa, most of them are located in the Western Cape, which has a Mediterranean climate, some of them are large and some are boutique, but all of them share the quality of the oils they have and around them for many prizes. We will show the most prominent of these producers who can get olive oil wholesale South Africa through them.

Andante olive oil:

They produce the best types of extra virgin olive oil, and planting, harvest and milling times are directed to produce the best quality of pure olive oil with a focus on flavors and maximizing the vital phenols for their great health benefits. A modern two-stage mill is used for cold extraction and no additional materials are used. They now have about 36 hectares 36,000 trees.

Olive oil producers South Africa
Olive oil producers South Africa

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Their olives are squeezed within 24 hours of picking and packing them on the farm and have a wonderful aroma derived from 7 different varieties with traditional pepper.

DE Hut olive:

This farm was established in 1991 and its olive trees were increased and it gained a good reputation for the quality of its trees and olive oil has a mixture of green ripe olives, olive leaves, artichokes and pine seeds.

DE Rustica:

This farm has been in operation since 2006 and since then, the producers have been working hard and producing the best types of olive oils the farm nestled in the foothills of the Swartberg Mountain in oudemuragie near oudtshoorn.


They are manufacturers and olive oil suppliers Johannesburg, South Africa producing a variety of high-quality cooking oils and oil cakes for the animal feed industry.


The first olive trees were planted in this farm since 1893, and after that the olive trees were planted in them from 800 to 3500 trees, and they received many prizes, and the oil for it is a balanced oil mixture of coratina, frantoio and leccino.


This farm was established in 1833 and it consists of four neighboring farms. 10,000 olive trees were planted, along with table olives. The farm produces canned olives, sauces, olive spices and soap products made from olive oil.


The Tokara Oils range is in medium and delicate styles that balance the distinct flavor with tingling pepper and bitterness tones. located in Nuy Valley, they have more experience than AR 17 M in cultivating olive trees with high quality, hard work and excellence. They have a variety of table olives, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Willow creek:


It was established since 2008 and gained great experience through its owner visiting olive farms around the world to get acquainted with the best and latest technologies and methods used in agriculture and have received many awards for the quality of their oils. Their extra virgin olive oil is a balanced creamy aromatic oil with a green herbal flavor and a light flavor and is suitable for all dishes, cooking, baking, and fresh olive oil is infused with hot pepper.

Olive oil prices South Africa
Olive oil prices South Africa

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Olive oil prices South Africa

You can get excellent virgin olive oil at the factory price by directly communicating with olive oil producers in South Africa. You can apply online to get olive oil for sale in South Africa. We will show some prices of the most famous brands of extra virgin olive oil in South Africa.

  • Olive pride extra virgin 1 L at price 79 R
  • Pnp finest South Africa 500ml at price 112 R
  • Willow creek estate 1L at price 199 R
  • Morgenster extra virgin olive oil 500 ml at price 142 R
  • Goedgedacht 500ml at price 118 R
  • Gallo Portuguese 750ml at price 109R
  • Pietro coricelli 500ml at price 111R
  • Vesuvio 1l at price 169R

In the end, the local producers in South Africa have the best quality of olive oil and they have received many international awards, so you do not need to buy imported olive oil, and your purchase supports the local agricultural industry.

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