olive oil importers in South Africa

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olive oil importers in South Africa

South Africa is considered the best agricultural countries in the African continent, given the vast areas of fertile land, the presence of olive oil importers in South Africa and the abundance of water resources. The majority of olive cultivation there is concentrated on the oily varieties that produce high quality oils. Over Importing house platform, you will get the info easily.

Olive oil importers South Africa

According to Hortgro’s report, 2,849 hectares of olives were cultivated in South Africa. This represents a 110% increase in acreage over ten years from 2008 when only 1,357 hectares of plantation were cultivated. The largest farm growth was in the Cape Town region, with new farms increasing by 640% – from 56 hectares in 2012 to 414 hectares in 2018. The olive oil production in South Africa is concentrated in the Western Cape with 93%, while the other provinces, with the exception of Kwazulu-Natal, contribute between 1% and 3% each to the total olive oil production in South Africa.

In 2018, there were just above 170 registered olive farmers in South Africa. About half of these were cultivated on less than 5 hectares. However, the 11 largest farmers were cultivating more than 50 hectares each. In total, these producers produce 44% of South African farms. Olives are harvested in South Africa between March and June / July. The oils are extracted and by August / September, a public harvest of fresh olive oil is available. South Africa produces high quantities of top South African olive oils but in relatively low quantities, which are barely sufficient to meet one-third of the domestic demand. However, olive oil importers in South Africa managed to export olive oil, mainly to African countries such as Namibia (around 300 tons) and Botswana (200 tons), but also 50 tons to the United Kingdom. It is one of the most essential olive oil importers in South Africa as:

  1. Green light Holdings Pty Ltd:

It exports high quality South African olive oil and fats, as it supplies all kinds of edible vegetable oils; they provide both refined and raw sunflower oil, soybean oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, corn oil, and rapeseed oil. In addition to olive oil wholesale South Africa of all kinds, palm oil, coconut oil, edible oil, vegetable oil germ oil, and palm oil. Their refined oils are suitable for human consumption and are certified by pre-shipment inspection. Non-GMO, 100% free of any colorants, flavors or anti-foaming agents and meets all requirements.

  1. Agri Solutions Investments Pty Ltd:

Founded in 2014, Agri Solutions Investments Pty Ltd. Deals in: Exporting olive oil especially extra virgin olive oil South Africa and organic olive oil, apple juice, apricots, apricot kernels, arbutus, artichokes, semi-skimmed milk and whole milk, Nestle Nido milk powder, coffee.

  1. Bf Global Trading Pty Ltd:

Founded in 2018, BF Global Trading Pty Ltd deals in: Export of 100% pure natural olive essential oil extra virgin oil cooking oil, fresh fruits, dried nuts, vegetables and red bull energy drink.

  1. Amafu Stock Trading Pty:

Specializing in Pomace Olive oil is a popular grade used by olive oil bulk South Africa manufacturers and restaurant chefs. It is especially perfect for high-heat cooking, baking and frying. It is also commonly used by soap makers and is an affordable option for food manufacturers.

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Buy olives online South Africa

The consumption of olive oil in South Africa has increased at an average rate of 20 percent annually over the past eight years. If farmers expect to earn a fair price for extra virgin olive oil, capitalizing on increased domestic demand has the potential to stimulate more than 50,000 new jobs for the economy. You can buy yourself what you want and may find South African olive oil brands that are not available in your country as you can dealings the product at its real price without overstatement. Ordering from a shopping site is an advantage in itself. The decision to import from online is the most cost-effective and minimum expensive choice.

After connecting with import companies abroad and knowing their requirements in terms of quality and price, appropriate samples of foodstuffs that can be provided in large quantities are sent by express shipping companies such as Dhl or others, and importers who accept samples and agree with them on amounts, prices, packaging conditions and shipping methods. After completing the agreement, you, as a source, supply the quantities with exact specifications from your various sources that you became acquainted with during your work.

And when buying best quality olive oil in South Africa online, you must know important information, which is the price of olive oil on the types of olive oil definitely, as extra virgin olive oil is one of the greatest and most expensive oils, and it is manufactured from olive oil for the first time. There is a type of old olive oil that is canned after a year of picking it, waiting for a whole year to be put in bottles and sold in stores, which makes it very old and of poor quality, this type of oil is lawful and legal, but its taste is bitter and it is not recommended to use it with salads and raw dishes.

Olive oil price
Olive oil price

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Olive oil suppliers Johannesburg

Most of the olive producing countries in the world has impressively expanded the cultivation of this crop due to the growing demand for high quality extra virgin olive oil in many countries and the high per capita ingesting of oil, green and black olives. The average production of olive oil is 3 million tons year after year, and it is ranked sixth compared to the rest of the vegetable oils, indicating that olive oil is between the lists of the ten best foods in terms of its capability to care for vegetable oils the body.

Johannesburg is one of the largest cities in South Africa and contains a large number of importers of olive oil of all kinds, and you can search for them through Google, but more important than knowing the importers, you must know:

  • The first step is always to study the markets, whether they are local or overseas, and studying the local markets will make you capable to determine the top olive oil products, how to trade them and how much they are sold. Bulk in your country, opportunities that you can exploit and other important things. A study of the native market can be made by reviewing the latest export statistics, statistics of research centers specialized in olive cultivation, visiting place of work where to buy South African olive oil easily, and recent reports published on the Internet and other sources.
  • After studying the local and overseas markets and reviewing all of the above, it remains for you to establish a company to be able to export goods abroad lawfully, and correspondence with companies, whether you want to buy olives in bulk South Africa online from them or export to them, it will be at ease when you contact the name a company, not a personal name. Also, studying external markets will enable you to know the most suitable markets to which your country’s products are exported, which are wholesale olive oil suppliers, olive oil prices South Africa there, the methods they prefer in dealing as a whole, and other matters, as it can be identified through studies and news related to import and export . You can also rely on the Internet to search for companies to contact to know their detailed specifications in terms of quality, price, quantity, validity, and more.
  • The wholesale export of olive oil, like the export of any other type of food. After connecting with import companies abroad and knowing their requirements in terms of quality and price, appropriate tasters of goods that can be provided in large quantities are sent by express shipping companies such as FedEx or others, and retailers who accept samples and agree with them on quantities, prices, packaging state of affairs and shipping methods after completing the agreement, you, as a source, supply the quantities with precise specifications from your many sources that you became acquainted with during your work. Study the local markets and then complete the export procedures.
South African olive oil producers
South African olive oil producers

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South African olive oil producers

As global demand increases, South Africa is working to address the shortage of quality fresh olive oil. Olive oil is no longer only used for cooking. It’s multiple and varied uses, including its many health benefits, are increasingly known and enjoyed by foodies all over the world. In South Africa, consumers are blessed with choosing locally produced high-quality olive oils. Southern Europe and the Middle East are synonymous with olive oil production, as they have the lion’s share of the global market.

The industry experienced a rocky 2017 year with production shortfalls driving up prices, driven by a widespread drought affecting farmers in the region. One of the harshest weather regimes has also affected our farmers drastically in the past few seasons: the El Niño system has caused patterns that have produced the driest year in South African history. In the past two decades, South Africa has lost nearly 30% of its farmland due to water scarcity, and the Western Cape recently experienced the worst drought to hit the region in the past century. Farmers, who mainly focus on producing fruit at the head, are feeling increasingly pressured to conserve water as rain becomes less predictable and other industries demand a better share of piped water.

Against this background, South Africa is still able to produce best olives in South Africa at all, which has been recognized on the international stage. Over the past five years, there has been a 50% increase in the cultivation and financing of olive plantations, with about 95% of olive growers located in the Western Cape. Domestic production of olive oil meets only a third of consumption in South Africa, with the remainder required to be imported. This lets for more players to enter the marketplace and for current players to focus on manufacture quality oils that are among the best on the world stage.

In the end, we recommend importing olive oil from South Africa, as it contains fertile soil suitable for growing the best olives.

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