olive oil import duty in Pakistan

Olive oil import duty in Pakistan from 3 regions

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olive oil import duty in Pakistan

You should know the olive oil import duty in Pakistan before importing anything from it, Pakistani olive oil producers are preparing to enter the world market, and hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted in the last ten years, most of which are now grown in areas that experts consider well suited to olive growing, so the Importing House platform will tell you now the most famous manufacturers there.

Olive oil import in Pakistan

It is expected that the production capacity of olive oil in Pakistan will reach approximately 1,400 tons.

By the year 2027, production is expected to reach 16,000 tons, according to a media statement by Muhammad Tariq, director of the Pak Olive Company in Pakistan.

  • Reduce taxes

With the help of many countries and olive producers, Pakistan is strengthening its efforts to reduce taxes on foreign edible oils in order to become a new player in the world of olive oil in the global market.

  • The new brand, Pak Olive, is the name and certification chosen by the government to designate high-quality and the best olive oil in Pakistan from the public sector.
  • Currently, a laboratory and a mobile unit for clinical and sensory testing of olive oil quality are being set up to obtain certification under the project.
  • “The private sector will be encouraged and trained with regard to patenting their trademark,” said Muhammad Tariq, project manager at the Ministry of Food Security and National Research in Pakistan.
  • A Pakistan Olive Oil Council is being planned.
  • Tariq stressed that with the 2019/2020 season, the estimated production capacity of olive oil in Pakistan will reach about 1,400 tons, and by 2027, production is expected to reach 16,000 tons and the olive tree planting program will continue to double production.
  • It is reported that Pakistan launched olive oil production in 2010, taking advantage of strong agricultural cooperation efforts with Italy and Spain as well as trade cooperation with China.
  • 10 million feddans

Thousands of trees have been imported into the country, along with experts who have helped identify suitable areas for olive cultivation.

  • About 10 million feddans have been identified for olive cultivation, specifically in areas where the crop will not compete with other fruit trees, grains or oilseed crops.
  • The Pak Olive project director asserts that the local olive oil production in Pakistan nurseries is very limited, which is why the federal government has to import certified olive nurseries of different varieties from different countries.
  • He added that «technical assistance to farmers for this new crop in terms of managing orchards, processing them and producing nurseries is not available at the present time, but it is provided within the framework of the project in order to be able to compete in the international market, and workers will also be trained on how to use modern extraction techniques in mills.
  • Muhammad Tariq said that Pakistani farmers are keen to cultivate olive farms because their production from other crops is very weak and they have uncultivated lands where olive trees can thrive as drought tolerant and require less investment potential compared to other crops.
  • He added that the supervisory authority is also planning to increase the current efforts to produce pure olive oil in Pakistan with regard to agriculture, within the framework of the One Billion Tree Tsunami Project. Moreover, there is strong cooperation in the olive sector with the support of the Italian government.
  • He emphasized that once new orchards were established and production capacity was developed, Pak Olive’s loyal step would be to gain international interest in premium Pakistani olive oil and thus enter international markets.
mini olive oil set
mini olive oil set

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Olive oil manufacturers in Pakistan

The Pakistani government intended in 2017 to plant two million olive trees in 15,000 acres in an effort to reduce dependence on imported oils and meet the growing needs for olive oil.

The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council said today that the federal government, in cooperation with the governments of the four regions, will launch a technical training and vocational education program on planting and caring for olive trees.

In this context, the Italian government donated 20 million euros to increase the cultivation of olive trees. The director of the Rainfed Agriculture Research Institute, Dr. Ahmed Tariq, N. USAID, in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Council, recently provided aid to olive farmers in the private sector to help them establish infrastructure, such as installing small presses for squeezing olives, pointing out that there are 5 thousand and 800 acres of land in northern and central Pakistan planted with fruitful olive trees.

Where you can find olive oil suppliers in Pakistan nowadays?

During recent years, agricultural experts in Pakistan discovered that some areas of:-

  1. The southwestern Balochistan region of Pakistan.
  2. The northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  3. the Punjab region

They all have the appropriate environment and climate for olive cultivation and began to focus on planting olive trees in those areas as part of the efforts made by the Pakistani government to develop the agricultural sector, and raise Economic returns from this sector.

 About 4 million trees were planted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone, while the Pakistani Ministry of Agriculture is currently working on innovating modern technologies to improve the growth of olive trees such as olive oil in lahore to obtain economic returns of up to two billion dollars annually. And that came after importing seedlings from abroad, along with spreading awareness programs onhow to prepare olives in food, a way to package them, extract their oil and export  them abroad.

In this regard, Dr. Nasir Cheema, the supervisor of the olive project in Pakistan, revealed, “Agricultural scientists in Pakistan have invented modern techniques for cultivating olive trees in some regions of Punjab, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which has led to an amazing increase in olive production to full the need of olive oil importers in Pakistan and we are currently working to increase the volume of production. The olive sector reaches two billion dollars annually. “

Work on the olive cultivation project in Pakistan began in the eighties of the last century, but it did not live up to the desired economic goals, which prompted agricultural experts in Pakistan during the past decade to import economic types of olive trees from the countries of the Mediterranean region.

Original olive oil brand in Pakistan

You will find a few numbers of brands there, you won’t hesitate:

  1. Pak Olive
  2. Zaitoon Pakistan
  3. Naheed olive oil

You can import olive oil if you want to buy online in Pakistan from this brand especially.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in its color, flavor and aroma which has low saturated fats and protects you and your family against many diseases such as cancer, and other diseases.

Olive oil shop
Olive oil shop

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Olive oil price in Pakistan

At first, you should know the duty of importing olive oil from Pakistan:

  • The process of evaluating or calculating customs tariffs depends on the wholesale price of local products, as well as the cost of production, insurance costs, freight, and the in-kind value, in addition to “Tama”. This process takes place through the following procedures:
  •  The percentage for example (12% customs duties), some goods are subject to a specific percentage of customs duties.
  • Weight, for example (specifying 1.66 shekels per 1 kg), for some products such as tuna, which is subject to a percentage of 12% customs duties or depending on the weight, which is estimated at – more or less – 1.66 shekels per 1 kg.
  • The piece or unit, for example, depends on determining the customs tariff on a specific percentage or amount for each piece.
  • Liters (the unit of measurement for the volume per liter): for example, determining the customs tariff depends on setting a fixed amount per liter, a percentage or a specific amount per liter.
  • Energy (air conditioners), tariffs are imposed + a fixed amount per thermal unit: it depends on a certain percentage or amount per thermal unit (energy unit).
  • The price ceiling policy (for tobacco products and cigarettes) as the customs tariff is based on a percentage or a specific amount per unit.
  • The value-added tax is calculated for the value of the goods in addition to or in addition to all fees associated with the incoming goods shipments.

What is the olive oil wholesale price in Pakistan

There is no accurate data on olive oil prices in Afghanistan, but for example the current global health crisis did not affect olive oil prices in Spain, as it maintained its stability for the thirteenth week of the current season, in addition to a relative improvement in the prices of extra virgin olive oil according to what Cited by Andalus Observatory for Prices and Markets.

 The price of extra virgin olive oil stabilized during the twelfth week of the current season, at an average of 2.18 euros per kilogram, while the price of lampante olive oil stabilized at 1.73 euros per kilogram.

The price per kilogram of extra virgin olive oil increased in the thirteenth week of the season, reaching 1.94 euros, compared to 1.83 euros during the twelfth week, as the demand for olive oil by bottlers was insignificant due to the Covid-19 crisis.

 The Spanish Observatory for Prices and Markets monitored the price levels of the three varieties of olive oil in Granada, Seville and Jean, during the thirteenth week of the current season, to be as follows:

  •   *Extra virgin olive oil: between 2,000 and 2,420 euros
  •   * Extra virgin olive oil between 1,900 and 1,970 euros
  •  * Lampante olive oil between 1,702 and 1,750 euros

Will olive oil business in Pakistan succeed?

Of course, it will, because the Olive oil is one of the richest and most important oils, and the most sought after and used by consumers, due to its many benefits, as well as the fact that the olive tree is the blessed tree mentioned in the divine books.

We hope, you got everything you want about the olive oil import duty in Pakistan and where to buy it.

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