olive oil exporters in Tunisia

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 olive oil exporters in Tunisia

olive oil exporters in Tunisia are considered the ambassador of Tunisia around the world, in addition to the international Tunisian doughnut of light, which Tunisia ranks first in the world in its export, in addition to many other Tunisian products, and Tunisian olive oil is considered one of the best oils in the world in terms of quality, and taste, which is evaluated according to the International Olive Oil Council.

A Japanese study showed, that Tunisian olive oil has a 10 times higher concentration of polyphenol (molecules produced by plants that contain strong antioxidants), an antioxidant, that protects against cancers, and cardiovascular diseases than Spanish, and Italian olive oil, which opened the door to the world market thanks to its healthy properties. Japan has announced its intention to invest in this area.

Tunisia ranks fourth in the world in the production of olive oil during the past decade, with a production rate of 150 thousand tons of olive oil, or more than 8 percent of the world production. Tunisian olives are called “green gold” and Tunisian olive oil “yellow gold”. Tunisia has been presiding over the International Oil Council since November 2015. Contact with importing house site to know more details.

olive oil manufacturers in Tunisia:

 The olive oil sector is very important to Tunisia’s national economy, since it is one of the pillars of the economy, with its hard currency income, and the importance of the social, and environmental dimension, to which the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources, and Marine Fisheries attaches great importance, and special care. For the current season, the Ministry provided an exceptional programmes for the storage of 100,000 tons of oil by private owners, as well as continuous intervention by the National Oil Office to collect quantities of national production, especially at the peak of the harvest, and conversion season, which saved the season considerably.

Tunisia has many manufacturers, which made the best quality of olive oil, and supply olive oil exporters in Tunisia. The factories are in the following list.

  4. Menzel Bou Zelfa.

olive oil companies in Tunisia:

 Three Tunisian companies exporting canned olive oil won government financial awards among the 22 companies, that were nominated for the best canned olive oil competition in its third session. The first prize went 10,000 dinars to Al-Jazeera Company, the second 7,000 dinars to Ellis, and the third 5,000 dinars to the pool, according to the results of the competition, that was revealed during a ceremony attended by the beloved Prime Minister, Hunting Thursday evening in Gammarth. The competition,

organized by the Ministry of Industry, aims to encourage olive oil producers in Tunisia, and exporting Tunisian olive oil to preserve oil quality, and excellence in the use of canning materials, and techniques. The award-winning companies mark their products, so that buyers can identify them, and give them more opportunities to market indoors, and abroad. The taste, and Tunisian olive oil quality is evaluated, along with the aesthetic methods used in canned olive oil, which contributes to the identification of Tunisian product.

During the award ceremony, Prime Minister Habib Al-Said confirmed, that Tunisia annually exports 16,000 tons of olive oil cans out of a total of about 150,000 tons of its exports of this article. He noted, that the private sector daily export 90 percent of exports, since the liberalization of the sector in a country, where the total area devoted to olive growing is close to 1.8 million hectares. He added, that the national production of olive oil was estimated at 180,000 tons, 70 percent, of which was fine olive oil, and that percentage had been in the order of 30 percent in the past.

Fishing confirmed, that intense competition with neighboring countries necessitates an increase in the area devoted to olive plants, and the introduction of strong production systems, and fertilization of the plants.

He pointed to the need to review the role of the Oil Bureau, and its relationship with the ministries of agriculture, and industry, noting, that Tunisia aspires to produce 300,000 tons annually of olive oil, and raise its exports to 200,000 tons.

For his part, Minister of Industry, and Energy Zakariah Hamad indicated, that this competition falls within the framework of the campaign dedicated to the promotion of canned olive oil, which is being conducted by the Ministry of Industry in cooperation with the Fund for the Promotion of Canned olive oil Tunisian .

The aim of the campaign is to encourage olive oil exporters to control olive oil processing, and canning techniques, to introduce Tunisian labels, and to encourage domestic consumption. The President of the Olive Oil Exporters Trade Union Chamber called for a review of the legislation in force in the sector, and for stricter control, and increased support for canning operations. Tunisia has about 80 export marks for canned olive oil, which are exploited by 40 professionals in a country where olive oil represents 10 percent of its total exports, which provided it with revenues amounting to 756 million dinars during the first trio of 2015.

olive oil prices in Tunisia:

Tunisian olive oil has been subjected to a number of campaigns, especially from European newspapers, due to its low price’s vis-a-vis the oil of European countries.

Italian newspapers have criticized the low price of Tunisian olive oil, which is detrimental to producers in the countries of the European Union, since the price competitiveness of the various oils is unequal.

The production price collapsed on the domestic market, as well as falling on international markets, and the Director General of the National Oil Office, Shukry Beyouad, said in a press statement, that olive oil exporters in Tunisia has officially asked the European Union to raise its share of olive oil exports by 100,000 tons, and that the Office is currently negotiating with the European Union to increase this share, as the amount allocated to Tunisia is 56,700 tons.

On more than one occasion, Tunisia had requested an increase in its quota, and the conclusion of a new agreement for purpose, especially after an abundance of excellent virgin olive oil had been recorded, highlighting, that this year Tunisia had a record production of 350,000 tons.

Last January, the National Chamber olive oil mills in Tunisia Exporters extended the Tunisian authorities, and the European Union by increasing Tunisia’s share of olive oil exports to the European Union to 100,000 tons. The geographical distribution of Tunisian exports is being expanded, and new markets with new consumption capacities are being developed.

olive oil production in Tunisia:

Tunisian olive oil is one of the most decorated oils, as Tunisia won the Los Angeles International Premium Virgin Olive Oil Competition at its nineteenth session, and the winter olive oil of “Olivko Tunisian brands of Tunisian olive oil was crowned with the” Best of Class” gold medal. The biological northern olive oil of Olivko has received a gold medal, the organic Tunisian olive oil of the Tunisian brand has received a gold medal, Oleiva’s coastal olive oil has received a silver medal, and VAGA Olive Oil’s winter olive oil has received the bronze medal.

Yesterday, Tunisia won a new gold medal, bringing Tunisia to 6 MEDALS, 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. In 2018 in January, February more than 20 countries participated in the competition.

 The Tunisian olive oil costco produced by Zaya Bin Ismail, won the gold medal of the international olive oil quality competition in London.  The winner of the pristine Tunisian virgin olive oil in northwestern Tunisia is produced by Ziatin “Chewwy”, a purely Tunisian family with many characteristics. This Tunisian olive oil brand broke the gold medal in a competition involving 148 other brands from a variety of countries, including Greece, Portugal, and Spain. The quality of olive oil is usually assessed by a committee composed of international olive oil tasting experts, and specialists. The best of these oils is the so-called “yellow gold”, which distinguishes Tunisia from others, and is ranked first. The same brand, also won the gold medal in the Athens International Competition in Greece, which evaluates the quality of olive oil.

best olive oil Tunisia is available in local markets in reasonable quantities in the range of 60 thousand tons, indicating, that national consumption ranges between 35, and 40 thousand tons. Olive oil accounts for 50 per cent of the country’s food exports, and Tunisia provides 34 per cent of world exports of olive oil annually at a rate of 150,000 tons. Mention RM. The Diwan Al Zeit says, that Tunisia is waiting this year for a record infection of more than 260 thousand tons, of which 200 thousand tons are for export. Tunisia exports olive oil, and basic craftsmen EU and USA to 54 destinations worldwide.

The official agricultural circles in Tunisia expected, that this season’s olive oil made in Tunisia injury will decrease by 65 percent compared to the past season, which recorded a record injury of about 400,000 tons of oil.

According to data provided by the Tunisian Office of Oil Government, this season’s incidence is expected to be below the average of 142 thousand tons, which is 35 percent lower than the average for the last five years.

The projected decrease in the oil olive oil spill is expected to affect the value added of the agricultural sector, where the economic balance for 2021 indicates a decline of 2.6 percent, due mainly to a contraction in domestic olive oil production.

Tunisia has won two prizes in the international competition for pristine olive oil quality organized by the International Olive Council “Mario Solinas 2020”. The awards ceremony was held remotely on Thursday as part of the celebrations marking the first anniversary of UNESCO’s announcement of World Olive Day, according to the International Olive Council website. The competition aims to select excellent virgin olive oils with better sensory characteristics.

In this session, classifications of olive oil into five categories strong flavour, green, medium, and sensitive fruit, ripe fruit, and excellent virgin olive oil – were adopted. The second award was won by Maasher Bashir Al-Garaya in Matar Bizerte ripe fruit variety, and the third award was won by Olifko (ripe fruit variety).

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