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Olive oil company London

If we think of olive oil, we think that it is a green liquid extracted from olives. It is famous for it in the Mediterranean countries and used in many Italian, Greek, Spanish and Levantine dishes. But in reality, a world Olive oil company London is wider than you think and more complex than you think. There is the good, there is the fake, there is the expensive and there is the cheap. through the Importing House and getting to know it through the following article:

The olive oil company London

Greece has olive farms that produce the best and most luxurious oils in the world, and Greece’s possession of these oils and other local products opened eyes to the need for change and work to support local production to revive the economy.

These olive trees are the most famous and Best olive oil in the world for their oil, which is sometimes described as liquid gold, as the effect of these trees does not stop when they are an important agricultural product or just an oil that enters homes, rather it is a national pride, as it is one of the best and most luxurious oils in the world.

However, Olive oil company London the Greeks produce and sell more than 60% of their olives at a low cost to factories in Italy and Germany, where they are squeezed and recycled to bring them Buy olive oil London so they buy it at the most expensive price This tragedy affects the conscience of most Greeks, and today it affects the new government to show the spirit of patriotism and the need for change.

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The production this year was estimated at 140 thousand tons, according to what was announced by the Director General of the National Oil Bureau, who explained that the last season 2019/2020 is considered a record, as production reached 400 thousand tons of olive oil and the export of at least 300 thousand tons of it was Approximately 1800 million dinars, Tunisia exported 280 thousand tons of bulk olive oil and about 20 thousand tons of canned oil.

Figures published by the National Oil Bureau on its website showed that 80 percent of all olive oil exports went to Truffle olive oil London the European market, and the director of the office, Shure Bayou, revealed that the government and the Ministry of Agriculture are working to take new measures for the benefit of the olive oil system, which is to send a fund to develop oil exports Canned olives revive the promotional policy in the global market, along with the encouragement of planting.

It should be noted that farmers in Tunisia were able to plant 80 thousand hectares of olive trees between 2016 and 2020, equivalent to 8 million olive trees This year, farmers and olive oil producers are striving for the success of the season and the completion of the process of harvesting olives amid difficult health conditions, as the spread of the Corona virus is the largest of many workers who are not leaving their homes, and they are mostly women and the elderly.

The head of the Peasants’ Union in the city of Tuberous, from the governorate of Beja, in the north of the country, Anise Bather, said in a statement to Sky News Arabia that the olive harvest is nearing completion, considering that production this year is very low compared to last year, which was only 10 percent of last season’s injury.

He commented that the price of a kilogram of Olive oil east London exceeded 1,800 milliliters, while last year it was around 600 milliliters, while the price of a liter of olive oil reached 10 dinars, which is approximately four dollars. “Supply and Demand.”

They are fluctuated regarding taste qualities, the most conspicuous of which is “winter”, which is gathered in the north of the country and is described by a sharp and harsh taste, while the harshness is moderate corresponding to the oil separated from the olive assortment. The “Welty”, which is particularly far reaching in Kiruna, concerning Sax and the seaside and southern locales, the olive backwoods of the “Shalala” assortment flourish and are recognized by their medium fruity taste and little harshness.

Tunisia annually receives international prizes and certificates confirming the high quality of olive oil, and in 2020 it won 26 medals in the Los Angeles International Contest for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its twenty-first session, including the Best of Show award and two awards for the best in the category (better price Pristine olive oil London Ontario Excellent among competitors of the same country) “Best of Class” and 08 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 04 bronze medals The Los Angeles International Contest for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most important competition in the United States of America for this product.

The international expert in olive oil tasting, Samira Al-Atcham Al-Safi, confirmed in a statement to Sky News Arabia that the health benefits of olive oil and its advantage in raising the body’s immunity against all risks and viruses have been proven by all scientific and medical studies, and taste is one of the internationally approved methods to distinguish the quality and quality of the oil according to specific standards. In addition to the physiochemical characteristics represented, especially in the pH, the experts specializing in tasting distinguish between the types of extra virgin, excellent, and other olive oils according to their organoleptic properties.


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Mr olive oil London

We thought of olive oil, we thought it was a green liquid extracted from olives, famous for it in the Mediterranean countries and used in many Italian, Greek, Spanish and Levantine dishes. But in fact, the world of olive oil is wider than you think and more complex than you think, there is the good, there is the fake, there is the expensive and there is the cheap, there is something suitable for use in salads and another type that is suitable for cooking on a low heat, otherwise it burns and becomes harmful.

Olive oil is a world in itself, great quality should go through a few checks and should acquire a testament from the Worldwide Olive Oil Research center situated in Madrid The great Olive oil importers Uk) ought to get what is known as EVOO, yet there is a phony sort of olive oil that depends on debased materials, for example, blending soybeans in with the most exceedingly terrible sort of synthetically treated olive oil. This phony and corrupted sort is viewed as unlawful.

There is a sort of old olive oil that is canned following a time of picking it, trusting that an entire year will be placed in containers and sold in stores, which makes it old and of low quality. This sort of oil is lawful and lawful; however, its taste is severe and it isn’t prescribed to utilize it with servings of mixed greens and crude dishes.

There is an incorrect theory that the best types Zaytoun olive oil London come from Italy, but Spanish, Greek, Australian and Tunisian olive oils are also very good quality, and in fact Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world and the largest source of it, but this thing has nothing to do with the quality but rather the quantity produced.

Cheating in olive oil is not a new thing, as it dates back to the days of the Romans, and the number of adulterated packages cannot be counted, but there are signs that may be sufficient to know the quality of the oil In Italy alone, over the past two years more than 2,000 tons of fake olive oil have been seized and an extensive investigation has begun with seven of the country’s largest producers.

And there remains a problem with the exported olive oil, which is not subject to examination as it happens in the United States, so the percentage of adulterated oil is greater.

olive oil
olive oil

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Buy Greek olive oil London

Tunisia’s olive oil producers still dream of a place among the market giants in Europe, despite their high production capacity. Therefore, a German project is trying to put the small country on the olive oil map in Europe, and support its opportunities to compete in the market.

If you wander in most European stores, and go to the oils section, you will find that most of the shelves are crowded with bottles Olive oil stores London Ontario, Greece, or Italy, because their warm lands and climate are ideal conditions for growing olive trees and producing high-quality oil.

Palm oil in Thailand

But many people do not know that there are a number – albeit a small number – of olive oil bottles coming in Tunisia – this small country on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, which is one of the largest producers Olive oil refill London outside the European Union. Tunisia annually exports to Europe not a few quantities of “green gold”, especially for the aforementioned countries, which mix this oil with its local oils and market it throughout Europe with the European seal of quality.

German support for Tunisian oil
German support for Tunisian oil

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German support for Tunisian oil

However, this situation will begin to change in the near future, thanks to the support provided by Germany to Tunisian olive oil producers, who have been trying for months to enter the German market with full force. And to put it next to other bottles of olive oil on the shelves of German stores.

Besides the German markets, Tunisian olive oil producers are trying to enter Olive oil brands to trust Uk In the US and Japanese markets, despite the high costs of shipping to them. As for Europe, the biggest obstacle remains in the European legislation aimed at protecting Spanish and Italian products, as it is not allowed to enter more than 57 thousand tons of olive oil from outside the European Union without paying customs duties, an amount nearly half of Tunisia’s total production for the 2011/2010 season.

In addition to the natural factors, Tunisia witnessed last year a decrease in precipitation that may lead to weak production Best olive oil Uk, according to data from the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture. The Tunisian Minister of Agriculture expects a decline this year, which could reach 50 thousand tons compared to last year.

Tunisians have long recognized the value of olive oil, not only as an important ingredient in their food, but also as a cosmetic product, a massage oil that athletes accept, and as a medicine for a number of ailments and diseases. And in Tunisia, which is home to about 10 million people, about 500 thousand families work in the olive oil industry. Olive oil also contributes to 50 percent of the country’s agricultural exports, which in turn constitute approximately 10 percent of the total Tunisian exports.

At the end of the topic, we presented to you through the above the best Olive oil company London in addition to the best in addition to the offer Olive oil price in London so that we have finished our article and we hope that it helped you.

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